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Transport Processes at Fluidic Interfaces

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Table of contents

Part I. Numerical Methods for Sharp Interface Models

1. ALE-FEM for Two-Phase and Free Surface Flows with Surfactants
Sashikumaar Ganesan, Andreas Hahn, Kristin Simon, Lutz Tobiska

2. High Order Unfitted Finite Element Methods for Interface Problems and PDEs on Surfaces
Christoph Lehrenfeld, Arnold Reusken

3. An Extended Discontinuous Galerkin Framework for Multiphase Flows
Thomas Utz, Christina Kallendorf, Florian Kummer, Björn Müller, Martin Oberlack

4. Building Blocks for a Strictly Conservative Generalized Finite Volume Projection Method for Zero Mach Number Two-Phase Flows
Matthias Waidmann, Stephan Gerber, Michael Oevermann, Rupert Klein

5. Time Discretization for Capillary Flow: Beyond Backward Euler
Stephan Weller, Eberhard Bänsch

6. Upwind Schemes for Scalar Advection-Dominated Problems in the Discrete Exterior Calculus
Michael Griebel, Christian Rieger, Alexander Schier

7. Discrete Exterior Calculus (DEC) for the Surface Navier-Stokes Equation
Ingo Nitschke, Sebastian Reuther, Axel Voigt

Part II. Analysis and Simulation of Diffusive Interface Models

8. Diffuse Interface Models for Incompressible Two-Phase Flows with Different Densities
Helmut Abels, Harald Garcke, Günther Grün, Stefan Metzger

9. Sharp Interface Limits for Diffuse Interface Models for Two-Phase Flows of Viscous Incompressible Fluids
Helmut Abels, YuNing Liu, Andreas Schöttl

10. Two-Phase Flow with Surfactants: Diffuse Interface Models and Their Analysis
Helmut Abels, Harald Garcke, Kei Fong Lam, Josef Weber

11. Phase Field Models for Two-Phase Flow with Surfactants and Biomembranes
Sebastian Aland

12. Micro-Macro-Models for Two-Phase Flow of Dilute Polymeric Solutions: Macroscopic Limit, Analysis, and Numerics
Günther Grün, Stefan Metzger

13. Fully Adaptive and Integrated Numerical Methods for the Simulation and Control of Variable Density Multiphase Flows Governed by Diffuse Interface Models
Michael Hintermüller, Michael Hinze, Christian Kahle, Tobias Keil

14. Dynamical Stability of Diffuse Phase Boundaries in Compressible Fluids
Heinrich Freistühler, Matthias Kotschote

Part III. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Interfacial Phenomena

15. Experimental and Computational Analysis of Fluid Interfaces Influenced by Soluble Surfactant
Chiara Pesci, Holger Marschall, Talmira Kairaliyeva, Vamseekrishna Ulaganathan, Reinhard Miller, Dieter Bothe

16. Complex Patterns and Elementary Structures of Solutal Marangoni Convection: Experimental and Numerical Studies
Kerstin Eckert, Thomas Köllner, Karin Schwarzenberger, Thomas Boeck

17. Transport at Interfaces in Lipid Membranes and Enantiomer Separation
Oleg Boyarkin, Stefan Burger, Thomas Franke, Thomas Fraunholz, Ronald H. W. Hoppe, Simon Kirschler, Kevin Lindner, Malte A. Peter, Florian Strobl, Achim Wixforth

18. Structure Formation in Thin Liquid-Liquid Films
Sebastian Jachalski, Dirk Peschka, Stefan Bommer, Ralf Seemann, Barbara Wagner

Part IV. Taylor Bubbles: Experiments, Simulation and Validation

19. Taylor Bubbles in Small Channels: A Proper Guiding Measure for Validation of Numerical Methods for Interface Resolving Simulations
Martin Wörner

20. X-Ray Microtomography of Taylor Bubbles with Mass Transfer and Surfactants in Capillary Two-Phase Flow
Stephan Boden, Mohammadreza Haghnegahdar, Uwe Hampel

21. Experimental Investigation and Modelling of Local Mass Transfer Rates in Pure and Contaminated Taylor Flows
Sven Kastens, Christoph Meyer, Marko Hoffmann, Michael Schlüter

22. Comparative Simulations of Taylor Flow with Surfactants Based on Sharp- and Diffuse-Interface Methods
Sebastian Aland, Andreas Hahn, Christian Kahle, Robert Nürnberg

23. Direct Numerical Simulations of Taylor Bubbles in a Square Mini-Channel: Detailed Shape and Flow Analysis with Experimental Validation
Holger Marschall, Carlos Falconi, Christoph Lehrenfeld, Rufat Abiev, Martin Wörner, Arnold Reusken, Dieter Bothe

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Classical and Continuum Physics

Publication year
Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics
Page amount
15 pages
Natural Sciences
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