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Landslides in Sensitive Clays

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Table of contents

1. Landslide in Sensitive Clays – From Research to Implementation
Vikas Thakur, Jean-Sébastien L’Heureux, Ariane Locat

Part I. Characterization and Behavior of Sensitive Clays

2. Sensitive Clays of Eastern Canada: From Geology to Slope Stability
Guy Lefebvre

3. Chemistry: An Essential Key to Understanding High-Sensitivity and Quick Clays and to Addressing Landslide Risk
J. Kenneth Torrance

4. Improving the Post-failure Properties in Quick Clays by Treatment with Potassium Chloride
Tonje Eide Helle, Per Aagaard, Steinar Nordal

5. CPTU Classification Diagrams for Identification of Sensitive Clays
Anders Samstad Gylland, Rolf Sandven, Alberto Montafia, Andreas Aspmo Pfaffhuber, Kristoffer Kåsin, Mike Long

6. Relationships Between Shear Wave Velocity and Geotechnical Parameters for Norwegian and Swedish Sensitive Clays
Mike Long, Tara Wood, Jean-Sébastien L’Heureux

7. Geophysical and Geotechnical Characterization of a Sensitive Clay Deposit in Brownsburg, Quebec
Karine Bélanger, Ariane Locat, Richard Fortier, Denis Demers

8. Investigating How the Changes in Geotechnical Properties of Sensitive Clays Influence Their Geophysical Properties
Shane Gribben, Sara Bazin, Shane Donohue, V. Sivakumar, Jean-Sébastien L’Heureux

9. Determination of Remoulding Energy of Sensitive Clays
Vikas Thakur, Samson Abate Degago, Juha Selänpää, Tim Länsivaara

10. Problems Related to Field Vane Testing in Soft Soil Conditions and Improved Reliability of Measurements Using an Innovative Field Vane Device
Juha Selänpää, Bruno Buò, Tim Länsivaara, Marco D’Ignazio

11. A New Laboratory Procedure to Study Stress Relief in Soil Samples
Helene Alexandra Amundsen, H. Dang, Matthew Adamson, Arnfinn Emdal, Vikas Thakur

12. Sample Disturbance in Deep Clay Samples
Anders Beijer Lundberg

13. Effects of Sample Disturbance in the Determination of Soil Parameters for Advanced Finite Element Modelling of Sensitive Clays
Marco D’Ignazio, Hans Petter Jostad, Tim Länsivaara, Ville Lehtonen, Juho Mansikkamäki, Christopher Meehan

14. Viscometric Tests of Sensitive Clay from Byneset, Norway, and Fit to the Herschel–Bulkley Model
Ragnhild Håøy Grue, Dieter Issler, Jean-Sébastien L’Heureux, Vikas Thakur

15. Dynamic Properties of a Sensitive Clay Deposit
Sarah Bouchard, H. Ali, D. LeBoeuf, Serge Leroueil, G. Cascante

Part II. Pre-failure and Failure Stages

16. The Role of Instability and Shear Band Localisation in Triggering Landslides in Sensitive Clays
Lars Andresen, Hans Petter Jostad

17. Vibratory Roller Influence Zone Near Slopes with Vibration Susceptible Soils
Jörgen Johansson, Sarah Bouchard, Jean-Sébastien L’Heureux

18. Bayesian Updating of Uncertainties in the Stability Analysis of Natural Slopes in Sensitive Clays
Ivan Depina, Cecilia Ulmke, Djamalddine Boumezerane, Vikas Thakur

19. Potential Landsliding at the North Spur, Churchill River Valley
Denise Leahy, Régis Bouchard, Serge Leroueil

20. Correction Factors for Undrained LE Analyses of Sensitive Clays
Petter Fornes, Hans Petter Jostad

21. Advances in Determining Δu and su for Limit Equilibrium Analyses
Ville Lehtonen, Tim Länsivaara

22. Recommended Practice for the Use of Strength Anisotropy Factors in Stability Calculations
Vikas Thakur, Vidar Gjelsvik, Odd Arne Fauskerud, Stein Christensen, Frode Oset, Margareta Viklund, Stein-Are Strand

23. On the Benefits of Incorporating Anisotropy in Stability Analyses in Sensitive Clays
Mats Karlsson, Minna Karstunen

24. Development and Application of a Regional Slope Stability Assessment Screening Tool
Brian D. Carlton, Katherine Price, Maarten Vanneste, Carl Fredrik Forsberg

Part III. Post-failure Stage

25. The Use of LiDAR Airborne Data for Retrogressive Landslides Inventory in Sensitive Clays, Québec, Canada
Denis Demers, Denis Robitaille, Alexandre Lavoie, Stéphane Paradis, Alexis Fortin, Daniel Ouellet

26. Runout of Landslides in Sensitive Clays
Stein-Are Strand, Vikas Thakur, Jean-Sébastien L’Heureux, Suzanne Lacasse, Kjell Karlsrud, Trude Nyheim, Kristian Aunaas, Hanne Bratlie Ottesen, Vidar Gjelsvik, Odd Arne Fauskerud, Rolf Sandven, Anders Rosenquist af Åkershult

27. Parametric Analysis of the Mobility of Debris from Flow Slides in Sensitive Clays
Dominique Turmel, Jacques Locat, Pascal Locat, Denis Demers

28. Mapping Quick Clay Hazard Zones: Comparison of Methods for the Estimation of the Retrogression Distance
Ellen D. Haugen, Morten Tveit, Håkon Heyerdahl

29. Modelling of the Quickness Test of Sensitive Clays Using the Generalized Interpolation Material Point Method
Quoc Anh Tran, Wojciech Solowski, Vikas Thakur, Minna Karstunen

30. Back-calculation of the Byneset Flow Slide Using the Voellmy Rheology
Ashenafi Lulseged Yifru, Samson Abate Degago, Vikas Thakur

31. Effect of Strain Softening Behaviours on Run-Out Distance of a Sensitive Clay Landslide
Petter Fornes, Huynh D. V. Khoa

Part IV. Case Records, Slides in Sensitive Sediments Including Offshore and Nearshore Slides

32. The 1908 Disaster of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, Québec, Canada: Analysis of the Landslide and Tsunami
Jacques Locat, Dominique Turmel, Pascal Locat, Julie Therrien, M. Létourneau

33. Fv. 287 Strandgata: Kjøreplass bru. Road Construction in Quick Clay
Ernst Pytten, Trine Flobak, Hanne Bratlie Ottesen

34. Case Study: Characterization of a Thick Sensitive Clay Deposit in the St. Lawrence River Valley, Slope Stability Analysis and Preliminary Assessment of Permanent Deformations
M. Limoges, M. Demers Bonin, N. Pépin, M. Lemieux

35. Revisiting the 1959 Quick Clay Landslide at Sokkelvik, Norway
Jean-Sébastien L’Heureux, Steinar Nordal, Synnøve W. Austefjord

36. Geotechnical Evaluation of a Quick Clay Area in Trondheim, Norway
Rolf Sandven, Konstantinos Kalomoiris, Tone Furuberg, Anders Samstad Gylland

37. Saguenay Risk Management
Janelle Potvin, R. Mompin, Catherine Thibault, Denis Demers, Chantal Bilodeau, L. Desbiens

Part V. Sensitive Clays Mapping and Identification

38. Development of a Methodology for Quick Clay Mapping
Hjördis Löfroth, Karin Lundström, Lena Persson, Mehrdad Bastani, J. Ekström, Colby A. Smith, J. Hedfors, David Schälin

39. Helicopter Electromagnetic Scanning as a First Step in Regional Quick Clay Mapping
Asgeir Lysdahl, Andreas Aspmo Pfaffhuber, Helgard Anschütz, Kristoffer Kåsin, Sara Bazin

40. Developments in Mapping and Web Presentation of Fjord-Marine Deposit Distributions for Quick-Clay Related Work in Norway
Louise Hansen, Inger-Lise Solberg, A. Jarna, Bo Nordahl

41. Analysis of Ground Geophysical, Airborne TEM, and Geotechnical Data for Mapping Quick Clays in Sweden
Mehrdad Bastani, Lena Persson, Hjördis Löfroth, Colby A. Smith, David Schälin

42. Investigation of a Sensitive Clay Landslide Area Using Frequency-Domain Helicopter-Borne EM and Ground Geophysical Methods
Vikas Chand Baranwal, Jan Steinar Rønning, Inger-Lise Solberg, Einar Dalsegg, Jan Fredrik Tønnesen, Mike Long

43. The Norwegian National Database for Ground Investigations (NADAG): A Tool to Assist in Landslide Hazard Zonation and Other Quick-Clay Related Issues
Inger-Lise Solberg, Bo Nordahl, Louise Hansen, Bjørn Ove Grøtan, S. Gulbrandsen

44. Future Strategy for Soil Investigations in Quick Clay Areas
Rolf Sandven, Anders Samstad Gylland, Alberto Montafia, Andreas Aspmo Pfaffhuber, Kristoffer Kåsin, Mike Long

Part VI. Hazard Assessment and Risk Management

45. Reliability of Slopes in Sensitive Clays
Suzanne Lacasse, Zhongqiang Liu, Jihwan Kim, Jung Chan Choi, Farrokh Nadim

46. Natural Hazards in a Changing Climate in Norway
Bjorn Kristoffer Dolva, Gordana Petkovic

47. Development of a Long Term Monitoring Network of Sensitive Clay Slopes in Québec in the Context of Climate Change
Catherine Cloutier, Pascal Locat, Denis Demers, Alexis Fortin, Jacques Locat, Serge Leroueil, Ariane Locat, Jean-Michel Lemieux, Chantal Bilodeau

48. Practicing Hazard Mitigation Strategies for a Construction on a Sensitive Clay Slope
Samson Abate Degago, Vikas Thakur

49. Mapping of Landslide Risks in a Changing Climate – Development of Simplified Methodology
Karin Odén, K. Bergdahl, H. Löfroth, G. Göransson, Å. Jönsson, R. Kiilsgaard, M. Öberg

50. Quick-Clay Hazard Mapping in Norway
Ingrid Havnen, Hanne Bratlie Ottesen, Ellen D. Haugen, M. H. Frekhaug

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Environmental Science and Engineering, Geology

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Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research
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