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Going Beyond

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Marie-Theres Albert, Francesco Bandarin, Ana Pereira Roders

Part I. Beyond the Current: New Political Commitments

2. Culture as an Enabler for Sustainable Development: Challenges for the World Heritage Convention in Adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Michael Turner

3. The Potential of Culture for Sustainable Development in Heritage Studies
Marie-Theres Albert

4. Natural World Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals
Barbara Engels

Part II. Beyond Existing Approaches: New and Innovative Theoretical Perceptions

5. The Sustainability of Digital Documentary Heritage
Anca Claudia Prodan

6. Sustainability, Sustainable Development, and Culture: Diverging Concepts and Practices in European Heritage Work
Samantha Lutz, Gertraud Koch

7. Culture, Development and Sustainability: The Cultural Impact of Development and Culture’s Role in Sustainability
Shina-Nancy Erlewein

8. From Obstacle to Resource: How Built Cultural Heritage Can Contribute to Resilient Cities
Matthias Ripp, Andrew H. Lukat (Translation)

Part III. Shifts in the Understanding of Heritage and Sustainability

9. Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Development in Sacred Places: Towards a New Approach
Sara Anas Serafi, Kalliopi Fouseki

10. Beyond Conventional Limits: Intangible Heritage Values and Sustainability Through Sport
Allison Thompson

11. Contextual Sustainability in Heritage Practice: Urbanization, Neighbourliness, and Community Dialogue in Akçalar, Turkey
Caitlin L. Curtis

Part IV. Best Practises and Narratives

12. Shaken Cityscapes: Tangible and Intangible Urban Heritage in Kathmandu, Nepal, and Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Simone Sandholz

13. Aspects of Social Imperative: The Sustainable Historic Environment in the Developing World
Debbie Whelan

14. The Dilemma of Zambia’s Barotse Plains Cultural Landscape Nomination: Implications for Sustainable Development
Kagosi Mwamulowe

15. Feeling Responsible for the Good Life on Earth: The Construction of Social Spaces and Sustainability in the Andes
Claudia Lozano

Part V. Beyond the Mainstream

16. Sustainable Power: Decolonising Sustainability Through Anishinaabe Birchbark Canoe Building
Tim Frandy, B. Marcus Cederström

17. Cant of Reconquest and the Struggle for Restoring Sustainability of the Southern Paiutes
Richard Stoffle, Kathleen Vlack, Richard Arnold, Gloria Bulletts Benson

18. The Past and Future of Indigenous Peoples’ Heritage: Transforming the Legacies of Non-sustainability of Protected Areas
Robert Rode

19. Hue at an Existential Crossroads: Heritage Protection and Sustainability in an Asian Developing Country Context
William Logan

Part VI. Aspects of Implementation

20. Malaga Versus Picasso: Rebranding a City Through Non-material Heritage
Daniel Barrera-Fernández, Marco Hernández-Escampa

21. Geoethics and Sustainability Education Through an Open Source CIGIS Application: The Memory of Places Project in Calabria, Southern Italy, as a Case Study
Francesco Pascale

22. Integration of Cultural Heritage into Disaster Risk Management: Challenges and Opportunities for Increased Disaster Resilience
Mohammad Ravankhah, Ksenia Chmutina, Michael Schmidt, Lee Bosher

23. Facilitating the Process Towards Social Sustainability: A Culture-Based Method for Mapping Historic Public Places, Applied to the Example of Tabriz Bazaar, Iran
Solmaz Yadollahi, Silke Weidner

24. Heritage Impact Assessments as an Advanced Tool for a Sustainable Management of Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites: From Theory to Practice
Michael Kloos

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Cultural Heritage, Archaeology

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Heritage Studies
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Art, Art History
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