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Proceedings of SAI Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2016

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Table of contents

1. Automatic Bharatnatyam Dance Posture Recognition and Expertise Prediction Using Depth Cameras
Pooja Venkatesh, Dinesh Babu Jayagopi

2. A Logo-Based Approach for Recognising Multiple Products on a Shelf
Trisha Mittal, B. Laasya, J. Dinesh Babu

3. Unsupervised Text Binarization in Handwritten Historical Documents Using k-Means Clustering
Huseyin Kusetogullari

4. Feature Fusion for Facial Landmark Point Location
Gang Zhang, Jiansheng Chen

5. Fast Graph-Based Object Segmentation for RGB-D Images
Giorgio Toscana, Stefano Rosa, Basilio Bona

6. Image Splicing Detection Using Electromagnetism-Like Based Descriptor
Hamid A. Jalab, Ali M. Hasan, Zahra Moghaddasi, Zouhir Wakaf

7. Enhanced Object Segmentation for Vehicle Tracking and Dental CBCT by Neuromorphic Visual Processing with Controlled Neuron
Woo-Sup Han, Il-Song Han

8. A Robust, Real-Time Capable Framework for Fully Automated Order Picking of Pouch-Parceled Goods
Adrian Böckenkamp, Frank Weichert, Christian Prasse

9. Ensemble Neural Networks and Image Analysis for On-Site Estimation of Nitrogen Content in Plants
Susanto B. Sulistyo, W. L. Woo, S. S. Dlay

10. Bag of Features vs Vector of Locally Aggregated Descriptors
Farkhunda Younas, Junaid Baber, Tahir Mahmood, Javeria Farooq, Maheen Bakhtyar

11. Image Segmentation Using Clustering Methods
Benrais Lamine, Baha Nadia

12. MR Brain Images Segmentation Using Joint Information and Fuzzy C-Means
Ouarda Assas, Salah Eddine Bouhouita Guermech

13. Visual Odometry for Pedestrians Based on Orientation Attributes of SURF
Chadly Marouane, Robert Gutschale, Claudia Linnhoff-Popien

14. Strategic Development and Dynamic Models of Supply Chains: Search for Effective Model Constructions
Natalia N. Lychkina

15. Multi-resource Minority Games: Redefining the Game
Daniel Romero, Elissa Shinseki, S. M. Mahdi Seyednezhad, Ronaldo Menezes

16. Agent-Based Outsourcing Solution for Agency Service Management
Anton Ivaschenko, Andrey Lednev, Alfiya Diyazitdinova, Pavel Sitnikov

17. Petri Nets for Mobile Agent: Theory and Application
Walid Ben Mesmia, Borhan Marzougui, Kamel Barkaoui

18. Multi-agent System for Safeguarding Children Online
Katrinna MacFarlane, Violeta Holmes

19. Synthetizing Qualitative (Logical) Patterns for Pedestrian Simulation from Data
Gonzalo A. Aranda-Corral, Joaquín Borrego-Díaz, Juan Galán-Páez

20. Learning to Negotiate Optimally in a Multi-agent Based Negotiation System for Web Service Selection
Raja Bellakhal, Khaled Ghédira

21. Hybrid Service Discovery Approach for Peer-to-peer Web Service Systems
Moses Olaifa, Sunday Ojo, Tranos Zuva

22. Embodied Conversational Agent-Based Deception Detection
Aaron C. Elkins, Jeffrey G. Proudfoot, Nathan Twyman, Judee K. Burgoon, Jay F. Nunamaker

23. An Efficient Agent Scheming in Distributed Time Varying Networks
Ali Mustafa, Salman Ahmed, Najam Islam, Ahsan Tufail

24. An Object-Oriented Agent Framework for HEMS
Visit Hirankitti, Tisanaluk Makee

25. An Ontology for Modelling Human Machine Interaction in Smart Environments
Norman Köster, Sebastian Wrede, Philipp Cimiano

26. Evolutionary Testing Using Particle Swarm Optimization in IOT Applications
Hiba Khalid, Mazhar Hameed, Usman Qamar

27. Deep Learning Based Semantic Video Indexing and Retrieval
Anna Podlesnaya, Sergey Podlesnyy

28. Using Machine Learning for Evaluating the Quality of Exercises in a Mobile Exergame for Tackling Obesity in Children
Lucas Moura Carvalho, Vasco Furtado, José Eurico Vasconcelos Filho, Carminda Maria Goersch Fontenele Lamboglia

29. Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment Response in Major Depressive Disorder
Turker Tekin Erguzel, Nevzat Tarhan

30. A Machine Learning Based Model for Software Cost Estimation
Muhammad Raza Tayyab, Muhammad Usman, Waseem Ahmad

31. Performance Analysis of Various Missing Value Imputation Methods on Heart Failure Dataset
Mohammad Al Khaldy, Chandrasekhar Kambhampati

32. Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview
Seyed Sajad Mousavi, Michael Schukat, Enda Howley

33. Cantilever Beam Natural Frequency Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks
Sallehuddin Mohamed Haris, Hamed Mohammadi

34. Deep Learning with Random Neural Networks
Erol Gelenbe, Yongha Yin

35. Short-Term Localized Weather Forecasting by Using Different Artificial Neural Network Algorithm in Tropical Climate
Noor Zuraidin Mohd-Safar, David Ndzi, Ioannis Kagalidis, Yanyang Yang, Ammar Zakaria

36. Initialising Deep Neural Networks: An Approach Based on Linear Interval Tolerance
Cosmin Stamate, George D. Magoulas, Michael S. C. Thomas

37. Query Caching and Answering Using an Atom Based Neuro-Architecture
Yehia Kotb, Moutaz Haddara

38. Integration of Fuzzy C-Means and Artificial Neural Network for Short-Term Localized Rainfall Forecast in Tropical Climate
Noor Zuraidin Mohd-Safar, David Ndzi, David Sanders, Hassanuddin Mohamed Noor, Latifah Munirah Kamarudin

39. Position Control and Stabilization of Fully Actuated AUV using PID Controller
Mohanad M. Hammad, Ahmed K. Elshenawy, M. I. El Singaby

40. Motion Control of a Terrain Following Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Under Uncertainty
Nasser Ayidh Alqahtani, Bara Jamal Emran, Homayoun Najjaran

41. Adjustment of Tele-Operator Learning When Provided with Different Levels of Sensor Support While Driving Mobile Robots
David Sanders, David Ndzi, Simon Chester, Manish Malik

42. Controlling Line Follower Robot with the Remote Web Server
Md. Badruduja Bhuiya

43. Development of Guided Autonomous Navigation for Indoor Material Handling Applications
Aparna Geetha Jayaprakash, Sandeep Bairampalli, Vijay Desai, Ravichandra Bhat

44. Rule-Based System to Assist a Tele-Operator with Driving a Mobile Robot
David Adrian Sanders, Heather May Sanders, Alexander Gegov, David Ndzi

45. Path Following of Underactuated Catamaran Surface Vessel (WAM-V) Using Fuzzy Waypoint Guidance Algorithm
Jyotsna Pandey, Kazuhiko Hasegawa

46. Review of Potential Attacks on Robotic Swarms
Ian Sargeant, Allan Tomlinson

47. SIMSSP: Secure Instant Messaging System for Smart Phones
Kahtan Aziz, Saed Tarapiah, Shadi Atalla

48. Elastic Serial Substitution Box for Block Ciphers with Integrated Hash Function Generation
K. B. Jithendra, T. K. Shahana

49. A Model of a Malware Infected Automated Guided Vehicle for Experimental Cyber-Physical Security
Richard French, Viktoriya Degeler, Kevin Jones

50. JIR2TA: Joint Invocation of Resource-Based Thresholding and Trust-Oriented Authentication in Mobile Adhoc Network
Burhan Ul Islam Khan, Nurul Fariza Zulkurnain, Rashidah F. Olanrewaju, Gousia Nissar, Asifa Mehraj Baba, Sajaad Ahmad Lone

51. HADM: Hybrid Analysis for Detection of Malware
Lifan Xu, Dongping Zhang, Nuwan Jayasena, John Cavazos

52. Resolving DRDoS Attack in Cloud Database Service Using Common Source IP and Incremental Replacement Strategy
Aborisade Dada Olaniyi, Reich Christoph, Sodiya Adesina Simon, Akinwale Adio Taofeek, Biodun S. Badmus

53. Effective Solutions for Most Common Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
Moudhi Aljamea, Costas S. Iliopoulos, M. Samiruzzaman

54. Chaos-Based Audio Steganography and Cryptography Using LSB Method and One-Time Pad
Samah M. H. Alwahbani, Huwaida T. I. Elshoush

55. A Smart Card Web Server in the Web of Things
Lazaros Kyrillidis, Sheila Cobourne, Keith Mayes, Konstantinos Markantonakis

56. Semantic Events
Susan Marie Thomas

57. In-Home Assisted Living for Elderly Dementia Care
Boon-Chong Seet, Jianchao Zhang, Yang Liu

58. Weibo Surveillance of Public Awareness to Ebola Disaster in China
Shihui Feng, Liaquat Hossain

59. A Mobile Healthcare Application for Chronic Diseases Patient
Amr Salah Mahmoud, Hmood Al-Dossari

60. Flexure Hinge Based Fully Compliant Prosthetic Finger
S. Q. Liu, H. B. Zhang, R. X. Yin, Ang Chen, W. J. Zhang

61. Design, Develop, and Deploy a Wellness Index Dashboard Utilizing Commonly Available Sensors in the Form of Wearable Technology to Monitor Heterogeneous Data
Vinayak Tanksale, Robert Yadon, Joe Perkins

62. A Reconfigurable Connected Health Platform Using ZYNQ System on Chip
Dina Ganem Abunahia, Tasnim Ahmad Ismail, Hala Raafat Abou Al Ola, Abbes Amira, Amine Ait Si Ali, Faycal Bensaali

63. A Review of Current Technology-Based Intervention for School Aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sumayh S. Aljameel, James D. O’Shea, Keeley A. Crockett, Annabel Latham

64. Accelerated Particle Swarm Algorithm for Optimal Allocation of Capacitor Banks in Radial Distribution Feeders
A. A. Saleh, A. A. Wadoud, H. M. Eleissawi

65. Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for Maximizing Area Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nguyen Thi Hanh, Nguyen Hai Nam, Huynh Thi Thanh Binh

66. Particle Swarm Optimization Based Placement of Data Acquisition Points in a Smart Water Metering Network
Clement N. Nyirenda, Pascal Makwara, Linda Shitumbapo

67. Maritime Static Target Search Based on Particle Swarm Algorithm
Jinfeng Lv, Mingdi Liu, Huaici Zhao, Bo Li, Shijie Sun

68. Vehicle Logo Recognition Using SIFT Representation and SVM
K.-L. Du, Xu Zhao, Biaobiao Zhang, Jie Zeng

69. Design and Performance Evaluation of a Committee Machine for Gas Identification
Muhammad Ali Akbar, Hamza Djelouat, Amine Ait Si Ali, Abbes Amira, Faycal Bensaali, Mohieddine Benammar, Amine Bermak

70. Efficient Way of Feature Extraction for the Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Characters
Youssef Boulid, Abdelghani Souhar, Mohamed Youssfi Elkettani

71. Fast Fingerprint Rotation Recognition Technique Using Circular Strings in Lexicographical Order
Oluwole Ajala, Moudhi Aljamea, Mai Alzamel, Costas S. Iliopoulos

72. Steady Illumination Color Local Ternary Pattern as a Feature Extractor in Iris Authentication
Noorjahan Khatoon, Mrinal K. Ghose

73. A Review of Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithms for Uncertain Data
Vani Bhogadhi, M. B. Chandak

74. Exploring Patient-Oriented Healthcare Support System by Using General Bayesian Network
Kun Chang Lee, Jae Mun Sim, Hyeon Gyu Jeon, Eun Young Choi

75. Neural Networks for Robotic Detection of Mastitis in Dairy Cows: Netherlands and New Zealand Perspectives
Sandhya Samarasinghe, Manishi Kohli, Don Kulasiri

76. Feature Selection for Document Retrieval in the Export Control Domain
Jae-woong Tae, Sung-ho Yoon, Dong-hoon Shin

77. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Export Control Domain
Dong-hoon Shin

78. Automatic Question Answering System for Consumer Products
Seunghyun Yoon, Mohan Sundar, Abhishek Gupta, Kyomin Jung

79. Data Workflow for Extension Framework to Interpret and Transform Human Behavior
Ravi Limaye, Akhilesh R. Upadhyay

80. Credibility Perception for Arab Users
Amal Abdullah AlMansour

81. Measuring Player’s Behaviour Change over Time in Public Goods Game
Polla Fattah, Uwe Aickelin, Christian Wagner

82. Audiovisual Compression Techniques Using DCT-DWT and LPC Codec for Audiovisual Human Machines Interfaces
Fatma Zohra Chelali, Amar Djeradi

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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