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Geriatric Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction
C. W. Schwab

2. Why This Book and Why Now? A Rationale and Systems Impact for Geriatric Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Robert D. Barraco, Aurelio Rodriguez, Rao Ivatury

Part II. General Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Goals of Care (Trauma and Acute Care Surgery)

3. General Evaluation, Risk Management, and Goals of Care
Alicia J. Mangram, Joseph F. Sucher, James K. Dzandu

Part III. Trauma: Prehospital Care (Fluids, Immobilization and Transport, Triage, OOH DNR and POLST)

4. Prehospital Care
Juan Duchesne, Connie DeLa’O

Part IV. Emergency Medicine

5. The Role of the Emergency Physician for Injured Geriatric Patient Care in the ED
Dave Milzman, Sarada Rao

Part V. Head Injury

6. Geriatric Concussions
Russell D. Dumire

7. Traumatic Extra-Axial Hemorrhage in the Elderly
Jack Wilberger

8. Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Jack Wilberger

9. Neuro Critical Care
Mira Ghneim, Deborah M. Stein

Part VI. Spine Injury

10. Geriatric Cervical Spinal Trauma: History, Presentation, and Treatment
Victor Ryan Lewis, Stephen Curran Kane, Ira Martin Garonzik, James Edmond Conway

11. Identification, Treatment, and Prognosis of Geriatric Thoracolumbar Spinal Trauma
Stephen C. Kane, Victor R. Lewis, James E. Conway, Ira M. Garonzik

Part VII. Orthopedic Injury

12. Geriatric Hip Fractures
Ellen P. Fitzpatrick

13. Geriatric Acetabulum Fractures
Daniel T. Altman, Edward R. Westrick

14. Geriatric Long Bone Fractures
Jessica G. Kingsberg, Daniel T. Altman

Part VIII. Cardiothoracic Injury

15. Cardiac Trauma
Benjamin Moran, Lars Ola Sjoholm, Amy J. Goldberg

16. Geriatric Thoracic Vascular Injury
David Elliott, Aurelio Rodriguez

17. Thoracic Trauma in the Elderly
T. Robert Qaqish, JoAnn Coleman, Mark Katlic

18. Esophageal Injury
Mathew A. Deusen, Mark Crye, Jonathan Levy

Part IX. Abdominal Injury

19. Liver Trauma
Adrian W. Ong, Rao R. Ivatury

20. Optimal Management of Blunt Splenic Injury in the Geriatric Patient
James M. Haan

21. Hollow Viscus Injury in Geriatric Trauma: Damage Control, Surgical Management, and Critical Care
Arturo R. Maldonado†, Juan L. Peschiera

22. Management of Pancreatic Injury in the Geriatric Patient
Charles E. Lucas, Anna M. Ledgerwood

Part X. Vascular Injury

23. Geriatric Cerebrovascular Injury
Peter B. Letarte

24. Geriatric Vascular Trauma and Vascular emergencies
Justin Boccardo

Part XI. Urologic Injury

25. Geriatric Urologic Trauma
Gregory P. Murphy, Jack W. McAninch, Benjamin N. Breyer

Part XII. Plastics/Skin and Soft Tissue Injury

26. Plastics/Skin and Soft-Tissue Injury Trauma
Sharline Z. Aboutanos

27. Soft Tissue Infections in the Elderly
Margaret H. Lauerman, Sharon Henry

Part XIII. Thermal Injury

28. Thermal Injury
Gabriel Hundeshagen, David N. Herndon, Jong O. Lee

Part XIV. Acute Care Surgery Introduction: Common Abdominal Emergencies

29. System Impact and Demographics of Abdominal Surgical Emergencies
Laura S. Buchanan, Jose J. Diaz

Clostridium difficile Infection: Considerations in the Geriatric Population
Molly Flanagan, Paula Ferrada

31. Acute Diverticulitis
Manuel Lorenzo, Vanessa Shifflette

32. Cholecystitis
Syed Nabeel Zafar, Edward E Cornwell

33. Gastrointestinal Bleeding in the Elderly Patient
Russell J. Nauta

34. Intestinal Obstruction in Geriatric Population
Paula Ferrada, Ashanthi Ratnasekera, Ricardo Ferrada

35. Acute Appendicitis
Tiffany N. Anderson, Frederick Moore, Janeen Jordan

Part XV. Critical Care

36. Critical Care: Pulmonary
Nicole L. Werner, Lena M. Napolitano

37. Cardiac/Hemodynamic Monitoring
Jay Menaker, Thomas M. Scalea

38. Nutrition Assessment and Therapy
Kimberly Joseph

39. Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
Ajai Malhotra

40. Infections in the Geriatric Person Following Trauma
Wayne Campbell†, Alexander Chen

Part XVI. Post-Acute Care: Considerations in Disposition

41. Perioperative Management of the Geriatric Patient
Bellal Joseph, Peter Rhee

Part XVII. Perioperative Management

42. Post-acute Considerations in Disposition
Laura Harmon, Leah Kohri, Rosemary Kozar

Part XVIII. Nursing Considerations in the Geriatric Patient

43. Nursing Considerations in General Evaluation, Risk Management, and Goals of Care
Cathy A. Maxwell

44. Geriatric Trauma: Emergency Nursing Considerations
Jessica Jurkovich

45. Nursing Care of the TBI Patient
Jami Zipf

46. Geriatric Trauma: Spinal Injury Nursing Care
Kai Bortz

47. Cardiothoracic Geriatric Trauma: Nursing Considerations
Matthew Mowry

48. Nursing Care of the Client with Abdominal Trauma
Elizabeth D. Katrancha

49. Nursing Considerations for Traumatic Geriatric Orthopedic Injuries
Elizabeth L. Price, Rajesh R. Gandhi, Therese M. Duane

50. Geriatric Peripheral Vascular Injuries: Nursing Implications
Elizabeth Seislove

51. Geriatric Trauma Book: Urologic Trauma
Kai Bortz

52. Geriatric Trauma Book: Skin
Kai Bortz

53. Nursing Considerations in the Care of Elderly Burn Patients
Jason Sheaffer

54. Perioperative Nursing Considerations
Elizabeth D. Katrancha

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