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Future Directions in Well-Being

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Table of contents

Part I. Education

1. Positive Education: Developing Skills for School Life and Beyond
Zoë Alford

2. Evolution of Student Leadership Following the Introduction of Well-Being: A Case Study from theStudent’s Perspective
Alasdair McCall, Samuel Beer

3. Opportunities for Technology in Promoting Resilience and Well-Being in Schools
Jane Burns, Melissa Weinberg

4. Healing and Growth in theClassroom: A Positive Education for Trauma-Affected and Disengaging Students
Tom Brunzell

5. Impact of Activity: Future Directions of Positive Education
Mathew A. White

6. Theology and Psychology in Conversation
Ellen T. Charry

7. Positive Psychology, a New Interpretative Lens for Scripture
Theodore McCall

8. The Tao of Leadership
Lim Lai Cheng

9. Keeping Up withthe Times: A Considered Approach to Measuring Youth Well-Being
Tan-Chyuan Chin

10. Positive Education’s New Frontier: Curriculum Integration
Emily FitzSimons

11. Your Phone vs. Your Heart
Barbara L. Fredrickson

12. Partnering Evidence-Based Coaching and Positive Psychology
Suzy Green, Sean O’Connor

13. Strengths and Virtues: An Integrated Approach
Liz Gulliford

14. Perseverance, Achievement, and Positive Education
Margaret L. (Peggy) Kern

15. Creating Whole-School Positive Education Strategies That Last
Michelle McQuaid

16. Positive Education at the Cross Roads: Important Sign Points for Going in theRight Direction
Toni Noble

17. Strength Based Parenting: A New Avenue of Practise and Research in Positive Psychology
Lea E. Waters

18. Systemic Change Plan: Character Strengths in theMiddle Years Schooling
James Tamblyn

Part II. Organizations

19. Human Resource Management and Building a Positive School Culture
Annette Cinnamond

20. Let’s Bet on High Quality Connecting as aPath for Fostering Well-Being at Work
Jane E. Dutton

21. Exploring the Impact of Social Media and Parents on Young People’s Character and Virtues
Blaire Morgan

22. On Heartfulness
Ryan M. Niemiec

23. Positive Psychology and Sport
Matthew Scholes

24. Using Appreciative Inquiry to Foster Positive Sports Leadership
Matthew French

25. University Settings: A New Frontier for Positive Education
Gavin R. Slemp

26. Coaching Character: Winning On and Off the Field
Paddy J. Steinfort

27. Motivation Outside In, Inside Out
Helen Street

Part III. Policy

28. Challenges in Defining and Measuring Well-Being and Their Implications for Policy
Felicia A. Huppert

29. Wellbeing Literacy: The Missing Link in Positive Education
Lindsay G. Oades

30. Meta-Positive-Psychology
Veronika Huta

31. Momentum in the State of Well-Being: A South Australian Story
Gabrielle Kelly

32. Teachers as Facilitators of Student Flourishing in Positive Education: What Are the Political Implications?
Kristján Kristjánsson

33. An Eyes Open Approach to Teen Sleep Problems
Mike Oliver

34. Co-designing New Solutions to Support Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing
Michelle Blanchard, Nicholas Fava

35. Well-Being and Academic Achievement: Towards a New Evidence-Based Educational Paradigm
Alejandro Adler

36. Advances and Challenges in Positive Education
Covadonga Chaves, Enrique Tamés

37. It’s About Time for Positive Psychology to Get More Involved in Time Use Research
Dianne A. Vella-Brodrick

38. Why We Need Positive Education 2.0
Mathew A. White, Ash Buchanan

39. Mindfulness and Compassion as Foundations for Well-Being
Felicia A. Huppert

Keywords: Psychology, Positive Psychology, Quality of Life Research, Social Policy

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