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Psychrophiles: From Biodiversity to Biotechnology

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Table of contents

Part I. Boundary Conditions for Microbial Life in the Cold

1. The Climate of Snow and Ice as Boundary Condition for Microbial Life
Michael Kuhn, Andrew G. Fountain

2. Determining the Limits of Microbial Life at Subzero Temperatures
Corien Bakermans

Part II. Microbial Diversity and Activity in Cold Ecosystems

3. Aeromicrobiology
Lewis Cuthbertson, David A. Pearce

4. Microbial Life in Supraglacial Environments
Arwyn Edwards, Karen A. Cameron

5. Microbiology of Subglacial Environments
Amanda M. Achberger, Alexander B. Michaud, Trista J. Vick-Majors, Brent C. Christner, Mark L. Skidmore, John C. Priscu, Martyn Tranter

6. Viruses in Glacial Environments
Sara M. E. Rassner

7. Microbial Life in the Deep Sea: Psychropiezophiles
Yuichi Nogi

8. Microbial Life in Permafrost
Ianina Altshuler, Jacqueline Goordial, Lyle G. Whyte

9. Cyanobacteria in Polar and Alpine Ecosystems
Anne D. Jungblut, Warwick F. Vincent

Part III. Molecular and Physiological Adaptations to Cold Habitats

10. Enzyme Catalysis in Psychrophiles
Tony Collins, Charles Gerday

11. Cryoprotectants and Ice-Binding Proteins
Hidehisa Kawahara

12. The Role of Exopolysaccharides in Microbial Adaptation to Cold Habitats
Jody W. Deming, Jodi N. Young

13. Molecular Structure of Lipopolysaccharides of Cold-Adapted Bacteria
Maria Michela Corsaro, Angela Casillo, Ermenegilda Parrilli, Maria Luisa Tutino

14. Polar Microalgae: Functional Genomics, Physiology, and the Environment
Amanda Hopes, David N. Thomas, Thomas Mock

15. Genomics of Psychrophilic Bacteria and Archaea
John P. Bowman

16. Metagenomic Analysis of Low-Temperature Environments
Habibu Aliyu, Pieter Maayer, Sara Sjöling, Donald A. Cowan

17. Proteomic Insights of Psychrophiles
Jun Kawamoto, Tatsuo Kurihara, Nobuyoshi Esaki

18. From Transcriptomes to Metatranscriptomes: Cold Adaptation and Active Metabolisms of Psychrophiles from Cold Environments
Isabelle Raymond-Bouchard, Lyle G. Whyte

Part IV. Biotechnological Perspectives

19. Biotechnological Aspects of Cold-Active Enzymes
Mário Barroca, Gustavo Santos, Charles Gerday, Tony Collins

20. Biotechnological Improvements of Cold-Adapted Enzymes: Commercialization via an Integrated Approach
Khawar Sohail Siddiqui, Ahsan Mushir Shemsi, Gea Guerriero, Tahria Najnin, Taha, Haluk Ertan

21. Heterologous Protein Expression in Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125
Ermenegilda Parrilli, Maria Luisa Tutino

22. Psychrophiles as a Source of Novel Antimicrobials
Erik Borchert, Stephen A. Jackson, Fergal O’Gara, Alan D. W. Dobson

23. Permafrost Bacteria in Biotechnology: Biomedical Applications
Anatoli Brouchkov, Vladimir Melnikov, Ludmila Kalenova, Oksana Fursova, Gennady Pogorelko, Vasiliy Potapov, Nadezhda Fursova, Sergei Ignatov, Evgeny Brenner, Vladislav Bezrukov, Khachik Muradian

24. Cold-Adapted Basidiomycetous Yeasts as a Source of Biochemicals
Giorgia Tasselli, Sara Filippucci, Ciro Sannino, Benedetta Turchetti, Pietro Buzzini

25. Perspectives of Low-Temperature Biomass Production of Polar Microalgae and Biotechnology Expansion into High Latitudes
Jana Kvíderová, Satya P. Shukla, Benjamin Pushparaj, Josef Elster

26. Nitrification at Low Temperature for Purification of Used Water
M. J. Dempsey

27. Biodegradation of Petroleum Oil in Cold Marine Environments
Odd Gunnar Brakstad, Synnøve Lofthus, Deni Ribicic, Roman Netzer

28. Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Spills in Cold Terrestrial Environments
Charles W. Greer, David F. Juck

29. Rhizoremediation in Cold Climates
Kim Yrjälä, Timo P. Sipilä, Shinjini Mukherjee

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbial Ecology, Applied Microbiology, Microbial Genetics and Genomics, Biochemistry, general, Astrophysics and Astroparticles

Publication year
2nd ed. 2017
Page amount
18 pages
Natural Sciences
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