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Front Line Surgery

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Table of contents

Part I. Before the Operating Room

1. Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Frank K. Butler, Russ S. Kotwal

2. Combat Triage and Mass Casualty Management
Jayson D. Aydelotte, John J. Lammie, Joseph G. Kotora, Jamie C. Riesberg, Alec C. Beekley

3. Initial Management Priorities: Beyond ABCDE
Daniel Grabo, Alec C. Beekley

4. Damage Control Resuscitation
Jacob R. Peschman, Donald H. Jenkins, John B. Holcomb, Timothy C. Nunez

5. To Operate or Image? (Pulling the Trigger)
Matthew J. Martin, James W. Davis

6. Ultrasound in Combat Trauma
Michael D. Perreault, Jason D. Bothwell, Benjamin Harrison

Part II. To the Operating Room

7. The Bowel: Contamination, Colostomies, and Combat Surgery
Robert B. Lim, Eric Keith Johnson, Scott R. Steele

8. Liver and Spleen Injury Management in Combat
Brian Eastridge, Lorne H. Blackbourne, Katherine M. McBride, James R. Dunne

9. Pancreatic and Duodenal Injuries (Don’t Mess with the…)
Matthew T. Hueman, Thomas M. Scalea

10. Operative Management of Renal Injuries
Carlos V. R. Brown, Joseph M. Galante

11. Major Abdominal Vascular Trauma
Niten Singh, David R. King, David V. Feliciano

12. To Close or Not to Close: Managing the Open Abdomen
Amy Vertrees, Craig D. Shriver, Ali Salim

13. Dismounted Complex Blast Injury Management
Travis M. Polk, Matthew J. Martin, Matthew J. Eckert

14. Thoracic Approaches and Incisions
Jeffrey A. Bailey, Philip S. Mullenix, Jared L. Antevil

15. Lung Injuries in Combat
Matthew J. Martin, Michael S. Meyer, Riyad Karmy-Jones

16. Diagnosis and Management of Penetrating Cardiac Injury
Daniel G. Cuadrado, Kenji Inaba

17. Thoracic Vascular Injuries: Operative Management in “Enemy” Territory
Joseph J. DuBose, Timothy K. Williams, Benjamin Starnes

18. Chest Wall and Diaphragm Injury
Alec C. Beekley, Matthew D. Tadlock, William B. Long

19. Soft Tissue Wounds and Fasciotomies
Mark W. Bowyer, Peter Rhee, Joseph J. DuBose

20. Extremity Fractures and the Mangled Extremity
Brandon R. Horne, R. Judd Robins, George Velmahos

21. Traumatic Amputations
Eric G. Puttler, Stephen A. Parada, Brandon R. Horne, R. Judd Robins, James C. Krieg

22. Peripheral Vascular Injuries
Robert Jason Thomas Perry, Charles J. Fox

23. The Neck
John S. Oh, Demetrios Demetriades

24. Genitourinary Injuries (Excluding Kidney)
Jack R. Walter, Andrew C. Peterson

25. Neurosurgery for Dummies
Hans Bakken, Alex B. Valadka

26. Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurocritical Care
Stacy Shackelford, Peter Rhee, Bellal Joseph

27. Spine Injuries
Matthew J. Martin, Ryan Gocke, John G. DeVine

28. Face and Head (Non-ocular) Injury
Nici Eddy Bothwell

29. Managing Eye Trauma in theCombat Environment
Morohunranti O. Oguntoye, Robert A. Mazzoli

30. Burn Care in theDeployed Setting
Gary Vercruysse

31. The Pediatric Patient in Wartime
Lucas P. Neff, Philip C. Spinella, Kenneth S. Azarow, Mubeen A. Jafri

Part III. Postoperative Principles and Miscellaneous Topics

32. The Combat Hospital ICU
Kevin K. Chung, Matthew J. Eckert

33. Postoperative Resuscitation
Richard Nahouraii, Martin Schreiber, Andrew C. Bernard

34. TEG/ROTEM-Driven Resuscitation in Trauma
Hunter B. Moore, Eduardo Gonzalez, Ernest E. Moore

35. Monitoring
Jay A. Johannigman, Alec C. Beekley, Timothy A. Pritts

36. Ventilator Management: A Practical Approach to Respiratory Failure in Combat Casualties
Anita A. Shah, Paul B. Kettle, Alexander S. Niven

37. Practical Approach to Combat-Related Infections and Antibiotics
Heather C. Yun, Clinton K. Murray

38. Patient Transfer, En Route Care, and Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT)
Raymond Fang

39. The Homefront: Role 4 and 5 Care
Warren C. Dorlac, Carlos J. Rodriguez

40. Active Shooter and Intentional Mass Casualty Events
Alexander L. Eastman, Matthew L. Davis

41. Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC): Principles and Practice
Geoff Shapiro, Babak Sarani, E. Reed Smith

42. Humanitarian and Local National Care
Matthew J. Eckert, James Sebesta, Sherry M. Wren

43. Expectant and End-of-Life Care in a Combat Zone
Robert M. Rush, Matthew J. Martin, Christine S. Cocanour

44. Trauma System Development and the Joint Trauma System
Kirby R. Gross, Brian Eastridge, Jeffrey A. Bailey, M. Margaret Knudson

45. The Next Generation of Hemorrhage Therapy
Vahagn C. Nikolian, Hasan B. Alam

46. Resident Readiness and Training the Surgeon for Battlefield Care
Jennifer M. Gurney, Daniel W. Nelson, C. William Schwab

47. The Deployed Advanced Care Provider
Zaradhe M. S. Yach, Jonathan R. Horn, Matthew J. Eckert, Matthew J. Martin

48. Military-Civilian Collaboration for National Preparedness During Peace and War
Kyle N. Remick, Eric Elster, Raquel C. Bono

49. Battlefield Resuscitation of the Future
Matthew J. Martin, Hasan B. Alam, Jeremy G. Perkins, Todd E. Rasmussen

50. Non-Conventional Forward Surgical Elements
Matthew J. Eckert, Matthew J. Martin, Steven A. Satterly

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Traumatic Surgery, Emergency Medicine

Publication year
2nd ed. 2017
Page amount
36 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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