Dyskin, Arcady

Bifurcation and Degradation of Geomaterials with Engineering Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Experimental Modeling of Instabilities Localization and Degradation

1. Localisation Precursors in Geomaterials?
J. Desrues, E. Andò, P. Bésuelle, G. Viggiani, L. Debove, P. Charrier, J. B. Toni

2. Water Saturation Induced Strength Degradation of Callovo-Oxfordian Claystone
Zaobao Liu, Jianfu Shao, Ying Xu

3. Propagation and Evolution of Strain Localization in Clay
Dunja Perić, Xindong Wu

4. Emergence of Strain Localization in Porous Rocks Characterized by Full-Field Measurement in Plane Strain Condition
Pierre Bésuelle, Patrizia Lanatà

5. Localization in Plane Strain Compression of Fluid-Saturated Rock
Roman Y. Makhnenko, Joseph F. Labuz

6. 3D Particle-Scale Displacement Gradient to Uncover the Onset of Shear Bands in Sand
Andrew M. Druckrey, Khalid A. Alshibli

7. Load Transmission by Granular Materials
Danuta Lesniewska

8. Periodic Stick-Slip Deformation of Granular Material Under Quasi-static Conditions
Danuta Lesniewska, Magdalena Pietrzak, Michal Nitka, Jacek Tejchman

Part II. Constitutive Modeling and Multi-physical Coupling for Localization, Instabilities and Degradation of Geomaterials

9. Modeling Physico-Chemical Degradation of Mechanical Properties to Assess Resilience of Geomaterials
T. Hueckel, M. Ciantia, B. Mielniczuk, M. S. El Youssouffi, L. B. Hu

10. Cyclic Elastoplastic Constitutive Model for Soils Based on Non-linear Kinematical Hardening Rule with Volumetric and Deviatoric Kinematical Parameters
Fusao Oka, Sayuri Kimoto

11. Theoretical Prediction of Strain Localization in Anisotropic Sand by Non-coaxial Elasto-Plasticity
Maosong Huang, Zhouquan Chen, Xilin Lu, Xiaoqiang Gu

12. Modeling Sand Behavior Under Partially Drained Stress Paths
M. S. Yaghtin, A. Lashkari

13. Prediction of Sand Instability Under Constant Shear Drained Paths
M. J. Alipour, A. Lashkari

14. Model Prediction of Static Liquefaction in Unsaturated Sands
Xilin Lu, Maosong Huang, Jiangu Qian

15. Microscale Analysis of the Effect of Suffusion on Soil Mechanical Properties
Rodaina Aboul Hosn, Cong Doan Nguyen, Luc Sibille, Nadia Benahmed, Bruno Chareyre

16. A Numerical Model of Internal Erosion for Multiphase Geomaterials
Sayuri Kimoto, Toshifumi Akaki, Benjamin Loret, Fusao Oka

17. Chemically Induced Strain Localization in Geomaterials
Ioannis Stefanou, Jean Sulem

18. Unstable Creeping in Geomaterials
Claudio Prisco, Federico Pisanò

19. The Effect of Rotational and Isotropic Hardening on the Onset of Compaction Bands
Chara Prassa, Sotiris Alevizos, Manolis Veveakis, Yannis F. Dafalias

20. Localisation of Deformation for Shearing of a Fault Gouge with Cosserat Microstructure and Different Couplings
H. Rattez, I. Stefanou, J. Sulem, M. Veveakis, T. Poulet

Part III. Numerical Modeling of Failure, Localized Deformation and Gravity Driven Flows

21. Multiscale Poromechanics: Fluid Flow, Solid Deformation, and Anisotropic Plasticity
Ronaldo I. Borja, Shabnam J. Semnani, Jinhyun Choo

22. Micromechanical Modelling of Suffusion: Towards the Stability Analysis of Hydraulic Structures
Antoine Wautier, Stéphane Bonelli, François Nicot

23. Rigorous Comparison of the Rudnicki-Rice and Vermeer Bifurcation Criteria
Marte Gutierrez

24. Second Gradient Models and Concrete Structures
G. Jouan, M. Soufflet, P. Kotronis, F. Collin

25. Fast Landslide Propagation: Alternative Modelling Techniques
M. Pastor, A. Yagüe, M. Martín Stickle, S. Moussavi, Chuan Lin, A. Furlanetto, D. Manzanal, P. Mira, J. A. Fernandez Merodo

26. Bifurcation Criteria for Strain Localization in Multiphysical Systems
Manolis Veveakis, Thomas Poulet, Sotiris Alevizos, Martin Paesold

27. Modelling Creeping and Catastrophic Failure of Thermomechanically Driven Landslides
A. Zervos, E. Alonso, N. Pinyol

28. Material Point Method Modelling of Landslides with Coupled Segregation
Benjy Marks, Itai Einav

29. Microstructural Effects on Strain Localization in a Multiscale Model for Hydro-Mechanical Coupling
A. P. Eijnden, P. Bésuelle, F. Collin, R. Chambon

30. Review and Comparison of Numerical Implementations for Cosserat Plasticity
Fahad Gulib, Stefanos-Aldo Papanicolopulos

Part IV. Soil-Tool/Machine Interaction

31. Sand to Mud to Fording: Modeling and Simulation for Off-Road Ground Vehicle Mobility Analysis
Dan Negrut, Hammad Mazhar

32. Large Deformation Modeling of Soil-Machine Interaction in Clay
Chong Peng, Mozhen Zhou, Wei Wu

33. Tracing the Salt Crystallization Front in Limestone Using the DRMS
Sevasti Modestou, Ioannis Ioannou

34. Bearing Capacity in Sand Under Eccentric and Inclined Loading Using a Bounding Surface Plasticity Model
Dimitrios Loukidis, Nektaria Ygeionomaki

Part V. Geomechanics for Energy, Environment and Geophysics

35. An X-FEM Algorithm for Modeling of Multi-zone Hydraulic Fracturing in Saturated Porous Media
M. Vahab, N. Khalili

36. Seismic Wave Field Generation in Heterogeneous Geological Media Containing Multiple Cavities
Ioanna-Kleoniki Fontara, Petia S. Dineva, Frank Wuttke, George D. Manolis

37. Multiscale Investigation of Microcrack-Induced Instability in Rocks
Mahdad Eghbalian, Richard Wan

38. Borehole Strengthening in Gas Wells from Near Borehole Drying
Euripides Papamichos

39. Wormholes: Chemically Damaged States in Carbonate Rocks During CO2-Acidized Fluid Flow
A. P. S. Selvadurai, C.-B. Couture

40. An Inversion Framework for Numerical Modelling of Pore Collapse in Soft Porous Rocks
Jack Lin, Mustafa Sari, Thomas Poulet, Manolis Veveakis

41. Thermo-Hydro-Mechanics in Shear Fracturing in Geothermal Reservoirs
Manman Hu, Manolis Veveakis, Thomas Poulet, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

42. Modelling of the Progressive Failure in a Wellbore Multilateral Junction with Cosserat Model
Panos Papanastasiou

43. Simulating Enhanced Production in Fractured Formations Using Dual Porosity Model with a Simplified Finite Element Algorithm
Yarlong Wang, Fotios E. Karaoulanis, Xinzhe Zhao, Xiang Li

Part VI. Micromechanics and Multi-scale Analysis of Instabilities and Degradation

44. Hierarchical Multiscale Modeling of Strain Localization in Granular Materials: A Condensed Overview and Perspectives
Jidong Zhao

45. Constitutive Modeling of Granular Geo-Materials Under High-Speed Impact
Takashi Matsushima, Kan Sato

46. Modelling Fabric Evolution of Granular Materials Along Proportional Strain Paths
Jinshan Shi, Peijun Guo

47. Localised Deformation of Weakly Cemented Sands: A Case Study
Ilaria Soriano, Elli-Maria Charalampidou, Helen Lewis, Gioacchino Viggiani, Jim Buckman, Gary Couples

48. Compaction Bands in a Porous Sandstone Sample with Pre-induced Shear Bands
Elli-Maria Charalampidou, Sergei Stanchits, Georg Dresen

49. Modelling Localization on Varying Scales
Eleni Gerolymatou, Carlos Grandas, Theodoros Triantafyllidis

50. Failure of Crushable Grains Using a Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Model
François Nader, Claire Silvani, Irini Djeran-Maigre

51. A Micro-Mechanical Analysis of Induced Anisotropic Damage in Initially Anisotropic Materials
Mei Qi, Albert Giraud, Jean-Baptist Colliat, Jian-Fu Shao

52. Strain Localization in High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites
Marta Miletić, Dunja Perić

53. On the Three-Dimensional Extension of the Micromechanically-Based H-Model
Hao Xiong, François Nicot, Zhenyu Yin

54. Borehole Instabilities in Granular Rocks Revisited: A Multiscale Perspective
Huanran Wu, Ning Guo, Jidong Zhao

55. Measuring Force-Chains in Opaque Granular Matter Under Shear
Eloïse Marteau, José Andrade

56. Investigations of Vortex-Structures in Granular Bodies Based on DEM and Helmholtz-Hodge Flow Field Decomposition
Jan Kozicki, Jacek Tejchman

57. Restoring Mesh Independency in FEM-DEM Multi-scale Modelling of Strain Localization Using Second Gradient Regularization
J. Desrues, A. Argilaga, S. Dal Pont, G. Combe, D. Caillerie, T. kein Nguyen

58. Strain Localization as a Function of Topological Changes in Mesoscopic Granular Structures
Nejib Hadda, Richard Wan, François Nicot, Félix Darve

59. Hill’s Lemma of Homogeneity for Granular Materials and Discrete Media
D. Caillerie

60. Framework for Multiscale Flow Simulation of Deformable Rocks
Martin Lesueur, Maria Camila Casadiego, Thomas Poulet, Manolis Veveakis

61. Localized Compaction in Tuffeau de Maastricht: Experiments and Modeling
A. Papazoglou, G. Shahin, F. Marinelli, C. Dano, G. Buscarnera, G. Viggiani

62. Strain Localisation in Sand in Cycles of Triaxial Compression and Extension: Continuum and Grain-Scale Analysis
E. Andò, E. Salvatore, J. Desrues, P. Charrier, J.-B. Toni, G. Modoni, G. Viggiani

63. Analysis of Shear Bands in Sand Under Reduced Gravity Conditions
Jason P. Marshall, Ryan C. Hurley, Dan Arthur, Ivan Vlahinic, Carmine Senatore, Karl Iagnemma, Brian Trease, José E. Andrade

64. Instability Analysis of Granular Media via a Purely Micromechanical Constitutive Model
Mehdi Pouragha, Richard Wan, Xu Gong

Part VII. Hans Muhlhaus Tribute

65. Interplay Between Symmetry and Anti-symmetry in the Evolution of Localized Buckle Patterns
M. K. Paesold, T. J. Dodwell, G. W. Hunt

66. Coupled Phenomena and Instability in Fault Zones
Jean Sulem, Ioannis Stefanou

67. Modelling Grain Damage Under Plane Strain Compression Using a Micro-polar Continuum
Erich Bauer, Linke Li, Mohammadkeya Khosravi

68. Opening of Mode I Fractures in Geomaterials with Rotating Particles: Small-Scale Cosserat Continuum Approach and Its Verification
E. Pasternak, A. V. Dyskin, M. Esin, Y. Xu

69. Strain Localization with Rate Dependent Models Versus Cosserat Continuum: An Illustrative Example
Ioannis Stefanou, Jean Sulem

70. A Breakage Diffusion Model for Strength Softening Rock
Hans Muhlhaus, Lutz Gross

71. Numerical Simulations of Debris Flows and Its Application in Hazard Assessments
K. T. Chau

72. Customized Coarse Models for Highly Heterogeneous Materials
T. J. Dodwell, A. Sandhu, R. Scheichl

73. Physical and Mathematical Modeling of Erosion Processes Across the Scales
A. Scheuermann, H.-B. Muehlhaus, S. Galindo-Torres, H. M. D. Harshani, M. Aminpour, T. Bittner, P. To, M. Gholami-Korzani, D. Pedroso, L. Li, L. Gross

74. Modelling of Shear Localization During Granular Flow Within Non-local Hypoplasticity Using Material Point Method
Pawel Hajko, Jacek Tejchman

75. Instability of Geomaterials Caused by Transitional Negative Stiffness
Arcady Dyskin, Elena Pasternak

76. DEM Modelling of Instability of Particulate Materials. Transitional Negative Stiffness
Yuan Xu, Elena Pasternak, Arcady Dyskin

77. The Effect of Constriction in Hydraulic Fracturing
Junxian He, Elena Pasternak, Arcady Dyskin, Maxim Lebedev, Boris Gurevich

Keywords: Engineering, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences

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Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering
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