Colzato, Lorenza S.

Theory-Driven Approaches to Cognitive Enhancement

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Table of contents

Part I. Food Supplements—Are We What We Eat?

1. Tyrosine
Lorenza S. Colzato

2. Tryptophan
Lorenza S. Colzato, Ana Beatriz Rodríguez Moratinos, Martin Reuter, Peter Kirsch

3. Choline
Lorenza S. Colzato, Katrin Schlauch, Janna Katharina Kullmann, Tamara Wild

Part II. Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs—(Psycho)Stimulating the Brain

4. Caffeine
Pauline Wel, Olga D. Boer, Lorenza S. Colzato

5. Nicotine
Lorenza S. Colzato, Iris Spruit

6. Ritalin
Lorenza S. Colzato, Fréderique E. Arntz

7. Modafinil
Lorenza S. Colzato, Rebecca Mourits

Part III. Shockingly Electrical—Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

8. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
Roberta Sellaro, Michael A. Nitsche, Lorenza S. Colzato

9. Transcutaneous Vagus and Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation
Lorenza S. Colzato, Kristl Vonck

Part IV. Neural Entrainment—Synchronous Electrical Activity

10. Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation
Lorenza S. Colzato, Vera Mekern, Michael A. Nitsche, Roberta Sellaro

11. Neurofeedback
Stefanie Enriquez-Geppert, René J. Huster, Tomas Ros, Guilherme Wood

12. Binaural Beat Stimulation
Leila Chaieb, Juergen Fell

Part V. Far Transfer Trainings—Generalizing Learned Skills

13. Musical Training
Lorenza S. Colzato

14. Video Games
Ronald Andringa, Walter R. Boot

15. Aerobic Exercise
Lorenza S. Colzato, Jonna Loeffler, Rouwen Cañal-Bruland

16. Meditation
Lorenza S. Colzato, Bernhard Hommel

Part VI. Environmental Factors—Abiotic Influences

17. Aromas
Roberta Sellaro, Lorenza S. Colzato

18. Temperature
Lorenza S. Colzato, Christina Trepkowski, Roberta Sellaro, Bernhard Hommel

Part VII. Cognitive Enhancement in Applied Contexts—Translation for Real-World Use

19. Musical Activities and Cognitive Enhancement in Dementia
Joyce J. Bruin, Rebecca S. Schaefer

20. The Application of Brain Stimulation and Neural Entrainment in Sport
Lorenza S. Colzato, Carlotta Stern, Armin Kibele

21. The Case of Air Traffic Control
Antonino Vallesi

22. The Case of the Leiden “Lifestyle 2030” Study
Kerwin J. F. Olfers, Guido P. H. Band, Lorenza S. Colzato, Bernhard Hommel

Part VIII. Outlook

23. Theory-Driven Cognitive Enhancement: Costs and Benefits
Lorenza S. Colzato

Keywords: Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

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