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Table of contents

1. Biological Relevance of Network Architecture
Ioannis Gkigkitzis, Ioannis Haranas, Ilias Kotsireas

2. Design of a Compensator Network to Stabilize Chaotic Tumor Growth
Michael Harney, Julie Seal

3. Evaluation of Anti-Epileptic Effect of New Indole Derivatives by Estimation of Biogenic Amines Concentrations in Rat Brain
Konda Swathi, Manda Sarangapani

4. Does Health Perception, Dietary Habits and Lifestyle Effect Optimism? A Quantitative and Qualitative Study
Aikaterini Kargakou, Athanasios Sachlas, Georgios Lyrakos, Sofia Zyga, Maria Tsironi, Andrea Paola Rojas Gil

5. Moderating Nutritious Habits in Psychiatric Patients Using Transtheoretical Model of Change and Counseling
Konstantina Anastopoulou, Evangelos C. Fradelos, Evdokia Misouridou, Michael Kourakos, Aristea Berk, Ioanna V. Papathanasiou, Christos Kleisiaris, Sofia Zyga

6. Approaches on Generating Optimized Sequences of Items Used in Assessment
Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Daniel Nijloveanu, Nicolae Bold

7. Evaluation of Pulse Oximetry Knowledge of Greek Registered Nurses
John Stathoulis, Maria Tsironi, Nikolaos Konofaos, Sofia Zyga, Victoria Alikari, Evangelos C. Fradelos, Helen Bakola, George Panoutsopoulos

8. Psychodynamic Leadership Approach and Leader-Member Exchange (LMX): A Psychiatric Perspective on Two Leadership Theories and Implications for Training Future Psychiatrist Leaders
Christos Plakiotis

9. An Approach of Non-Linear Systems Through Fuzzy Control Based on Takagi-Sugeno Method
Andreas Giannakis, Konstantinos Giannakis, Athanasios Karlis

10. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patient Clustering Based on Somatic Hypermutation (SHM) Analysis
Eleftheria Polychronidou, Aliki Xochelli, Panagiotis Moschonas, Stavros Papadopoulos, Anastasia Hatzidimitriou, Panayiotis Vlamos, Kostas Stamatopoulos, Dimitrios Tzovaras

11. Development of Novel Indole Molecules for the Screening of Anti-Inflammatory Activity
Konda Swathi, Cidda Manasa, Manda Sarangapani

12. Short Review on Quantum Key Distribution Protocols
Dimitris Giampouris

13. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in Psychiatry Education: A Review of Its Role in Competency-Based Assessment
Christos Plakiotis

14. The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Training in Algorithmic Thinking Skills Enhancement
Antonia Plerou, Panayiotis Vlamos, Chris Triantafillidis

15. QM Automata: A New Class of Restricted Quantum Membrane Automata
Konstantinos Giannakis, Alexandros Singh, Kalliopi Kastampolidou, Christos Papalitsas, Theodore Andronikos

16. On the Detection of Overlapped Network Communities via Weight Redistributions
Stavros I. Souravlas, Angelo Sifaleras

17. PerSubs: A Graph-Based Algorithm for the Identification of Perturbed Subpathways Caused by Complex Diseases
Aristidis G. Vrahatis, Angeliki Rapti, Spyros Sioutas, Athanasios Tsakalidis

18. MiR-140-3p Downregulation in Association with PDL-1 Overexpression in Many Cancers: A Review from the Literature Using Predictive Bioinformatics Tools
Nikolaos Kapodistrias, Catherine Bobori, Georgia Theocharopoulou

19. Spontaneous Neuronal Network Persistent Activity in the Neocortex: A(n) (Endo)phenotype of Brain (Patho)physiology
Pavlos Rigas, Leonidas J. Leontiadis, Panagiotis Tsakanikas, Irini Skaliora

20. Evaluating the Homeostasis Assessment Model Insulin Resistance and the Cardiac Autonomic System in Bariatric Surgery Patients: A Meta-Analysis
Styliani A. Geronikolou, Konstantinos Albanopoulos, George Chrousos, Dennis Cokkinos

21. Association of Type 1 Diabetes, Social Support, Illness and Treatment Perception with Health Related Quality of Life
Mekonen Yerusalem, Sofia Zyga, Paraskevi Theofilou

22. Network Load Balancing Using Modular Arithmetic Computations
Stavros I. Souravlas, Angelo Sifaleras

23. A Quantum Inspired GVNS: Some Preliminary Results
Christos Papalitsas, Panayiotis Karakostas, Kalliopi Kastampolidou

24. Self-Optimized Computational Method Calculating Robust b Values for Earthquake Catalogs Containing Small Number of Events
Konstantinos Arvanitakis, Romanos Kalamatianos, Markos Avlonitis

25. The Use of Translational Research Platforms in Clinical and Biomedical Data Exploration
Konstantina Skolariki, Antigoni Avramouli

26. EEG Analysis of the Neurofeedback Training Effect in Algorithmic Thinking
Antonia Plerou, Panayiotis Vlamos, Aikaterini Margetaki

27. Formal Models of Biological Systems
Georgia Theocharopoulou, Catherine Bobori, Panayiotis Vlamos

Keywords: Life Sciences, Systems Biology, Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
7 pages
Natural Sciences
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