Jesperson, Sasha

Militarised Responses to Transnational Organised Crime

Jesperson, Sasha - Militarised Responses to Transnational Organised Crime, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Assessing Militarised Responses to Transnational Organised Crime
Sasha Jesperson

2. Soldiers in a Storm: Why and How Do Responses to Illicit Economies Get Militarised?
Mark Shaw

Part I. Wildlife Crime

3. Militarised Responses to the Illegal Wildlife Trade
Jasper Humphreys, M. L. R. Smith

4. An Unwinnable War: Rhino Poaching in the Kruger
Julian Rademeyer

5. Kenya’s ‘War on Poaching’: Militarised Solutions to a Militarised Problem?
Thomas J. Maguire

6. ‘A Blunt Instrument’: Addressing Criminal Networks with Military Responses, and the Impact on Law Enforcement and Intelligence
John M. Sellar

Part II. Piracy

7. Replicating Success? A Military Response to Maritime Piracy, the Somalia Experience
Glen Forbes

8. Approaches to Piracy, Armed Robbery at Sea, and Other Maritime Crime in West and Central Africa
Ian Ralby

9. South East Asia Piracy: Have We Learnt from Somali Counter-Piracy Operations?
Karsten Hoesslin, Lucia Bird Ruiz-Benitez de Lugo

10. Dangers of Success: The Economics of Somali Piracy
Anja Shortland

Part III. Smuggling of Migrants

11. The New Migration Landscape: The Implications of a Militarised Response to Smuggling
Sumbul Rizvi

12. Smugglers Inc.: The Illicit Industry in Human Migration
Tuesday Reitano

13. The Militarisation of Migration: From Triton to Sofia: Assessing the Credibility of the EU’s Naval Interventions Against Migrant Smuggling in the Mediterranean
Peter Roberts‎

14. How US Customs and Border Protection Became the World’s Largest Militarised Police Force
Brian Erickson

Part IV. Drug Trafficking

15. Militarisation of the Drug War in Latin America: A Policy Cycle Set to Continue?
Jeremy McDermott

16. Beyond UNGASS 2016: Drug Control Multilateralism and the End to the ‘War on Drugs’
John Collins

17. The Development Impacts of the ‘War on Drugs’
Health Poverty Action

18. Responding to Drug Trafficking: A Question of Motives
Sasha Jesperson

19. Situating Militarisation as Part of an Integrated Response to Organised Crime
Tuesday Reitano

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Military and Defence Studies, Transnational Crime, Organized Crime

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