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Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2017

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Table of contents

1. Leverage of Industrial Engineering Education for Sustainable Manufacturing
Pinar Bilge, Soner Emec, Günther Seliger

2. Forging New Frontiers in Sustainable Food Manufacturing
Shahin Rahimifard, Elliot Woolley, D. Patrick Webb, Guillermo Garcia-Garcia, Jamie Stone, Aicha Jellil, Pedro Gimenez-Escalante, Sandeep Jagtap, Hana Trollman

3. Metrics-based Integrated Predictive Performance Models for Optimized Sustainable Product Design
B. M. Hapuwatte, F. Badurdeen, I. S. Jawahir

4. Latent Semantic Indexing for Capitalizing Experience in Inventive Design
Pei Zhang, Cecilia Zanni-Merk, Denis Cavallucci

5. Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining Parameters of Co-Cr-Mo Using Central Composite Design
Soudeh Iranmanesh, Alireza Esmaeilzadeh, Abbas Razavykia

6. Sustainable Data Collection Framework: Real-Time, Online Data Visualization
Tien-Lung Sun, Gustavo Adolfo Miranda Salgado

7. Performance Analysis on Fitness Equipment: Application of an Inertial Sensor Toward Quality of Life
Gustavo Adolfo Miranda Salgado, Tien-Lung Sun

8. Design Principles for Do-It-Yourself Production
Jérémy Bonvoisin, Jahnavi Krishna Galla, Sharon Prendeville

9. Establishment of Engineering Metrics for Upgradable Design of Brake Caliper
Nurhasyimah Abd Aziz, Dzuraidah Abd Wahab, Rizauddin Ramli

10. A Manufacturing Value Modeling Methodology (MVMM): A Value Mapping and Assessment Framework for Sustainable Manufacturing
Melissa Demartini, Ilenia Orlandi, Flavio Tonelli, Davide Anguitta

11. Improving Sustainability in Product Development Projects
E. Lacasa, J. L. Santolaya, I. Millán

12. A Living-Sphere Approach for Locally Oriented Sustainable Design
Hideki Kobayashi, Shinichi Fukushige

13. What Stops Designers from Designing Sustainable Packaging?—A Review of Eco-design Tools with Regard to Packaging Design
Xuezi Ma, James Moultrie

14. Impact of a Sustainable Manufacturing-Related Learning Game on Basic Knowledge and Network Thinking
Ina Roeder, Mustafa Severengiz, Rainer Stark, Günther Seliger

15. Improvement of Sustainability Through the Application of Topology Optimization in the Additive Manufacturing of a Brake Mount
Stefan Junk, Claus Fleig, Björn Fink

16. Sustainability of Die-Assisted Quenching Technology and Comparison with Traditional Processes
Giampaolo Campana, Fabio Lenzi, Francesco Melosi, Andrea Zanotti

17. A Tool to Promote Sustainability in Casting Processes: Development Highlights
Emanuele Pagone, Mark Jolly, Konstantinos Salonitis

18. Supply Chain Major Disruptions and Sustainability Metrics: A Case Study
Luisa Huaccho Huatuco, Guljana Shakir Ullah, Thomas F. Burgess

19. Multi-Layer Stream Mapping: Application to an Injection Moulding Production System
M. N. Gomes, A. J. Baptista, A. P. Guedes, I. Ribeiro, E. J. Lourenço, P. Peças

20. Sustainability of Micro Electrochemical Machining: Discussion
Mina Mortazavi, Atanas Ivanov

21. Application of Design for Environment Principles Combined with LCA Methodology on Automotive Product Process Development: The Case Study of a Crossmember
S. Maltese, M. Delogu, L. Zanchi, A. Bonoli

22. A Conceptual Framework to Support Decision-Making in Remanufacturing Engineering Processes
Awn Alghamdi, Paul Prickett, Rossitza Setchi

23. Optimized Production Process of a Supporting Plate as an Improvement of the Product Sustainability
G. Bertuzzi, S. Di Rosa, G. Scarpa

24. Sustainable Manufacturing for Thai Firms: A Case Study of Remanufactured Photocopiers
Jirapan Chaowanapong, Juthathip Jongwanich

25. Steps in Organisational Environmental Change: Similarities Across Manufacturing Sectors
Peter Ball

26. From the Treatment of Olive Mills Wastewater to Its Valorisation: Towards a Bio-economic Industrial Symbiosis
Yannis Mouzakitis, Roxani Aminalragia-Giamini, Emmanuel D. Adamides

27. A Case Study of Sustainable Manufacturing Practice: End-of-Life Photovoltaic Recycling
Jun-Ki Choi

28. Supply Chain Risk Management for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing
Daniel R. Eyers

29. Sustainable Design: An Integrated Approach for Lightweighting Components in the Automotive Sector
C. A. Dattilo, L. Zanchi, F. Pero, M. Delogu

30. A Monitoring and Data Analysis System to Achieve Zero-Defects Manufacturing in Highly Regulated Industries
Theocharis Alexopoulos, Michael Packianather

31. A Combination of Life Cycle Assessment and Knowledge Based Engineering to Evaluate the Sustainability of Industrial Products
Giampaolo Campana, Mattia Mele, Barbara Cimatti

32. Eco-Intelligent Factories: Timescales for Environmental Decision Support
Elliot Woolley, Alessandro Simeone, Shahin Rahimifard

33. Assessing Sustainability Within Organizations: The Sustainability Measurement and Management Lab (SuMM)
Mariolina Longo, Matteo Mura

34. A Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model to Evaluate Sustainable Product Designs Based on the Principles of Design for Sustainability and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Chanjief Chandrakumar, Asela K. Kulatunga, Senthan Mathavan

35. Implementation of an Advanced Automated Management System for the Optimization of Energy and Power Terms in a Water Purification Plant (WPP) with a Photovoltaic Plant (PP)
Jesús Chazarra Zapata, Imene Yahyaoui, Javier Castellote Martínez, José Miguel Molina-Martínez, Manuel Estrems Amestoy, Antonio Ruiz Canales

36. Barriers and Enablers to Supply Chain Knowledge Sharing and Learning Using Social Media
Susan B. Grant

37. Supply Chain Learning Using a 3D Virtual World Environment
Olinkha Gustafson-Pearce, Susan B. Grant

38. Manufacturing Lead Time Reduction and Its Effect on Internal Supply Chain
Atanas Ivanov, Twana Jaff

39. Remanufacturing as Pathway for Achieving Circular Economy for Indonesian SMEs
Yun Arifatul Fatimah, Wahidul Biswas

40. Cross-Functional Mapping to Link Lean Manufacturing and Life Cycle Assessment in Environmental Impact Reduction
Jun T. Leong, Wai M. Cheung

41. Developing Fiber and Mineral Based Composite Materials from Paper Manufacturing By-Products
Cynthia Adu, Mark Jolly

42. Sustainable Carbododiimine and Triazine Reagents as Collagen Cross-Linking Agents in the Presence of PAMAM Dendrimers
V. Beghetto, L. Agostinis, V. Gatto, R. Sole, D. Zanette, S. Conca

43. Banana Fiber Processing for the Production of Technical Textiles to Reinforce Polymeric Matrices
Zaida Ortega, Mario Monzón, Rubén Paz, Luis Suárez, Moisés Morón, Mark McCourt

44. Experimental Investigation into the Use of Natural Rein-forcements for Sustainable Composite Materials
Michele Borrello, Matteo Secchi, Giampaolo Campana, Mattia Mele

45. The Effects of the Industrial Processing on Commercial Polyhydroxyalkanoates
Laura Mazzocchetti, Tiziana Benelli, Emanuele Maccaferri, Loris Giorgini

46. Pyrolysis of Low-Density Polyethylene
Giorgio Zattini, Chiara Leonardi, Laura Mazzocchetti, Massimo Cavazzoni, Ivan Montanari, Cristian Tosi, Tiziana Benelli, Loris Giorgini

47. Sustainable Business Models of Small-Scale Renewable Energy Systems: Two Resource-Scarce Approaches for Design and Manufacturing
Tatu Lyytinen

48. Co-design for Resilience: Solutions, Services and Technologies for Urban Spaces
Valentina Gianfrate, Jacopo Gaspari, Danila Longo

49. Digital Redistributed Manufacturing (RdM) Studio: A Data-Driven Approach to Business Model Development
Christopher Turner, Ashutosh Tiwari, Jose Luis Rivas Pizarroso, Mariale Moreno, Doroteya Vladimirova, Mohamed Zaki, Martin Geißdörfer

50. Exploring Disruptive Business Model Innovation for the Circular Economy
Anna Aminoff, Katri Valkokari, Maria Antikainen, Outi Kettunen

51. Business Models for Sustainability: The Case of Repurposing a Second-Life for Electric Vehicle Batteries
Na Jiao, Steve Evans

52. Circular Economy Business Model Innovation Process – Case Study
Maria Antikainen, Anna Aminoff, Outi Kettunen, Henna Sundqvist-Andberg, Harri Paloheimo

53. Combining Process Based Monitoring with Multi-layer Stream Mapping
Daniela Fisseler, Alexander Schneider, Emanuel J. Lourenço, A. J. Baptista

54. Virtual Sector Profiles for Innovation Sharing in Process Industry – Sector 01: Chemicals
Hélène Cervo, Stéphane Bungener, Elfie Méchaussie, Ivan Kantor, Brecht Zwaenepoel, François Maréchal, Greet Eetvelde

55. A Heuristic Approach to Cultivate Symbiosis in Industrial Clusters Led by Process Industry
Amtul Samie Maqbool, Giustino Emilio Piccolo, Brecht Zwaenepoel, Greet Eetvelde

56. IMPROOF: Integrated Model Guided Process Optimization of Steam Cracking Furnaces
Marko R. Djokic, Kevin M. Geem, Geraldine J. Heynderickx, Stijn Dekeukeleire, Stijn Vangaever, Frederique Battin-Leclerc, Georgios Bellos, Wim Buysschaert, Benedicte Cuenot, Tiziano Faravelli, Michael Henneke, Dietlinde Jakobi, Philippe Lenain, Andres Munoz, John Olver, Marco Goethem, Peter Oud

57. Conceptual Analysis of Eco-Efficiency and Industrial Symbiosis: Insights from Process Industry
Yan Li, Maria Holgado, Miriam Benedetti, Steve Evans

58. Integration of Eco-Efficiency and Efficiency Assessment Methodologies: The Efficiency Framework
A. J. Baptista, E. J. Lourenço, E. J. Silva, M. A. Estrela, P. Peças

59. Toward Industry 4.0: Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing Leveraging MAESTRI Total Efficiency Framework
Enrico Ferrera, Rosaria Rossini, A. J. Baptista, Steve Evans, Gunnar Große Hovest, Maria Holgado, Emil Lezak, E. J. Lourenço, Zofia Masluszczak, Alexander Schneider, Eduardo J. Silva, Otilia Werner-Kytölä, Marco A. Estrela

60. Cryogenic Delamination and Sustainability: Analysis of an Innovative Recycling Process for Photovoltaic Crystalline Modules
M. Dassisti, G. Florio, F. Maddalena

61. Tuning Decision Support Tools for Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Approach Selection
Giuseppe Ingarao, Paolo C. Priarone, Yelin Deng, Rosa Lorenzo

62. Eco Orbit View – A Way to Improve Environmental Performance with the Application of Lean Management
Katarzyna Skornowicz, Malgorzata Fialkowska-Filipek, Remigiusz Horbal

63. 3D Printing Services: A Supply Chain Configurations Framework
Helen Rogers, Norbert Baricz, Kulwant S. Pawar

64. On Reconciling Sustainable Plants and Networks Design for By-Products Management in the Meat Industry
R. Accorsi, R. Manzini, G. Baruffaldi, M. Bortolini

65. Design of an Innovative Plant for the Wastewater Recovery and Purification in the Food & Beverage Industry
Marco Bortolini, Mauro Gamberi, Francesco Pilati, Alberto Regattieri, Riccardo Accorsi

66. A Methodology for the Identification of Confined Spaces in Industry
Lucia Botti, Cristina Mora, Emilio Ferrari

67. Sustainable Small Batch Reproduction via Additive Manufacturing and Vacuum Casting: The Case Study of a Rhinoceros Toy Figure
Milan Sljivic, Ana Pavlovic, Jovica Ilić, Mico Stanojevic

68. Assessment of Cost and Energy Requirements of Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and Machining Processes
Paolo C. Priarone, Matteo Robiglio, Giuseppe Ingarao, Luca Settineri

69. Engineering a More Sustainable Manufacturing Process for Metal Additive Layer Manufacturing Using a Productive Process Pyramid
Paul O’Regan, Paul Prickett, Rossi Setchi, Gareth Hankins, Nick Jones

70. Sustainable Scenarios for Engaged Manufacturing: A Literature Review and Research Directions
Michael J. Ryan, Daniel R. Eyers

71. Design for Additive Manufacturing Using LSWM: A CAD Tool for the Modelling of Lightweight and Lattice Structures
Alessandro Ceruti, Riccardo Ferrari, Alfredo Liverani

72. Additive Manufacturing as a Driver for the Sustainability of Short-Lifecycle Customized Products: the Case Study of Mobile Case Covers
Paolo Minetola, Daniel R. Eyers

73. About the Use of Recycled or Biodegradable Filaments for Sustainability of 3D Printing
Jukka Pakkanen, Diego Manfredi, Paolo Minetola, Luca Iuliano

74. Electric City Buses with Modular Platform: A Design Proposition for Sustainable Mobility
Cristiano Fragassa

75. Increasing the Energy Efficiency in Solar Vehicles by Using Composite Materials in the Front Suspension
Felipe Vannucchi Camargo, Marco Giacometti, Ana Pavlovic

76. History of Solar Car and Its Electric Components Advancement and Its Future
Hideki Jonokuchi, Satoshi Maeda

77. Mg2SiO4:Er3+ Coating for Efficiency Increase of Silicon-Based Commercial Solar Cells
Rubia Young Sun Zampiva, Annelise Kopp Alves, Carlos Perez Bergmann

78. Experimental Temperature Modelization for Solar Racing Vehicle
Claudio Rossi, Marco Bertoldi, Gabriele Fabbri, Davide Pontara, Gabriele Rizzoli

79. A Brief Review on Determinant Aspects in Energy Efficient Solar Car Design and Manufacturing
Giangiacomo Minak, Cristiano Fragassa, Felipe Vannucchi Camargo

80. Market Growth and Perspective for Solar Mobility: The Case of India
Vikas Badiger, Riccardo Paterni, Cristiano Fragassa

81. Aerodynamic Effects of Manufacturing Tolerances on a Solar Car
Esteban Betancur, Cristiano Fragassa, Jairo Coy, Sebastian Hincapie, Gilberto Osorio-Gómez

82. How to Build Guidelines for Eco-Improvement
Davide Russo, Caterina Rizzi, Christian Spreafico

83. Sustainability as a Value-Adding Concept in the Early Design Phases? Insights from Stimulated Ideation Sessions
Lorenzo Maccioni, Yuri Borgianni, Federico Rotini

84. QFD and TRIZ to Sustain the Design of Direct Open Moulds
Gianni Caligiana, Alfredo Liverani, Daniela Francia, Leonardo Frizziero, Giampiero Donnici

85. An Industrial Application of a TRIZ Based Eco-Design Approach
Davide Russo, Caterina Rizzi, Pierre-Emmanuel Fayemi

86. An Eco-Design Methodology Based on a-LCA and TRIZ
Giacomo Bersano, Pierre-Emmanuel Fayemi, Malte Schoefer, Christian Spreafico

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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21 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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