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Recent Advances in Information Systems and Technologies

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Table of contents

1. Immersive Journalism Through Mobile Devices: How Virtual Reality Apps Are Changing News Consumption
Jorge Vázquez-Herrero, Xosé López-García

2. Crowdfunding: A Possible Complementary Funding Model for European Public Service Broadcasting
Mónica López-Golán, Francisco Campos-Freire

3. Consumption of Audiovisual Media Among High School Students of Ecuador
Abel Suing, Carlos Ortiz, Geovanna Salazar, Silvia Vásquez

4. Advertising in the Prime Time of the Ecuadorian Television
Carlos Ortiz, Geovanna Salazar, Abel Suing

5. Proximity Communication Models: Governance and Funding of German, Belgian and Spanish Public Regional Media
Marta Rodríguez Castro, Óscar Juanatey Boga, Francisco Campos Freire

6. Comparative Study of Web Pages as a Second Screen Information: Review of Cases of the Main National Television Channels of Member Countries of the Andean Community
Kruzkaya Ordóñez, Verónica Altamirano, Catalina Mier-Sanmartín, Lilia Carpio Jiménez

7. New Technologies and New Experts
Martín Vaz Álvarez, Xosé Pereira Fariña

8. Instant Messaging Networks as a New Channel to Spread the News: Use of WhatsApp and Telegram in the Spanish Online Media of Proximity
María-Cruz Negreira-Rey, Xosé López-García, Lara Lozano-Aguiar

9. Transparency and New Technologies: Accountability of Public Television Broadcasters in the Andean Countries
Paulo Carlos López-López, Nancy Ulloa-Erazo, Iván Puentes-Rivera

10. Diversity and Accessibility Measures to Contents in the European Broadcasting Union’s Public Service Broadcasters
Sara Pérez Seijo, Francisco Campos Freire

11. A Review of Mobile Journalism in Spain
Alba Silva, Xosé López, Carlos Toural

12. Uses and Trends of Social Networks by Public Service Media in Europe
Ana-Isabel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Diana Lago-Vázquez, Sabela Direito-Rebollal

13. Television and Social Networks: An Analysis of the Influence of Live-Tweeting in the Social Audiences
Sabela Direito-Rebollal, Diana Lago-Vázquez, Ana-Isabel Rodríguez-Vázquez

14. Independence: The Cornerstone of Public Service Media Governance
Tania Fernández-Lombao, Andrea Valencia-Bermúdez, Ana López-Cepeda

15. Youtube for Dialogic Relationship Building? Analysis of Content Management and Level of Participation of Spanish Best Reputed Companies Youtube Channels
Carmen Costa-Sánchez

16. Social Media Communication as a Corporate Positioning Strategy: The Galician Winemaking Sector in Spain
María-Magdalena Rodríguez-Fernández, Eva Sánchez-Amboage, Valentín-Alejandro Martínez-Fernández, Oscar Juanatey-Boga

17. Higher Education and Facebook: Faculties Versus Academic Libraries. A Case Study
Mercedes Teijeiro-Álvarez, Clide Rodríguez-Vázquez, Félix Blázquez-Lozano

18. Realistic Boccia Game Simulator Adapted for People with Disabilities or Motor Disorders: Architecture and Preliminary Usability Study
José Diogo Ribeiro, Brígida Mónica Faria, A. Paulo Moreira, Luis Paulo Reis

19. Toward an Approach to Improve Business Process Models Reuse Based on LinkedIn Social Network
Hadjer Khider, Amel Benna, Abdelkrim Meziane, Slimane Hammoudi

20. Are You a Compatible User?
Sang-Pil Kim, Byung Suk Lee

21. Designing and Managing a Real-Time Collaborative Learning Paths by a Multi-agents Platform
Azziz Anghour, Myriam Lamolle

22. Determinants of Facebook Adoption and Use Within the Workspace in Catholic University of Central Africa
Jean-Robert Kamdjoug Kala, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Steve Marius Kemayou Yombia

23. Definition of Information Systems Security Policies
Isabel Maria Lopes, João Paulo Pereira, Pedro Oliveira

24. Simulated Environments in Architecture Education. Improving the Student Motivation
Francesc Valls, Ernest Redondo, Albert Sánchez, David Fonseca, Sergi Villagrasa, Isidro Navarro

25. Next Generation Access Networks: Infrastructure Sharing
João Paulo Pereira, Isabel Maria Lopes

26. Reaching Consensus on the Adoption of Discount and Outlet E-Commerce Platforms Through a Delphi Study
Carlos Peixoto, José Martins, Ramiro Gonçalves, Frederico Branco, Sónia Rodrigues, Manuel Perez Cota

27. An Initial Proposal for a Web 2.0 Information System that Supports a 360º Customer Loyalty Assurance Process in Private Healthcare Organizations
Duarte Magalhães, José Martins, Ramiro Gonçalves, Frederico Branco, Manuel Oliveira, Fernando Moreira

28. Experiencing the Impact of Facebook on Work Relations
António Rui Coelho, Catarina Brandão

29. Gamification in the Workplace: A Systematic Literature Review
Ana Teresa Ferreira, Alexandra M. Araújo, Sandra Fernandes, Isabel Cerca Miguel

30. Using Online Recruitment: Implicit Theories and Candidates’ Profile
Catarina Brandão, Cristina Morais, Sara Dias, Ana Rita Silva, Rosa Mário

31. An Ontology for Mapping Cerebral Death
António Silva, Filipe Portela, Manuel Filipe Santos, António Abelha, José Machado

32. A Case Base View of Heart Failure Predisposition Risk
Henrique Vicente, M. Rosário Martins, Margarida Duarte, Patrícia Miguel, José M. Grañeda, Filomena Caldeira, João Vilhena, João Neves, José Neves

33. Comparing Comorbidity Adjustment Scores for Predicting in-Hospital Mortality Using Administrative Data
Alberto Freitas, João Vasco Santos, Mariana Lobo, Cristina Santos

34. Urban Gamification in Architecture Education
David Fonseca, Sergi Villagrasa, Isidro Navarro, Ernest Redondo, Francesc Valls, Albert Sánchez

35. A Systematic Mapping Review of All-Learning Model of Integration of Educational Methodologies in the ICT
Gabriel M. Ramirez, Cesar A. Collazos, Fernando Moreira

36. ICT Training and Pre-service Teachers: Embracing the Challenge at Master’s Level
Ana R. Luís

37. The Future of Higher Education – Students’ Views About Challenges Promoted by Technologies
Anabela Mesquita, Fernando Moreira, Paula Peres

38. Using Single Board Computers in University Education: A Case Study
Santosh Ray, Ali Al Dhaheri

39. Classroom and Interactivity: New Spaces with an Interactive Computer Operating System Customization
Joana Laysa Cunha, Willey Silva Braz, Alexandra Gonçalves, Gilvandenys Sales, Thomaz Edson Veloso

40. Pervasiveness in Digital Marketing – A Global Overview
Pedro Carvalhosa, Filipe Portela, Manuel Filipe Santos, António Abelha, José Machado

41. Wargames Applied to Naval Decision-Making Process
Teresa Guarda, Oscar Barrionuevo Vaca, Marjorie Pesantes Pinguave, Eduardo Pomboza Maldonado, Maria Fernanda Augusto, Walter Orozco, Filipe Mota Pinto

42. An Agent-Based RFID Monitoring System for Healthcare
Fernando Marins, Luciana Cardoso, Marisa Esteves, José Machado, António Abelha

43. Magni - A Framework for Developing Context-Aware Mobile Applications
Ricardo Queirós, Filipe Portela, José Machado

44. On the Optimal Processor Assignment for Computing the Steady State Kalman Filter in Parallel and Distributed Systems
Maria G. Koziri, Thanasis Loukopoulos, Maria Adam, Nicholas Assimakis, Grigoris Tzialas

45. The Topological Impact of Discrete Manufacturing Systems on the Effectiveness of Production Processes
Slawomir Klos, Justyna Patalas-Maliszewskal

46. Application of the Grey Clustering Analysis Method in the Process of Taking Purchasing Decisions in the Welding Industry
Rafał Mierzwiak, Ewa Więcek-Janka

47. Data Analysis in Production Levelling Methodology
Krzysztof Żywicki, Paulina Rewers, Mariusz Bożek

48. Development and Studies on a Virtual Reality Configuration Tool for City Bus Driver Workplace
Filip Górski, Mateusz Lesik, Przemysław Zawadzki, Paweł Buń, Radosław Wichniarek, Adam Hamrol

49. Selection of Optimal Software for Immersive Virtual Reality Application of City Bus Configurator
Paweł Buń, Filip Górski, Przemysław Zawadzki, Radosław Wichniarek, Adam Hamrol

50. The Tool Supporting Decision Making Process in Area of Job-Shop Scheduling
Justyna Trojanowska, Maria Leonilde Rocha Varela, Jose Machado

51. Statistical Approach to Making Decisions in Manufacturing Process of Floorboard
Agnieszka Kujawińska, Michał Rogalewicz, Magdalena Diering, Adam Hamrol

52. Cycle Time Reduction in Deck Roller Assembly Production Unit with Value Stream Mapping Analysis
Chaitanya Gangala, Mishank Modi, Vijaya K. Manupati, Maria L. R. Varela, Jose Machado, Justyna Trojanowska

53. Preparation and Production Control in Smart Factory Model
Krzysztof Żywicki, Przemysław Zawadzki, Adam Hamrol

54. Toward a Smart Health-Care Architecture Using WebRTC and WoT
Saad Jaouhari, Ahmed Bouabdallah, Jean-Marie Bonnin, Tayeb Lemlouma

55. 3D Localization System for an Unmanned Mini Quadcopter Based on Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Antennas
Daniela Flores, Diego Marcillo, João Pereira

56. 3D Scanner Based on an Autonomous Wi-Fi Unmanned Mini Quadcopter
Daniela Flores, Diego Marcillo, João Pereira

57. UAV Flight Simulator to Improve Elders’ Quality of Life
Christian Bustamante Crespo, Graciela Guerrero Idrovo, Nuno Rodrigues, Antonio Pereira

58. Drone Automation to Monitor and Aerial Surveillance on the Group for Special Air Transport - FAE
Gustavo Cedeño Bravo, Diego Marcillo Parra, Antonio Jesús Pereira

59. UAV Multiplayer Platform for Real-Time Online Gaming
David Safadinho, João Ramos, Roberto Ribeiro, Rafael Caetano, António Pereira

60. Conformation of a Non Tripulated Tactical Center of the Army for Intervention in Natural or Anthropic Disasters in Ecuador
Pablo Fernando Albán Ruiz, Luis Hernán Montoya Lara, António Manuel Jesús Pereira

61. Standardization of Policies of the Use of Distance Aircraft Systems and Aircraft Systems (RPAS/UAS) in Ecuador
Pablo Fernando Albán Ruiz, Luis Hernán Montoya Lara, António Manuel Jesús Pereira

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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