Haneklaus, Silvia H.

Sulfur Metabolism in Higher Plants - Fundamental, Environmental and Agricultural Aspects

Haneklaus, Silvia H. - Sulfur Metabolism in Higher Plants - Fundamental, Environmental and Agricultural Aspects, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Overview Papers

1. Sulfate Transport in Plants: A Personal Perspective
Malcolm J. Hawkesford

2. Quo Vadis Sulfur Investigation?: 25 Years of Research into Plant Sulfate Reduction
Stanislav Kopriva

3. Expression Profile of the Serine Acetyltransferase (SERAT) and O-Acetylserine (thiol)lyase (OASTL) Gene Families in Arabidopsis
Mutsumi Watanabe, Rainer Hoefgen

4. Elucidating the Effects of Higher Expression Level of Cystathionine γ-Synthase on Methionine Contents in Transgenic Arabidopsis, Soybean and Tobacco Seeds
Hagai Cohen, Yael Hacham, Ifat Matityahu, Rachel Amir

5. Biosynthesis of S-Alk(en)yl-l-Cysteine Sulfoxides in Allium: Retro Perspective
Naoko Yoshimoto, Kazuki Saito

6. The Effect of Sulfur Nutrition on Glucosinolate Patterns and Their Breakdown Products in Vegetable Crops
Britta Pitann, Carolin Heyer, Karl H. Mühling

7. Prospects for Agricultural Sulfur Research
Silvia H. Haneklaus, Elke Bloem, Ewald Schnug

Part II. Research Papers

8. DMSP: Occurrence in Plants and Response to Salinity in Zea mays

Ties Ausma, Marko Kebert, Jacqueline Stefels, Luit J. Kok

9. Impact of Atmospheric H2S, Salinity and Anoxia on Sulfur Metabolism in Zea mays

Ties Ausma, Saroj Parmar, Malcolm J. Hawkesford, Luit J. Kok

10. Salinity Influences Single Glucosinolate Content in the Halophyte Lepidium latifolium

Christian Boestfleisch, Johann Hornbacher, Annekathrin Rumlow, Jutta Papenbrock

11. The Application of S0-Coated Fertilizer to Durum Wheat Crop
Styliani N. Chorianopoulou, Georgios I. Saridis, Petros Sigalas, Miltos Margetis, Dimitris Benardos, Haris Mavrogiannis, Dimitris L. Bouranis

12. Re-assessing Systems Biology Approaches on Analyzing Sulfate Metabolism
Rainer Hoefgen, Mutsumi Watanabe

13. Combining Isotope Labelling with High Resolution Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry to Study Sulfur Amino Acid Metabolism in Seeds of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Jaya Joshi, Justin B. Renaud, Mark W. Sumarah, Frédéric Marsolais

14. Investigations on the Current Sulfur and Sulfate Intake of Cattle in Germany: Are There Any Risks for a Consumption Exceeding Recommended Upper Limits?
Josef Kamphues, Anne Dohm, F. Mühlen, Petra Wolf

15. Manganese Toxicity Hardly Affects Sulfur Metabolism in Brassica rapa

Mariana I. Neves, Dharmendra H. Prajapati, Saroj Parmar, Tahereh A. Aghajanzadeh, Malcolm J. Hawkesford, Luit J. Kok

16. Localization of Sulfate Uptake and pH Changes at Sulfur-Deprived Roots of Intact Brassica pekinensis Seedlings by Using H+-Selective Microelectrodes
Martin Reich, Marten Staal, Luit J. Kok, J. Theo M. Elzenga

17. Evidence for Regulation of the Iron Uptake Pathway by Sulfate Supply in S-Deprived Maize Plants
Georgios I. Saridis, Styliani N. Chorianopoulou, Panagiotis Katinakis, Dimitris L. Bouranis

18. The Sulfur Pathway and Diagnosis of Sulfate Depletion in Grapevine
Sílvia Tavares, Sara Amâncio

19. Impact of Sulfate Deprivation and H2S Exposure on the Metabolites of the Activated Methyl Cycle in Chinese Cabbage
Mei-Hwei Tseng, Chao-Kai Yang, C. Elisabeth E. Stuiver, Chiu-Ching Chang, Luit J. Kok

20. Sulfate Transporters Involved in Cd-Induced Changes of Sulfate Uptake and Distribution in Arabidopsis thaliana

Chisato Yamaguchi, Akiko Maruyama-Nakashita

21. A Glycine-Rich Protein Encoded by Sulfur-Deficiency Induced Gene Is Involved in the Regulation of Callose Level and Root Elongation
Anna Znój, Katarzyna Zientara-Rytter, Paweł Sęktas, Grzegorz Moniuszko, Agnieszka Sirko, Anna Wawrzyńska

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Ecology

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Proceedings of the International Plant Sulfur Workshop
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19 pages
Natural Sciences
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