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Grapevine Viruses: Molecular Biology, Diagnostics and Management

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Table of contents

Part I. An Overview on Grapevine Viruses, Viroids and the Diseases They Cause

1. The Grapevine, Viticulture, and Winemaking: A Brief Introduction
A. G. Reynolds

2. An Overview on Grapevine Viruses, Viroids, and the Diseases They Cause
G. P. Martelli

Grapevine fanleaf virus and Other Old World Nepoviruses
M. Digiaro, T. Elbeaino, G. P. Martelli

4. Molecular, Cellular, and Structural Biology of Grapevine fanleaf virus

C. Schmitt-Keichinger, C. Hemmer, F. Berthold, C. Ritzenthaler

5. American Nepoviruses
A. Rowhani, S. D. Daubert, J. K. Uyemoto, M. Al Rwahnih, M. Fuchs

Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1

R. A. Naidu

Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 2

E. Angelini, N. Aboughanem-Sabanadzovic, V. V. Dolja, B. Meng

Grapevine leafroll-associated virus

J. T. Burger, H. J. Maree, P. Gouveia, R. A. Naidu

leafroll-associated virus 4

N. Aboughanem-Sabanadzovic, V. Maliogka, S. Sabanadzovic

leafroll-associated virus 7

M. Al Rwahnih, P. Saldarelli, A. Rowhani

11. Grapevine Vitiviruses
A. Minafra, M. Mawassi, D. Goszczynski, P. Saldarelli

Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus

B. Meng, A. Rowhani

13. Viruses Involved in Graft Incompatibility and Decline
A. Rowhani, J. K. Uyemoto, D. A. Golino, S. D. Daubert, M. Al Rwahnih

14. Grapevine Red Blotch: Molecular Biology of the Virus and Management of the Disease
E. Cieniewicz, K. Perry, M. Fuchs

Grapevine vein clearing virus: Diagnostics, Genome, Genetic Diversity, and Management
W. Qiu, J. Schoelz

16. Grapevine fleck and similar viruses
S. Sabanadzovic, N. Aboughanem-Sabanadzovic, G. P. Martelli

Grapevine Pinot gris virus

P. Saldarelli, V. Gualandri, U. Malossini, M. Glasa

18. Other Grapevine Viruses of Lesser Economic Importance
G. P. Martelli, D. A. Golino, N. I. Katis

19. Viroids Infecting the Grapevine
F. Serio, K. Izadpanah, M. Hajizadeh, B. Navarro

Part II. Methods for Diagnostics

20. Biological Assays
A. Rowhani, P. Notte, J. K. Uyemoto, S. D. Daubert, V. Savino

21. Serological Methods for the Detection of Major Grapevine Viruses
A. G. Blouin, K. M. Chooi, D. Cohen, R. M. MacDiarmid

22. Polymerase Chain Reaction Methods for the Detection of Grapevine Viruses and Viroids
A. Rowhani, F. Osman, S. D. Daubert, M. Al Rwahnih, P. Saldarelli

Part III. Effects of Viral Diseases, Epidemiology and Strategies for the Control and Management of Viruses and Viral Diseases

23. The Effects of Viruses and Viral Diseases on Grapes and Wine
F. Mannini, M. Digiaro

24. Vector Transmission of Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Viruses
E. Herrbach, A. Alliaume, C. A. Prator, K. M. Daane, M. L. Cooper, R. P. P. Almeida

25. Ectoparasitic Nematode Vectors of Grapevine Viruses
P. Andret-Link, A. Marmonier, L. Belval, K. Hleibieh, C. Ritzenthaler, G. Demangeat

26. Management of Grapevine Leafroll Disease and Associated Vectors in Vineyards
G. Pietersen, V. A. Bell, K. Krüger

27. Improvement of Grapevine Planting Stock Through Sanitary Selection and Pathogen Elimination
D. A. Golino, M. Fuchs, S. Sim, K. Farrar, G. P. Martelli

28. Regulatory Aspects of Grape Viruses and Virus Diseases: Certification, Quarantine, and Harmonization
D. A. Golino, M. Fuchs, M. Rwahnih, K. Farrar, A. Schmidt, G. P. Martelli

29. Novel Approaches for Viral Disease Management
M. Fuchs, O. Lemaire

Part IV. Metagenomics, Evolution and Biotechnological Applications of Grapevine Viruses

30. High-Throughput Sequencing: Advantages Beyond Virus Identification
P. Saldarelli, A. Giampetruzzi, H. J. Maree, M. Rwahnih

31. Biotechnology Applications of Grapevine Viruses
V. V. Dolja, B. Meng

32. Evolutionary Aspects of Grapevine Virology
V. V. Dolja, B. Meng, G. P. Martelli

33. Concluding Remarks and Future Directions
G. P. Martelli

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Pathology, Agriculture, Microbiology

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