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The Interconnected Arctic — UArctic Congress 2016

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Table of contents

Part I. Vulnerability of the Arctic Environments

1. Mysteries of the Geological History of the Cenozoic Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Cover
Jörn Thiede

2. Response of Arctic Alpine Biota to Climate Change – Evidence from Polar Urals GLORIA Summits
Yuri E. Mikhailov, Pavel A. Moiseev

3. The Features of Natural and Artificial Recovery in Quarries of the Forest-Tundra Zone of Western Siberia
Elena Koptseva, Alexander Egorov

4. The Concept of Hierarchical Structure of Large Marine Ecosystems in the Zoning of Russian Arctic Shelf Seas
Kirill M. Petrov, Andrey A. Bobkov

5. Changing Climate and Outbreaks of Forest Pest Insects in a Cold Northern Country, Finland
Seppo Neuvonen, Heli Viiri

6. Wood-Based Energy as a Strategy for Climate Change Mitigation in the Arctic-Perspectives on Assessment of Climate Impacts and Resource Efficiency with Life Cycle Assessment
Laura Sokka

7. Geospatial Analysis of Persistent Organic Pollutant Deposits in the Arctic Ecosystems and Environment
Vladimir A. Kudrjashov

8. Hydrological Probabilistic Model MARCS and Its Application to Simulate the Probability Density Functions of Multi-year Maximal Runoff: The Russian Arctic as a Case of Study
Elena Shevnina, Ekaterina Gaidukova

9. Assessment of Atmospheric Circulation in the Atlantic-Eurasian Region and Arctic Using Climate Indices. The Possible Applications of These Indices in Long-Term Weather Forecasts
Mikhail M. Latonin

10. Difficulties of Geological Engineering in Arctic Seas
Yuliia Tcibulnikova

Part II. Vulnerability of the Arctic Societies

11. The Health Transition: A Challenge to Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic
Peter Sköld

12. Uncertainties in Arctic Socio-economic Scenarios
Riina Haavisto, Karoliina Pilli-Sihvola, Atte Harjanne

13. Importance of Consideration of Climate Change at Managing Fish Stocks: A Case of Northern Russian Fisheries
Dmitry Lajus, Daria Stogova, Julia Lajus

14. Preservation of Territories and Traditional Activities of the Northern Indigenous Peoples in the Period of the Arctic Industrial Development
Elena Gladun, Kseniya Ivanova

15. The Arctic Journey: Design Experiments in the North
Satu Miettinen, Titta Jylkäs

16. The Bicycle and the Arctic – Resilient and Sustainable Transport in Times of Climate Change
Alexander Meitz, Karoline Ringhofer

Part III. Building the Long-Term Human Capacity

17. Human Capital Development in the Russian Arctic
Alexandra Kekkonen, Svetlana Shabaeva, Valery Gurtov

18. Impact of Wages on Employment and Migration in the High North of Russia
Marina Giltman

19. Well-Being in an Arctic City. Designing a Longitudinal Study on Student Relationships and Perceived Quality of Life
John A. Rønning, Steinar Thorvaldsen, Gunstein Egeberg

20. Researching Links Between Teacher Wellbeing and Educational Change: Case Studies from Kazakhstan and Sakha Republic
Olga M. Chorosova, Nikolai F. Artemev

21. Well-Being at the Polish Polar Station, Svalbard: Adaptation to Extreme Environments
Anna G. M. Temp, Billy Lee, Thomas H. Bak

Part IV. Arctic Tourism

22. Tourism Futures in the Arctic
Patrick T. Maher

23. Uniqueness as a Draw for Riding Under the Midnight Sun
Blake Rowsell, Patrick T. Maher

24. Arctic Tourism: The Design Approach with Reference to the Russian North
Svetlana Usenyuk, Maria Gostyaeva

Part V. Arctic Safety

25. Maritime Operations and Emergency Preparedness in the Arctic–Competence Standards for Search and Rescue Operations Contingencies in Polar Waters
Johannes Schmied, Odd Jarl Borch, Ensieh Kheiri Pileh Roud, Tor Einar Berg, Kay Fjørtoft, Ørjan Selvik, James R. Parsons

26. Risk Reduction as a Result of Implementation of the Functional Based IMO Polar Code in the Arctic Cruise Industry
Knut Espen Solberg, Robert Brown, Eirik Skogvoll, Ove Tobias Gudmestad

27. Safety of Industrial Development and Transportation Routes in the Arctic (SITRA) – Collaboration Project for Research and Education of Future High North Experts
Nataliya Marchenko, Rocky Taylor, Aleksey Marchenko

28. Safe Snow and Ice Construction to Arctic Conditions
Kai Ryynänen

29. The Components of Psychological Safety of Oil and Gas Shift Workers in the Arctic
Yana Korneeva, Tamara Tyulyubaeva, Natalia Simonova

Part VI. Circumpolar, Inclusive and Reciprocal Arctic

30. Finding Gender in the Arctic: A Call to Intersectionality and Diverse Methods
Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv

31. Towards an Arctic Awakening: Neocolonalism, Sustainable Development, Emancipatory Research, Collective Action, and Arctic Regional Policymaking
Ulunnguaq Markussen

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Quality of Life Research, Environment Studies, Economic Systems

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