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Quantitative Psychology

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Table of contents

1. New Results on an Improved Parallel EM Algorithm for Estimating Generalized Latent Variable Models
Matthias Davier

2. Properties of Second-Order Exponential Models as Multidimensional Response Models
Carolyn J. Anderson, Hsiu-Ting Yu

3. Pseudo-likelihood Estimation of Multidimensional Response Models: Polytomous and Dichotomous Items
Youngshil Paek, Carolyn J. Anderson

4. Fitting Graded Response Models to Data with Non-Normal Latent Traits
Tzu-Chun Kuo, Yanyan Sheng

5. An Extension of Rudner-Based Consistency and Accuracy Indices for Multidimensional Item Response Theory
Wenyi Wang, Lihong Song, Shuliang Ding

6. Supporting Diagnostic Inferences Using Significance Tests for Subtest Scores
William Lorié

7. A Comparison of Two MCMC Algorithms for the 2PL IRT Model
Meng-I Chang, Yanyan Sheng

8. Similar DIFs: Differential Item Functioning and Factorial Invariance for Scales with Seven (“Plus or Minus Two”) Response Alternatives
David Thissen

9. Finally! A Valid Test of Configural Invariance Using Permutation in Multigroup CFA
Terrence D. Jorgensen, Benjamin A. Kite, Po-Yi Chen, Stephen D. Short

10. Outcries of Dual Scaling: The Key Is Duality
Shizuhiko Nishisato

11. The Most Predictable Criterion with Fallible Data
Seock-Ho Kim

12. Asymmetric Multidimensional Scaling of Subjective Similarities Among Occupational Categories
Akinori Okada, Takuya Hayashi

13. On the Relationship Between Squared Canonical Correlation and Matrix Norm
Kentaro Hayashi, Ke-Hai Yuan, Lu Liang

14. Breaking Through the Sum Scoring Barrier
James O. Ramsay, Marie Wiberg

15. Overestimation of Reliability by Guttman’s λ
4, λ
5, and λ
6 and the Greatest Lower Bound
Pieter R. Oosterwijk, L. Andries Ark, Klaas Sijtsma

16. The Performance of Five Reliability Estimates in Multidimensional Test Situations
Shuying Sha, Terry Ackerman

17. Weighted Guttman Errors: Handling Ties and Two-Level Data
Letty Koopman, Bonne J. H. Zijlstra, L. Andries Ark

18. Measuring Cognitive Processing Capabilities in Solving Mathematical Problems
Susan Embretson

19. Parameter Constraints of the Logit Form of the Reduced RUM
Hans-Friedrich Köhn

20. Hypothesis Testing for Item Consistency Index in Cognitive Diagnosis
Lihong Song, Wenyi Wang

21. Irreplaceability of a Reachability Matrix
Shuliang Ding, Wenyi Wang, Fen Luo, Jianhua Xiong, Yaru Meng

22. Ensuring Test Quality over Time by Monitoring the Equating Transformations
Marie Wiberg

23. An Illustration of the Epanechnikov and Adaptive Continuization Methods in Kernel Equating
Jorge González, Alina A. Davier

24. (The Potential for) Accumulated Linking Error in Trend Measurement in Large-Scale Assessments
Lauren Harrell

25. IRT Observed-Score Equating with the Nonequivalent Groups with Covariates Design
Valentina Sansivieri, Marie Wiberg

26. Causal Inference with Observational Multilevel Data: Investigating Selection and Outcome Heterogeneity
Jee-Seon Kim, Wen-Chiang Lim, Peter M. Steiner

27. Nonequivalent Groups with Covariates Design Using Propensity Scores for Kernel Equating
Gabriel Wallin, Marie Wiberg

28. A Mixture Partial Credit Model Analysis Using Language-Based Covariates
Seohyun Kim, Minho Kwak, Allan S. Cohen

29. Investigating Constraint-Weighted Item Selection Procedures in Unfolding CAT
Ya-Hui Su

30. Rating Scale Format and Item Sensitivity to Response Style in Large-Scale Assessments
Sien Deng, Daniel M. Bolt

31. Mode Comparability Studies for a High-Stakes Testing Program
Dongmei Li, Qing Yi, Deborah J. Harris

32. Power Analysis for t-Test with Non-normal Data and Unequal Variances
Han Du, Zhiyong Zhang, Ke-Hai Yuan

33. Statistical Power Analysis for Comparing Means with Binary or Count Data Based on Analogous ANOVA
Yujiao Mai, Zhiyong Zhang

34. Robust Bayesian Estimation in Causal Two-Stage Least Squares Modeling with Instrumental Variables
Dingjing Shi, Xin Tong

35. Measuring Grit Among First-Generation College Students: A Psychometric Analysis
Brooke Midkiff, Michelle Langer, Cynthia Demetriou, A. T. Panter

36. A Comparison of Item Parameter and Standard Error Recovery Across Different R Packages for Popular Unidimensional IRT Models
Taeyoung Kim, Insu Paek

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Psychometrics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Psychological Methods/Evaluation

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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9 pages
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