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Brain-Computer Interface Research

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Table of contents

1. Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State-of-the-Art Summary 5
Christoph Guger, Brendan Allison, Junichi Ushiba

2. An ECoG-Based BCI Based on Auditory Attention to Natural Speech
Peter Brunner, Karen Dijkstra, William G. Coon, Jürgen Mellinger, Anthony L. Ritaccio, Gerwin Schalk

3. Towards Continuous Speech Recognition for BCI
Christian Herff, Adriana de Pesters, Dominic Heger, Peter Brunner, Gerwin Schalk, Tanja Schultz

4. Brain-Machine Interface Development for Finger Movement Control
Tessy M. Lal, Guy Hotson, Matthew S. Fifer, David P. McMullen, Matthew S. Johannes, Kapil D. Katyal, Matthew P. Para, Robert Armiger, William S. Anderson, Nitish V. Thakor, Brock A. Wester, Nathan E. Crone

5. Motor Imagery BCI with Auditory Feedback as a Mechanism for Assessment and Communication in Disorders of Consciousness
Damien Coyle, Jacqueline Stow, Karl McCreadie, Nadia Sciacca, Jacinta McElligott, Áine Carroll

6. Brain-Computer Interface Controlling Cyborg: A Functional Brain-to-Brain Interface Between Human and Cockroach
Guangye Li, Dingguo Zhang

7. Recovery of Brain Function by Neuroprostheses: A Challenge for Neuroscience and Technology
Roni Hogri, Simeon A. Bamford, Paolo Del Giudice, Matti Mintz

8. BCI-Based Facilitation of Cortical Activity Associated to Gait Onset After Single Event Multi-level Surgery in Cerebral Palsy
J. Ignacio Serrano, M. D. Castillo, C. Bayón, O. Ramírez, S. Lerma Lara, I. Martínez-Caballero, E. Rocon

9. Estimation of Intracranial P300 Speller Sites with Magnetoencephalography (MEG)—Perspectives for Non-invasive Navigation of Subdural Grid Implantation
M. Korostenskaja, C. Kapeller, P. C. Chen, R. Prueckl, R. Ortner, K. H. Lee, T. Kleineschay, C. Guger, J. Baumgartner, E. Castillo

10. A Brain-Computer-Interface to Combat Musculoskeletal Pain
N. Mrachacz-Kersting, L. Yao, S. Gervasio, N. Jiang, T. S. Palsson, T. G. Nielsen, D. Falla, K. Dremstrup, D. Farina

11. Recent Advances in Brain-Computer Interface Research—A Summary of the BCI Award 2015 and BCI Research Trends
Christoph Guger, Brendan Allison, Junichi Ushiba

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Neurosciences, Medical and Radiation Physics, Computational Intelligence

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SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Information Technology, Telecommunications
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