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Learning from Dynamic Visualization

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Table of contents

Part I. Innovations in Representation and Design

1. A Composition Approach to Design of Educational Animations
Richard Lowe, Jean-Michel Boucheix

2. Learning from Animations: From 2D to 3D?
Stephan Schwan, Frank Papenmeier

3. Looking Across Instead of Back and Forth: How the Simultaneous Presentation of Multiple Animation Episodes Facilitates Learning
Rolf Ploetzner, Richard Lowe

4. Learning from Static and Dynamic Visualizations: What Kind of Questions Should We Ask?
Inga Wagner, Wolfgang Schnotz

5. The Role of Craft-Based Knowledge in the Design of Dynamic Visualizations
Jodie Jenkinson

6. Designing Instructional Science Visualizations in the Trenches: Where Research Meets Production Reality
Gaël G. McGill

Part II. Innovations in Assessment

7. Dynamic Visuospatial Ability and Learning from Dynamic Visualizations
Christopher A. Sanchez, Jennifer Wiley

8. Demonstration Tasks for Assessment
Richard Lowe, Jean-Michel Boucheix, Benjamin Fillisch

9. Assessing Science Inquiry and Reasoning Using Dynamic Visualizations and Interactive Simulations
Jodi L. Davenport, Edys S. Quellmalz

10. Design of Effective Dynamic Visualizations: A Struggle Between the Beauty and the Beast? Commentary on Parts I and II
Katharina Scheiter

Part III. Innovations in Scaffolding

11. Attention Guidance Strategies for Supporting Learning from Dynamic Visualizations
Björn B. Koning, Halszka Jarodzka

12. Learning Three-Dimensional Anatomical Structures with Animation: Effect of Orientation References and Learners’ Spatial Ability
Sandra Berney, Mireille Bétrancourt

Part IV. Innovations in Learner Engagement

13. Self-generated Drawing: A Help or Hindrance to Learning from Animation?
Richard Lowe, Lucia Mason

14. Drawing for Promoting Learning and Engagement with Dynamic Visualizations
Mike Stieff

15. Strategies for Learning from Animation With and Without Narration
Rolf Ploetzner, Bianka Breyer

16. Guiding Cognitive Processing During Learning with Animations: Commentary on Parts III and IV
Richard E. Mayer

Keywords: Education, Learning & Instruction, Educational Psychology, Science Education

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