Pisano, Antonio

Physics for Anesthesiologists

Pisano, Antonio - Physics for Anesthesiologists, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Gases, Bubbles and Surroundings

1. Perfect Coffee and Oxygen Cylinders: The Ideal Gas Law
Antonio Pisano

2. Boats, Balloons, and Air Bubbles: Archimedes’ Principle
Antonio Pisano

3. Air Bubbles in the Blood Sample: Better or Worse Oxygenation? Dalton’s Law and Fick’s Law
Antonio Pisano

4. Cold, Sparkling Drinks, and Blood Gas Analysis: Henry’s Law
Antonio Pisano

5. Bubbles, Tracheal Tube Cuffs, and Reservoir Bags: Surface Tension and Laplace’s Law
Antonio Pisano

Part II. Fluids in Motion: Masks, Tubes, and Hemodynamics

6. The Venturi Mask Works (In Part) Like an Airplane: Continuity Equation and Bernoulli’s Theorem
Antonio Pisano

7. From Tubes and Catheters to the Basis of Hemodynamics: The Hagen–Poiseuille Equation
Antonio Pisano

Part III. Hemodynamic Monitoring

8. Toothpaste, Sea Deeps, and Invasive Pressure Monitoring: Stevin’s Law and Pascal’s Principle
Antonio Pisano

9. Heat, Cardiac Output, and What Is the Future: The Laws of Thermodynamics
Antonio Pisano

Part IV. Forces in Action

10. Doors, Steering Wheels, Laryngoscopes, and Central Venous Catheters: The Moment of a Force
Antonio Pisano

11. Friction, Trigonometry, and Newton’s Laws: All About Trendelenburg Position
Antonio Pisano

Part V. Inhalational Anesthesia

12. Physics in a Vaporizer: Saturated Vapor Pressure, Heat of Vaporization, and Thermal Expansion
Antonio Pisano

Part VI. Waves

13. Light, Air Pollution, and Pulse Oximetry: The Beer-Lambert Law
Antonio Pisano

14. Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves: Blue Skies, Cerebral Oximetry, and Some Reassurance About X-Rays
Antonio Pisano

15. Origin and Propagation of Sound, Doppler Effect: Notes on Ultrasonography, Again Hemodynamic Monitoring, and … the Voice of Xenon
Antonio Pisano

Part VII. And Finally…

16. Activated Clotting Time and … a Brief Look at Relativity
Antonio Pisano

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Anesthesiology, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Physics, general, Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology, Nursing

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