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Recent Advances in Information Systems and Technologies

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Table of contents

1. Monitoring Energy Consumption System to Improve Energy Efficiency
Gonçalo Marques, Rui Pitarma

2. IT Management of Building Materials’ Planning and Control Processes Using Web-Based Technologies
Adedeji Afolabi, Olabosipo Fagbenle, Timothy Mosaku

3. Characteristics of a Web-Based Integrated Material Planning and Control System for Construction Project Delivery
Adedeji Afolabi, Olabosipo Fagbenle, Timothy Mosaku

4. Integration Between EVM and Risk Management: Proposal of an Automated Framework
Anabela Tereso, Pedro Ribeiro, Manuel Cardoso

5. Renegotiation of Electronic Brokerage Contracts
Rúben Cunha, Bruno Veloso, Benedita Malheiro

6. Improving Project Management Practices in Architecture & Design Offices
Cátia Sousa, Anabela Tereso, Gabriela Fernandes

7. TourismShare
Nuno Areias, Benedita Malheiro

8. Bee Swarm Optimization for Community Detection in Complex Network
Youcef Belkhiri, Nadjet Kamel, Habiba Drias, Sofiane Yahiaoui

9. Developing a Web Scientific Journal Management Platform
Artur Côrte-Real, Álvaro Rocha

10. A Robust Implementation of a Chaotic Cryptosystem for Streaming Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pilar Mareca, Borja Bordel

11. Building a Unified Middleware Architecture for Security in IoT
Alexandru Vulpe, Ştefan-Ciprian Arseni, Ioana Marcu, Carmen Voicu, Octavian Fratu

12. Impact of Transmission Communication Protocol on a Self-adaptive Architecture for Dynamic Network Environments
Gabriel Guerrero-Contreras, José Luis Garrido, María José Rodríguez Fórtiz, Gregory M. P. O’Hare, Sara Balderas-Díaz

13. A Survey on Anti-honeypot and Anti-introspection Methods
Joni Uitto, Sampsa Rauti, Samuel Laurén, Ville Leppänen

14. Intelligent Displaying and Alerting System Based on an Integrated Communications Infrastructure and Low-Power Technology
Marius Vochin, Alexandru Vulpe, George Suciu, Laurentiu Boicescu

15. Intelligent System for Vehicle Navigation Assistance
Marius Vochin, Sorin Zoican, Eugen Borcoci

16. Making Software Accessible, but not Assistive: A Proposal for a First Insight for Students
João Sousa e Silva, Ramiro Gonçalves, José Martins, António Pereira

17. Hand Posture Recognition with Standard Webcam for Natural Interaction
César Osimani, Jose A. Piedra-Fernandez, Juan Jesus Ojeda-Castelo, Luis Iribarne

18. Assessment of Microsoft Kinect in the Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients
João Abreu, Sérgio Rebelo, Hugo Paredes, João Barroso, Paulo Martins, Arsénio Reis, Eurico Vasco Amorim, Vítor Filipe

19. A Big Data Analytics Architecture for Industry 4.0
Maribel Yasmina Santos, Jorge Oliveira e Sá, Carlos Costa, João Galvão, Carina Andrade, Bruno Martinho, Francisca Vale Lima, Eduarda Costa

20. Articulating Gamification and Visual Analytics as a Paradigm for Flexible Skills Management
José Araújo, Gabriel Pestana

21. Proposal for a Federation of Hybrid Clouds Infrastructure in Higher Education Institutions
Pedro Lopes, Francisco Pereira

22. Radio Access Network Slicing in 5G
Jinjin Gong, Lu Ge, Xin Su, Jie Zeng

23. Remote Sensing for Forest Environment Preservation
George Suciu, Ramona Ciuciuc, Adrian Pasat, Andrei Scheianu

24. VBII-UAV: Vision-Based Infrastructure Inspection-UAV
Abdulla Al-Kaff, Francisco Miguel Moreno, Luis Javier San José, Fernando García, David Martín, Arturo Escalera, Alberto Nieva, José Luis Meana Garcéa

25. Gaming in Dyscalculia: A Review on disMAT

Filipa Ferraz, António Costa, Victor Alves, Henrique Vicente, João Neves, José Neves

26. Matching Measures in the Context of CBIR: A Comparative Study in Terms of Effectiveness and Efficiency
Mawloud Mosbah, Bachir Boucheham

27. The Evolution of Azuma’s Augmented Reality– An Overview of 20 Years of Research
Mafalda Teles Roxo, Pedro Quelhas Brito

28. System-on-Chip Evaluation for the Implementation of Video Processing Servers
Ghofrane Haj Ahmed, Felipe Gil-Castiñeira, Enrique Costa-Montenegro, Pablo Couñago-Soto

29. A Review Between Consumer and Medical-Grade Biofeedback Devices for Quality of Life Studies
Pedro Nogueira, Joana Urbano, Luís Paulo Reis, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Daniel Silva, Ana Paula Rocha

30. Sensor-Based Global Mobility Management Scheme with Multicasting Support for Building IoT Applications
Hana Jang, Byunghoon Song, Yoonchae Cheong, Jongpil Jeong

31. Analytical Approach of Cost-Reduced Location and Service Management Scheme for LTE Networks
Hana Jang, Haksang Lee, Taehyun Lee, Jongpil Jeong

32. Design and Security Analysis of Improved Identity Management Protocol for 5G/IoT Networks
Byunghoon Song, Yoonchae Cheong, Taehyun Lee, Jongpil Jeong

33. Cognitive Multi-Radio Prototype for Industrial Environment
Michele Ligios, Maria Teresa Delgado, Rosaria Rossini, Davide Conzon, Francesco Sottile, Claudio Pastrone

34. Cluster Based VDTN Routing Algorithm with Multi-attribute Decision Making
Songjie Wei, Qianrong Luo, Hao Cheng, Erik Joseph Seidel

35. Reputation Analysis of Sensors’ Trust Within Tabu Search
Sami J. Habib, Paulvanna N. Marimuthu

36. Blind Guide: Anytime, Anywhere Solution for Guiding Blind People
Daniel Vera, Diego Marcillo, Antonio Pereira

37. SOC- and SIC-Based Information Security Monitoring
Natalia Miloslavskaya

38. Halcyon – Assistive Technology for Alzheimer’s Patients
Brad Zellefrow, Saman Shanaei, Rida Salam, Adnan El Nasan, Hicham Elzabadani

39. A New Generation of Wireless Sensors Networks: Wireless Body Area Networks
Bahae Abidi, Abdelillah Jilbab, Mohamed El Haziti

40. Load-Based POLCA: An Assessment of the Load Accounting Approach
Nuno O. Fernandes, Matthias Thürer, Mark Stevenson, S. Carmo Silva

41. Bottleneck-Oriented Order Release: An Assessment by Simulation
Sílvio Carmo-Silva, Nuno O. Fernandes

42. Including Credibility and Expertise in Group Decision-Making Process: An Approach Designed for UbiGDSS
João Carneiro, Diogo Martinho, Goreti Marreiros, Paulo Novais

43. A Process Mining Approach for Discovering ETL Black Points
Orlando Belo, Nuno Dias, Carlos Ferreira, Filipe Pinto

44. Algorithms for People Recognition in Digital Images: A Systematic Review and Testing
Monserrate Intriago-Pazmiño, Vanessa Vargas-Sandoval, Jorge Moreno-Díaz, Elizabeth Salazar-Jácome, Mayra Salazar-Grandes

45. Systematic Assignments in Merging Organizations
Sylvia Encheva

46. A Conceptual Model for the Professional Profile of a Data Scientist
Carlos Costa, Maribel Yasmina Santos

47. Detecting Evidence of Fraud in the Brazilian Government Using Graph Databases
Gustavo C. G. Erven, Maristela Holanda, Rommel N. Carvalho

48. Identifying Opportunities and Challenges for Adding Value to Decision-Making in Higher Education Through Academic Analytics
James K. Njenga, Ildeberto A. Rodello, Karin Hartl, Olaf Jacob

49. Feedback Mechanisms for Decision Support Systems: A Literature Review
Josef Frysak

50. Prediction and Analysis of Hotel Ratings from Crowd-Sourced Data
Fátima Leal, Benedita Malheiro, Juan Carlos Burguillo

51. Implementation of Infrastructure for Streaming Outlier Detection in Big Data
Zirije Hasani

52. Big Data Analytics and Customs Throughput: The Case of Jamaica
Maurice McNaughton, Lila Rao, David Parker, Daniel Lewis

53. Discovering Knowledge Nuggets in Financial Data: The Case of a Financial Services Institution
Gunjan Mansingh, Lila Rao, Maurice McNaughton

54. Insider Attacks in a Non-secure Hadoop Environment
Pedro Camacho, Bruno Cabral, Jorge Bernardino

55. Leverage Web Analytics for Real Time Website Browsing Recommendations
Claudio Sapateiro, João Gomes

56. Human-Computer Interaction in the Public Sector Performance Evaluation Analysis
Tatiana Antipova

57. European Portuguese Validation of Usefulness, Satisfaction and Ease of Use Questionnaire (USE)
Carina Dantas, Ana Luísa Jegundo, João Quintas, Ana Isabel Martins, Alexandra Queirós, Nelson Pacheco Rocha

58. Accessibility in the Virtual Learning Environment Moodle Identification of Problems’ Class
Lane Primo, Vânia Ulbricht, Luciane Maria Fadel

59. AppVox: An Application to Assist People with Speech Impairments in Their Speech Therapy Sessions
Cirano Gonçalves, Tânia Rocha, Arsénio Reis, João Barroso

60. Picture-Based Task Definition and Parameterization Support System
Vítor Machado, Nuno Lopes, J. C. Silva, José Luís Silva

61. Assistive Platforms for the Visual Impaired: Bridging the Gap with the General Public
Tânia Rocha, Hugo Fernandes, Arsénio Reis, Hugo Paredes, João Barroso

62. ePHoRt Project: A Web-Based Platform for Home Motor Rehabilitation
Yves Rybarczyk, Jan Kleine Deters, Arián Aladro Gonzalvo, Mario Gonzalez, Santiago Villarreal, Danilo Esparza

63. A Virtual Fine Rehabilitation System for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Assesment of the Usability of a Low-Cost System
Sergio Albiol-Pérez, Jose-Antonio Gil Gómez, Elena Olmo, Alejandro Menal Soler

64. An Empirical Study on Usability Operations for Autistic Children
Angeles Quezada, Reyes Juárez-Ramírez, Samantha Jiménez, Alan Ramírez-Noriega, Sergio Inzunza

65. Implementation of a Multipoint Virtual Goniometer (MVG) Trough Kinect-2 for Evaluation of the Upper Limbs
Edwin Pruna, William López V., Ivón Escobar, Eddie D. Galarza, Paulina Zumbana, Sergio Albiol-Pérez, Galo Ávila, José Bucheli

66. 3D Virtual System Using a Haptic Device for Fine Motor Rehabilitation
Edwin Pruna, Andrés Acurio S., Ivón Escobar, Sergio Albiol Pérez, Paulina Zumbana, Amparo Meythaler, Fabian A. Álvarez

67. VRAndroid System Based on Cognitive Therapeutic Exercises for Stroke Patients
Edwin Pruna, Ivón Escobar, Javier Montaluisa, Marco Pilatásig, Luis Mena, Paulina Zumbana, Accel Guamán, Eddie D. Galarza

68. TriPOD: A Prototypal System for the Recognition of Capacitive Widget on Touchscreen Addressed for Montessori-Like Educational Applications
Raffaele Di Fuccio, Giovanni Siano, Antonio De Marco

69. The Activity Board 1.0: RFID-NFC WI-FI Multitags Desktop Reader for Education and Rehabilitation Applications
Raffaele Di Fuccio, Giovanni Siano, Antonio De Marco

70. Analyses of the Flipped Classroom Application in Discussion Forum on LMS Moodle
Fabrícia Farias, Gilvandenys Sales, Alexandra Gonçalves, Adriano Machado, Eliana Leite

71. Affectivity Level for Intelligent Tutoring System Based on Student Stereotype
Samantha Jiménez, Reyes Juárez-Ramírez, Víctor H. Castillo, Alan Ramírez-Noriega, Sergio Inzunza

72. Quantifying the Effects of Learning Styles on Attention
Dalila Durães, César Analide, Javier Bajo, Paulo Novais

73. Analysis of Research on Specific Insider Information Security Threats
Anton Zaytsev, Anatoly Malyuk, Natalia Miloslavskaya

74. Sab - íomha: An Automated Image Forgery Detection Technique Using Alpha Channel Steganography
Muhammad Shahid Bhatti, Syed Asad Hussain, Abdul Qayyum, Imran Latif, Muhammad Hasnain, Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi

75. A Mechanism to Authenticate Caller ID
Jikai Li, Fernando Faria, Jinsong Chen, Daan Liang

76. Verification Methodology of Ethical Compliance for Users, Researchers and Developers of Personal Care Robots
Carina Dantas, Pedro Balhau, Ana Jegundo, Luís Santos, Christophoros Christophorou, Cindy Wings, João Quintas, Eleni Christodoulou

77. Privacy Protection on Social Networks: A Scale for Measuring Users’ Attitudes in France and the USA
Jean-Éric Pelet, Basma Taieb

78. Information Security in Virtual Social Networks: A Survey in Higher Education
Isabel Maria Lopes, João Paulo Pereira

79. Monitoring Health Factors in Indoor Living Environments Using Internet of Things
Gonçalo Marques, Rui Pitarma

80. Technologies for Ageing in Place to Support the Empowerment of Patients with Chronic Diseases
Alexandra Queirós, Luís Pereira, Milton Santos, Nelson Pacheco Rocha

81. Characterization of the Stakeholders of Medical Imaging Based on an Image Repository
Milton Santos, Augusto Silva, Nelson Rocha

82. Integration and Medication in Hospitals
Camilla Bjørnstad, Gunnar Ellingsen

83. Detection of Adverse Events Through Hospital Administrative Data
Bernardo Marques, Bernardo Sousa-Pinto, Tiago Silva-Costa, Fernando Lopes, Alberto Freitas

84. IT Process Improvement in Telehomecare Services for Diabetic/Hypertensive Patients in a Developing Country: Design and Evaluation into an Ecuadorian Company
Hugo Roldán, Andrés Larco, Carlos Montenegro

85. Semantic Interoperability: A Systematic Research Towards Its Requirements
Pedro F. O. Gomes, Eduardo F. R. Loures, Eduardo A. P. Santos

86. Assessing User Experience for Serious Games in Auditory-Verbal Therapy for Children with Cochlear Implant
Sandra Cano, César A. Collazos, Leandro Flórez Aristizábal, Carina S. Gonzalez, Fernando Moreira

87. A Reference Framework for Enterprise Computing Curriculum
Munir Majdalawieh, Adam Marks

88. Mobile Learning in Portuguese Universities: Are Professors Ready?
Fernando Moreira, Carla Santos Pereira, Natércia Durão, Maria João Ferreira

89. A Systematic Mapping Review of All-Learning Model of Integration of Educational Methodologies in the ICT
Gabriel M. Ramirez, Cesar A. Collazos, Fernando Moreira

90. Restless Millennials in Higher Education - A New Perspective on Knowledge Management and Its Dissemination Using IT in Academia
Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira, Ramiro Gonçalves

91. The Use of Educational Applications for Textual Production in High School: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Fabiana Santos Fernandes, Patricia Jantsch Fiuza, Robson Rodrigues Lemos

92. Game Based Learning Contexts for Soft Skills Development
Maria José Sousa, Álvaro Rocha

93. Electronic Individual Student Process — A Preliminary Analysis
António Abreu, Ana Paula Afonso, João Vidal Carvalho, Álvaro Rocha

94. A Feature Selection Application Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Learning Concept Detection
Korhan Günel, Kazım Erdoğdu, Refet Polat, Yasin Özarslan

95. Ordering and Visualization of Recommendations
Sylvia Encheva

96. Attribute Dependencies and Complete Orderings
Sylvia Encheva

97. Social Quizzes with Scuiz
Massimo Pierro, Peter Hastings

98. Developing ICT Students’ Practical Skills Through Work in Virtual Learning Environments: Teachers’ Expectations and Actual Experience
Edita Butrime, Rita Marciulyniene, Vida Melninkaite, Rita Valteryte

99. Pilot Assignment Scheme Based on Location in Large-Scale MIMO System
Chao Zhang

100. Fractal Microwave Absorbers for Multipath Reduction in UHF-RFID Systems
Francesca Venneri, Sandra Costanzo

101. A Sum-Rate Maximization Scheme for Coordinated User Scheduling
Jinru Li, Jie Zeng, Xin Su, Chiyang Xiao

102. An Approach of Cell Load-Aware Based CoMP in Ultra Dense Networks
Jingjing Wu, Jie Zeng, Xin Su, Liping Rong

103. Doppler Elaboration for Vibrations Detection Using Software Defined Radar
Antonio Raffo, Sandra Costanzo

104. Application Scenarios of Novel Multiple Access (NMA) Technologies for 5G
Shuliang Hao, Jie Zeng, Xin Su, Liping Rong

105. A Unified Framework of New Multiple Access for 5G Systems
Bin Fan, Xin Su, Jie Zeng, Bei Liu

106. Research on Handover Procedures of LTE System with the No Stack Architecture
Lu Zhang, Lu Ge, Xin Su, Jie Zeng, Liping Rong

107. Dual Band Patch Antenna for 5G Applications with EBG Structure in the Ground Plane and Substrate
Almir Souza e Silva Neto, Artur Luiz Torres de Oliveira, Sérgio Brito Espinola, João Ricardo Freire de Melo, José Lucas da Silva, Humberto César Chaves Fernandes

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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34 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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