Chepurenko, Alexander

Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies

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Table of contents

Part I. Differing Pathways: Concepts and Theories

1. Introduction: Systematic “Transition” and Entrepreneurship Theory
Alexander Chepurenko, Arnis Sauka

2. Staying in the Family: The Impact of Institutions and Mental Models on Entrepreneurship Development in Post-Soviet Transition Countries
Ruta Aidis

Part II. Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Cross Country Analysis

3. A Multidimensional, Comparative Analysis of the Regional Entrepreneurship Performance in the Central and Eastern European EU Member Countries
László Szerb, Éva Komlósi, Balázs Páger

4. Institutions and Export Performance in 26 Transition Economies
Besnik A. Krasniqi, Sameeksha Desai

5. Technology-Driven Internationalization: Central-Eastern European Perspective
Ewa Lechman

6. Is Innovation a Determinant for SME Performance? Cross-Country Analysis of the Economies of Former USSR Countries
Nejdet Delener, Omar Farooq, Mukhammadfoik Bakhadirov

Part III. Country Studies from the CEE Region

7. Entrepreneurship in Estonia: Combination of Political and Entrepreneurial Agenda
Tõnis Mets

8. The Business Cycle and Early-Stage Entrepreneurship in Latvia
Marija Krūmiņa, Anders Paalzow

9. The Role of Education on Entrepreneurship in Lithuania
Mindaugas Laužikas, Aistė Miliūtė

10. Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Policy Development in Slovenia
Miroslav Rebernik, Barbara Bradač Hojnik

11. Entrepreneurship in Poland: Determinants and Development Perspectives
Robert Rumiński

12. Entrepreneurship Development in the Czech Republic
Martin Lukeš

13. Entrepreneurship Development in Slovakia
Anna Pilkova, Marian Holienka

14. The Network Entrepreneur in Small Businesses: The Bulgarian Case
Tanya Chavdarova

Part IV. Country Studies: Evidence from Selected CIS Countries, Georgia and Ukraine

15. Entrepreneurial Intentions and Initiatives in Georgia
Levan Bzhalava, Giorgi Jvarsheishvili, Paata Brekashvili, Boris Lezhava

16. The Path of Belarusian Entrepreneurship to a Socially Oriented Market Economy
Anna Pobol, Marina Slonimska

17. Small and Medium Enterprises’ Sector in an Adverse Business Environment of Ukraine: The Role of Cooperation
Nina Isakova

18. Cross-regional Variations in the Motivation of Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Activity in Russia: Determining Factors
Alexander Chepurenko, Ekaterina Popovskaya, Olga Obraztsova

Part V. Role of Institutions: Special Topics

19. The Entrepreneurial Role of Families in Transitional Economies: The Case of Lithuania
Olga Stangej, Rodrigo Basco

20. The Impact of Competition on the Economic Behavior and Performance of Manufacturing SMEs in Russia
Tatyana Alimova

21. Motivation of Women Business Owners: Case of Russia and Norway
Tatiana Iakovleva

22. Entrepreneurial Potential in the Digital Freelance Economy: Evidence from the Russian-Language Internet
Andrey Shevchuk, Denis Strebkov

Part VI. Conclusions and Policy Suggestions

23. Diverging Paths of Entrepreneurship in Transition Countries: A Comparative View
Bruno Dallago

Keywords: Business and Management, Entrepreneurship, Economic Systems, Development and Social Change, Development Economics

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Societies and Political Orders in Transition
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