Oplatkova, Zuzana Kominkova

Software Engineering Trends and Techniques in Intelligent Systems

Oplatkova, Zuzana Kominkova - Software Engineering Trends and Techniques in Intelligent Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Improving Algorithmic Optimisation Method by Spectral Clustering
Radek Silhavy, Petr Silhavy, Zdenka Prokopova

2. FRDF: Framework for Reliable Data Fusion to Leverage Communication Performance in Sensor Network
B. S. Jayasri, G. Raghavendra Rao

3. RASK: Request Authentication Using Shared Keys for Secured Data Aggregation in Sensor Network
Jyoti Metan, K. N. Narasimha Murthy

4. Warehouse Stock Prediction Based on Fuzzy-Expert System
Radim Farana, Ivo Formánek, Cyril Klimeš, Bogdan Walek

5. New Framework Model to Secure Cloud Data Storage
Beldjezzar Leila, Zitouni Abdelhafid, Djoudi Mahieddine

6. Proposal of Complex Software Applications
Cyril Klimeš, Vladimír Krajčík, Radim Farana

7. Migrating from Conventional E-Learning to Cloud-Based E-Learning: A Case Study of Armangarayan Co.
Mohammad Reza Rasol Roveicy, Amir Masoud Bidgoli

8. Enterprise Architecture: An Alternative to ArchiMate Conceptualization
Sabah Al-Fedaghi

9. Fissure Extraction Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Lung Lobe Segmentation from CT Lung Images
M. Jannathl Firdouse, M. Balasubramanian

10. ASRD: Algorithm for Spliced Region Detection in Digital Image Forensics
A. Meenakshi Sundaram, C. Nandini

11. Towards Data Storage for Online Analytical Antispam System – ASOLAP
Vasilenko Alexandr, Tyrychtr Jan

12. Development of Methodology for Entangled Quantum Calculations Modeling in the Area of Quantum Algorithms
Viktor Potapov, Sergei Gushanskiy, Vyacheslav Guzik, Maxim Polenov

13. Truly Parallel Model-Matching Algorithm in OpenCL
Tamás Fekete, Gergely Mezei

14. A Novel Co-channel Deployment Algorithm Based on PCF in Multiple APs and High Density WLANs
Jianjun Lei, Jianhua Jiang

15. Determination of Optimal Cluster Number in Connection to SCADA
Jan Vávra, Martin Hromada

16. Compensation Model of Multi-attribute Decision Making and Its Application to N-Version Software Choice
Gruzenkin Denis Vladimirovich, Grishina Galina Viktorovna, Durmuş Mustafa Seçkin, Üstoǧlu Ilker, Tsarev Roman Yurievich

17. Empirical Testing of Bends in Workflow Diagrams by Eye-Tracking Method
Zdena Dobesova

18. 3D Models to Educated Museum Interactive Exhibition with Computing Techniques
Hao Jiang, Xiao-Li Liu, Xiang Peng, Ming-Xi Tang, Dong He, Hai-Long Chen, Kai-Bing Xiang, Bo Man

19. A Framework for Image Synchronization from Mobile NoSQL Database to Server-Side SQL Database
Abu Zarin Zulkafli, Shuib Basri, Rohiza Ahmad, Abdullahi Abubakar Imam

20. Using Virtualization Technology for the User Authorization System
Maxim Polenov, Vyacheslav Guzik, Vladislav Lukyanov

21. Strategic Modeling of Secure Routing Decision in OLSR Protocol in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
C.K. Vanamala, G. Raghvendra Rao

22. Guaging the Effectivity of Existing Security Measures for Big Data in Cloud Environment
Chhaya S. Dule, H. A. Girijamma

23. Synthesis of Expert System for the Distributed Storage of Models
Maxim Polenov, Sergey Gushanskiy, Artem Kurmaleev

24. Finding Relationships in Industrial Data with the Use of Hierarchical Clustering
Martin Nemeth, German Michalconok

25. Assessing of the Importance of Medical Parameters on the Risk of the Myocardial Infraction Using Statistical Analysis and Neural Networks
Andrea Peterkova, German Michalconok

26. The Approach to Provide and Support the Aviation Transportation System Safety Based on Automation Models
Alexander Rezchikov, Vadim Kushnikov, Vladimir Ivaschenko, Aleksey Bogomolov, Leonid Filimonyuk, Olga Dolinina, Ekaterina Kulakova, Konstantin Kachur

27. Models of Minimizing the Damage from Atmospheric Emissions of Industrial Enterprises
Alexander Rezchikov, Vadim Kushnikov, Vladimir Ivashchenko, Aleksey Bogomolov, Tatyana Shulga, Nataliya Gulevich, Nataliya Frolova, Elena Pchelintseva, Elena Kushnikova, Konstantin Kachur, Ekaterina Kulakova

28. Fairness and Load Balancing Optimization via Association Control in Multi-rate WLANs
Jianjun Lei, Shanshan Yang, Chang Su

29. Multi-stage Optimization Over Extracted Feature for Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer
S. J. Sushma, S. C. Prasanna Kumar

30. Secure Framework of Authentication Mechanism Over Cloud Environment
Ramesh Shahabadkar, S. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy, Chinthakunta Manjunath, Ugranada Channabasava, Krutika Ramesh Shahabadkar

31. Scheduling of Parabolic-Type Tasks Arrays in GRID Systems
A. E. Saak, V. V. Kureichik, A. A. Lezhebokov

32. The Lukov Castle – A Historical 3D Visualization in Different Time Periods
Pavel Pokorný, Zuzana Jarošová

33. RaESS: Reliable-and-Efficient Statistical Spreading Data Fusion Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Network
B. S. Jayasri, G. Raghavendra Rao

34. Analysis of Temperature Impact on Production Process with Focus on Data Integration and Transformation
Michal Kebisek, Lukas Spendla, Pavol Tanuska

35. Software-Defined Data Formats in Telecommunication Systems
Sergey V. Kuleshov, Alexey J. Aksenov, Alexandra A. Zaytseva

36. SADI: Stochastic Approach to Compute Degree of Importance in Web-Based Information Propagation
Selva Kumar Shekar, Kayarvizhy Nagappan, Balaji Rajendran

37. Actiontracking for Multi-platform Mobile Applications
Zdzisław Sroczyński

38. Towards Utilization of a Lean Canvas in the Testing Extra-Functional Properties
Padmaraj Nidagundi, Leonīds Novickis

39. Hybrid SMOTE-Ensemble Approach for Software Defect Prediction
Hamad Alsawalqah, Hossam Faris, Ibrahim Aljarah, Loai Alnemer, Nouh Alhindawi

40. A Novel Design in Formal Verification Corresponding to Mixed Signals by Differential Learning
D. S. Vidhya, Manjunath Ramachandra

41. The Effectiveness of Thai Spoonerism Application
Kunyanuth Kularbphettong, Tiwa Sreekram

42. Advances in Transformation of MARTE Profile Time Concepts in Model-Driven Software Development
Anna Derezinska, Marian Szczykulski

43. Evaluating Suitable Hotel Services in Hotel Booking System Using Expert System
Bogdan Walek, Oldrich Hosek, Radim Farana

44. The Development of Hybrid Algorithms and Program Solutions of Placement and Routing Problems
Leonid Gladkov, Sergey Leyba, Nadezhda Gladkova

45. Applying Verbal Analysis of Decision to Prioritize Software Requirement Considering the Stability of the Requirement
Paulo Alberto Melo Barbosa, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro, Francisca Raquel Vasconcelos Silveira, Marum Simão Filho

46. File Hosting Service Based on Single-Board Computer
Jiri Vojtesek, Lukas Mlynek

47. A Business Process Model of Collaborative Approach to Ontology Building
Julia Szota-Pachowicz

48. The Development of Dynamic Cognitive Interfaces for Multisubject Information Systems (on the Example of Geosocial Service)
A. V. Vicentiy, M. G. Shishaev, I. V. Vicentiy

49. Chart Visualization of Large Data Amount
Pavel Pokorný, Kamil Stokláska

50. Software Optimization of Advanced Encryption Standard for Ultra-Low-Power MSP430
Radek Fujdiak, Petr Mlynek, Jiri Misurec, Janko Slacik

51. The Effects of Clustering to Software Size Estimation for the Use Case Points Methods
Zdenka Prokopova, Radek Silhavy, Petr Silhavy

52. Evaluation of Data Clustering for Stepwise Linear Regression on Use Case Points Estimation
Petr Silhavy, Radek Silhavy, Zdenka Prokopova

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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