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Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies

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Table of contents

1. An Integration of Bio-inspired Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic for Tool Wear Estimation in Hard Turning
Djordje Cica, Branislav Sredanovic, Stevo Borojevic, Davorin Kramar

2. Hob Mill Profiling Method for Generation of Timing Belt Pulley
Nicuşor Baroiu, Virgil Teodor, Florin Susac, Nicolae Oancea

3. Cyber Physical Production Systems—An IEC 61499 Perspective
Zivana Jakovljevic, Stefan Mitrovic, Miroslav Pajic

4. Virtual Model in Monitoring and Optimization of a Selective Waste Collection Integrated System
Cicerone Laurentiu Popa, Costel Emil Cotet

5. An Advanced CAI Model for Inspection Planning on CMM
Slavenko M. Stojadinovic, Vidosav Majstorovic, Numan M. Durakbasa

6. Flexible Control System Used in the Nano-technological Production Flow
Popan Gheorghe, Angelescu Dorin

7. Hydro-multipoint Forming, a Challenge in Sheet Metal Forming
Viorel Panuoiu, Doina Boazu

8. Study on Hard Turning Process Versus Grinding in Manufacturing Some Bearing Inner Rings
Mitica Afteni, Ion Terecoasa, Cezarina Afteni, Viorel Paunoiu

9. On the Advanced Milling Technology of Thin-Walled Parts for Aerospace Industry
Miroslav Piska, Petra Ohnistova

10. Reducing of Scuffing Phenomenon at HCR Spur Gearing
Milan Rackov, Maja Čavić, Marko Penčić, Ivan Knežević, Miroslav Vereš, Milan Tica

11. Parametric Design of an Electric Driven Reduction Gear for Anchor and Mooring Winches
Florin Susac, Nicuşor Baroiu, Bogdan Liviu Marcu, Daniel Ganea, Virgil Teodor

12. Experimental Determination of Brittle Fracturing Appearance During Static Indentation of Materials Based on Stone
Miloš Pjević, Ljubodrag Tanović, Filip Vučetić

13. Dynamic Optimization of the Cam-Lever Mechanism for Thermoforming Machine Tool Driving
Maja Čavić, Marko Penčić, Milan Rackov, Ivan Knežević, M. Zlokolica

14. Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems (CPMS)
Zivana Jakovljevic, Vidosav Majstorovic, Slavenko Stojadinovic, Srdjan Zivkovic, Nemanja Gligorijevic, Miroslav Pajic

15. Graphical Method in CATIA for Side Mill Tool Profiling Using the Generating Relative Trajectories
Virgil Teodor, Florin Susac, Nicusor Baroiu, Viorel Păunoiu, Nicolae Oancea

16. Mechanistic Approach for the Evaluation of Machine Tools Quasi-Static Capability
Károly Szipka, Theodoros Laspas, Andreas Archenti

17. Assessment of Assembly Process Complexity and Modularity in Mass Customized Manufacturing
Slavomir Bednar, Jan Modrak, Zuzana Soltysova

18. A Holistic Approach for Developing and Commissioning Data Driven CPPS Functionality in Manufacturing Systems
Hajo Wiemer, Arvid Hellmich, Steffen Ihlenfeldt

19. Some Aspects Influencing Production of Porous Structures with Complex Shapes of Cells
Katarina Monkova, Peter Monka

20. Recovery of Metals from Solar Cells by Bioleaching
Mital Chakankar, Cheer Su, Hong Hocheng

21. Intelligent Wear Identification Based on Sensory Inline Information for a Stamping Process
Johannes Hohmann, Tillmann Schatz, Peter Groche

22. High-Precision Machining of Hard Steel Parts Using Special Abrasive Operations
Wit Grzesik, Krzysztof Żak

23. Process and Microstructure in Materials-Affected Manufacturing
Steven Y. Liang, Zhipeng Pan

24. Structural FEM Analysis of Thermal Sprayed Coatings Under Conditions of Contact Pressure and High Temperature
Piotr Jabłoński, Piotr Czajka

25. Intelligent Dual Curve-Driven Tool Path Optimization and Virtual CMM Inspection for Sculptured Surface CNC Machining
N. A. Fountas, S. Živković, R. Benhadj-Djilali, C. I. Stergiou, V. D. Majstorovic, N. M. Vaxevanidis

26. Advanced Manufacturing and Industrie 4.0 for SME
Detlef Kochan, Ronald Miksche

27. Industrial Product Life Cycle Stages and Lifecycle Eco-design
Anca Iuga, Vasile Popa, Luminița Popa

28. Study on the Machinability Characteristics of Inconel 718 Super Alloy During Micro-Milling
Branislav Sredanovic, Globocki Lakic, Davorin Kramar, Janez Kopac

29. A Multi-parameter Experimental and Statistical Analysis of Surface Texture in Turning of a New Aluminum Matrix Steel Particulate Composite
N. M. Vaxevanidis, N. A. Fountas, G. V. Seretis, C. G. Provatidis, D. E. Manolakos

30. Influence of the Determination of FLC’s and FLSC’s and Their Application for Deep Drawing Process with Additional Force Transmission
B.-A. Behrens, A. Bouguecha, C. Bonk, D. Rosenbusch, N. Grbic, M. Vucetic

31. Biologically Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Flexible Process Planning
Milica Petrović, Zoran Miljković

32. Modelling and Analysis of 3-Axis Reconfigurable Hybrid Kinematics Mechanism with Translatory Actuated Joints
Goran Vasilic, Sasa Zivanovic, Branko Kokotovic

33. Influence of Ultrasonic Assistance on Delamination During Machining of CFRP Composite
Marcel Kuruc, Martin Necpal, Tomáš Vopát, Vladimír Šimna, Jozef Peterka

34. Microfluidic Chip Fabrication for Application in Low-Cost DIY MicroPIV
Jelena Pejović Simeunović, Ivana Gadjanski, Željko Janićijević, Milica M. Janković, Marko M. Barjaktarović, Novica Z. Janković, Đorđe S. Čantrak

35. R&D in a Fab Lab: Examples of Paste Extrusion Method
Borko Jovanović, Ivana Gadjanski, Jela Burazer, Luka Nikolić, Nina Babić, Milan Lečić

36. Manufacturing Technology of Aircraft and Wind Turbine Blades Models, Plugs and Moulds
Zorana Trivković, Jelena Svorcan, Ognjen Peković, Toni Ivanov

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment

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