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Table of contents

1. Preclinical Validation of the Located Hyperthermia Using Gold Macro-Rods and Ultrasound as an Effective Treatment for Solid Tumors
Andre L. S. Barros, Carlos Austerlitz, Ioannis Gkigkitzis, Diana Campos, Jeyce K. F. Andrade, Teresinha G. Silva, Silene C. Nascimento, Ioannis Haranas

2. Cerebral Thrombosis: A Neurogenetic Approach
Christos Yapijakis

3. Correlations Between Nutrition Habits, Anxiety and Metabolic Parameters in Greek Healthy Adults
Stavroula Lambrinakou, Maria Efthymia Katsa, Sofia Zyga, Anastasios Ioannidis, Athanasios Sachlas, Georgios Panoutsopoulos, Anna Maria Pistikou, Maria Magana, Dafni Eleni Kougioumtzi Dimoligianni, Petros Kolovos, Andrea Paola Rojas Gil

4. Neuronal Correlation Parameter and the Idea of Thermodynamic Entropy of an N-Body Gravitationally Bounded System
Ioannis Haranas, Ioannis Gkigkitzis, Ilias Kotsireas, Carlos Austerlitz

5. Determination of Soft Tissue Breakpoint Based on Its Temperature Enhancement Pattern: In Vivo and In Vitro Experiments
C. Austerlitz, I. Gkigkitzis, A. L. S. Barros, J. Melo, I. Haranas, D. Campos

6. Huntington Disease: Genetics, Prevention, and Therapy Approaches
Christos Yapijakis

7. A Paris System-Based Implant Approach to Hyperthermia Cancer Tumor with Gold Seeds and Ultrasound
C. Austerlitz, J. Melo, A. L. S. Barros, I. Gkigkitzis, I. Haranas, D. Campos

8. Clinical, Social and Demographics Factors Associated with Spiritual Wellbeing in End Stage Renal Disease
Evangelos C. Fradelos, Konstantinos Tsaras, Foteini Tzavella, Evmorfia Koukia, Ioanna V. Papathanasiou, Victoria Alikari, John Stathoulis, Areti Tsaloglidou, Michael Kourakos, Sofia Zyga

9. Cognitive Enhancement for Elderly Facing Dementia with the Use of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Techniques and Psychological Treatment. A Case Study
Georgia Dim Stratakou, Antonia Plerou

10. Biobibliometrics (UGDH-TP53–BRCA1) Genes Connections in the Possible Relationship Between Breast Cancer and EEG
Yannis Martzoukos, Sozon Papavlasopoulos, Marios Poulos, Maria Syrrou

11. Diagnostic Evaluation of Huntington’s Disease Within the Frame of Bioinformatics
Catherine Bobori

12. Gold Rods Irradiated with Ultrasound for Combination of Hyperthermia and Cancer Chemotherapy
Andre Barros, Carlos Austerlitz, Ioannis Gkigkitzis, Diana Campos, Jeyce Andrade, Christina Peixoto, Jaciana Aguiar, Silene Nascimento, Teresinha G. Silva, Ioannis Haranas

13. Assessment of Depression in Elderly. Is Perceived Social Support Related? A Nursing Home Study
Paraskevi Patra, Victoria Alikari, Evangelos C. Fradelos, Athanasios Sachlas, Michael Kourakos, Andrea Paola Rojas Gil, Fotoula Babatsikou, Sofia Zyga

14. Neurofibromatosis-Noonan Syndrome: A Possible Paradigm of the Combination of Genetic and Epigenetic Factors
Christos Yapijakis, Nikos Pachis, Costas Voumvourakis

15. Clinical Simulation Training in Geriatric Medicine: A Review of the Evidence and Lessons for Training in Psychiatry of Old Age
Christos Plakiotis

16. Integrating Omic Technologies in Alzheimer’s Disease
Antigoni Avramouli, Panayiotis M. Vlamos

17. Anxiety and Depression in Staff of Mental Units: The Role of Burnout
Ioanna V. Papathanasiou, Konstantinos Tsaras, Christos F. Kleisiaris, Evangelos C. Fradelos, Areti Tsaloglidou, Dimitrios Damigos

18. Scheduling and Modeling a Cognitive Assessment Guide for Screening AD by Primary Care Physicians
Maria Sagiadinou, Antigoni Avramouli, Panayiotis M. Vlamos

19. Sarcopenia and Its Impact on Quality of Life
Maria Tsekoura, Alexandros Kastrinis, Marianna Katsoulaki, Evdokia Billis, John Gliatis

20. Molecular Chaperones in Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Short Review
Catherine Bobori, Georgia Theocharopoulou, Panayiotis Vlamos

21. Interactome of Obesity: Obesidome
Styliani A. Geronikolou, Athanasia Pavlopoulou, Dennis Cokkinos, George Chrousos

22. Fatigue in Arthritis: A Multidimensional Phenomenon with Impact on Quality of Life
Victoria Alikari, Athanasios Sachlas, Stavroula Giatrakou, John Stathoulis, Evagelos Fradelos, Paraskevi Theofilou, Maria Lavdaniti, Sofia Zyga

23. Association of Nutrients with Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease
Efstathia G. Kalli

24. Searching for Correlations Between the Development of Neurodegenerative Hallmarks: Targeting Huntingtin as a Contributing Factor
Nelina P. Angelova

25. The Effects of Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Working Memory
Marianna Katsoulaki, Alexandros Kastrinis, Maria Tsekoura

26. Bioimpedance Measurements in Adolescents with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Pilot Study
Styliani A. Geronikolou, Flora Bacopoulou, Dennis Cokkinos

27. Post-Operative Delirium in Elderly People Diagnostic and Management Issues of Post-Operative Delirium in Elderly People
Christina Florou, Dimitrios Theofilopoulos, Styliani Tziaferi, Maria Chania

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Bioinformatics

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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7 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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