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Railway Ecology

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Table of contents

Part I. Review

1. Railway Ecology
Luís Borda-de-Água, Rafael Barrientos, Pedro Beja, Henrique M. Pereira

2. Current Knowledge on Wildlife Mortality in Railways
Sara M. Santos, Filipe Carvalho, António Mira

3. Methods to Monitor and Mitigate Wildlife Mortality in Railways
Filipe Carvalho, Sara M. Santos, António Mira, Rui Lourenço

4. Railways as Barriers for Wildlife: Current Knowledge
Rafael Barrientos, Luís Borda-de-Água

5. Aliens on the Move: Transportation Networks and Non-native Species
Fernando Ascensão, César Capinha

6. Railway Disturbances on Wildlife: Types, Effects, and Mitigation Measures
Priscila Silva Lucas, Ramon Gomes Carvalho, Clara Grilo

Part II. Case Studies

7. Bird Collisions in a Railway Crossing a Wetland of International Importance (Sado Estuary, Portugal)
Carlos Godinho, João T. Marques, Pedro Salgueiro, Luísa Catarino, Cândida Osório Castro, António Mira, Pedro Beja

8. Cross-scale Changes in Bird Behavior Around a High Speed Railway: From Landscape Occupation to Infrastructure Use and Collision Risk
Juan E. Malo, Eladio L. García de la Morena, Israel Hervás, Cristina Mata, Jesús Herranz

9. Relative Risk and Variables Associated with Bear and Ungulate Mortalities Along a Railroad in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
Benjamin P. Dorsey, Anthony Clevenger, Lisa J. Rew

10. Railways and Wildlife: A Case Study of Train-Elephant Collisions in Northern West Bengal, India
Mukti Roy, Raman Sukumar

11. Assessing Bird Exclusion Effects in a Wetland Crossed by a Railway (Sado Estuary, Portugal)
Carlos Godinho, Luísa Catarino, João T. Marques, António Mira, Pedro Beja

12. Evaluating the Impacts of a New Railway on Shorebirds: A Case Study in Central Portugal (Aveiro Lagoon)
Tiago Múrias, David Gonçalves, Ricardo Jorge Lopes

13. Evaluating and Mitigating the Impact of a High-Speed Railway on Connectivity: A Case Study with an Amphibian Species in France
Céline Clauzel

14. Habitat Fragmentation by Railways as a Barrier to Great Migrations of Ungulates in Mongolia
Takehiko Y. Ito, Badamjav Lhagvasuren, Atsushi Tsunekawa, Masato Shinoda

15. Railway Ecology—Experiences and Examples in the Czech Republic
Z. Keken, T. Kušta

16. Ecological Roles of Railway Verges in Anthropogenic Landscapes: A Synthesis of Five Case Studies in Northern France
J.-C. Vandevelde, C. Penone

17. Wildlife Deterrent Methods for Railways—An Experimental Study
Andreas Seiler, Mattias Olsson

18. Commerce and Conservation in the Crown of the Continent
John S. Waller

Part III. Conclusion

19. What’s Next? Railway Ecology in the 21st Century
Rafael Barrientos, Luís Borda-de-Água, Pedro Brum, Pedro Beja, Henrique M. Pereira

Keywords: Environment, Nature Conservation, Applied Ecology, Biodiversity, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Environmental Science and Engineering

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