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Climate Change, Extreme Events and Disaster Risk Reduction

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Table of contents

1. Introducing Linkages Between Climate Change, Extreme Events, and Disaster Risk Reduction
Suraj Mal, R. B. Singh, Christian Huggel, Aakriti Grover

Part I. Evidence of Climate Change and Extreme Events

2. Analysis of Weather- and Climate-Related Disasters in Mountain Regions Using Different Disaster Databases
Anina Stäubli, Samuel U. Nussbaumer, Simon K. Allen, Christian Huggel, María Arguello, Felipe Costa, Christian Hergarten, Rodney Martínez, Jaime Soto, Ruben Vargas, Eduardo Zambrano, Markus Zimmermann

3. Influence of Climate Change on Environmental Hazards and Human Well-Being in the Urban Areas—Warsaw Case Study Versus General Problems
Bożena Degórska, Marek Degórski

4. Physiographic Influence on Rainfall Variability: A Case Study of Upper Ganga Basin
Uzma Parveen, S. Sreekesh

5. Water Deficit Estimation Under Climate Change and Irrigation Conditions in the Fergana Valley, Central Asia
Elena Milanova, Aleksandra Nikanorova, Andrei Kirilenko, Nikolay Dronin

6. Long-Term Trend of Vegetation in Bundelkhand Region (India): An Assessment Through SPOT-VGT NDVI Datasets
Arnab Kundu, D. M. Denis, N. R. Patel, Dipanwita Dutta

7. Variability of Temperature and Rainfall in the Upper Beas Basin, Western Himalaya
Seema Rani, S. Sreekesh

8. The Impact of Extreme Weather Events on Food Security
Tom Beer

9. Sedimentation-Induced Depositional Lands of the Gumti River of Tripura and Its Land Use Pattern
Istak Ahmed, Nibedita Das (Pan)

10. Changes in the Activity of Higher Vascular Plants Species in the Ob Plateau Landscapes (Altai Krai, Russia) Due to Anthropogenic Transformation
D. V. Zolotov, D. V. Chernykh, R. Yu. Biryukov, D. K. Pershin

11. Application of Classification and Regression Trees for Spatial Prediction of Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides in the Uttarakhand Area (India) Using GIS
Binh Thai Pham, Dieu Tien Bui, Indra Prakash

Part II. Coping with Extreme Events and Disasters

12. Is Climate Change the Nemesis of Rural Development?: An Analysis of Patterns and Trends of Zimbabwean Droughts
Geoffrey Mukwada, Desmond Manatsa

13. Entering the New +2°C Global Warming Age and a Threat of World Ocean Expansion for Sustainable Economic Development
Leonid V. Sorokin, Gérard Mondello

14. Climate Change and Coastal Megacities: Disaster Risk Assessment and Responses in Shanghai City
Ruishan Chen, Yazhou Zhang, Di Xu, Min Liu

15. La Niña Event 2010–2011: Hydroclimatic Effects and Socioeconomic Impacts in Colombia
Germán Vargas, Yolanda Hernández, José Daniel Pabón

16. The Experience of Disaster Risk Reduction and Economic Losses Reduction in Malaysia During the Water Crisis 1998 in the Context of the Next El Nino Strongest on Record Maximum 2015
Leonid V. Sorokin

17. Sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction in Mountain Agriculture: Agroforestry Experiences in Kaule, Mid-Hills of Nepal
A. Schick, E. Wieners, N. Schwab, Udo Schickhoff

18. Building Community Resilience to Flash Floods: Lessons Learnt from a Case Study in the Valles Urban Area, SLP, Mexico
Patricia Julio-Miranda, Cynthia Marisol Peñaloza-Guerrero, Udo Nehren, Alexander Fekete, A. Gerardo Palacio-Aponte

19. Quantification of Geodiversity of Sikkim (India) and Its Implications for Conservation and Disaster Risk Reduction Research
Raunaq Jahan, Udo Schickhoff, Jürgen Böhner, Olaf Conrad

20. Peak Discharge Analyses for Flood Management in Lower Gandak Basin
Ramashray Prasad, Jitendra Rishideo

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Climate Change Management and Policy, Water and Health, Development Studies, Urban Economics, Peace Studies

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Sustainable Development Goals Series
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17 pages
Natural Sciences
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