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Transdisciplinary Higher Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Educational Perspectives on Transdisciplinarity

1. Transdisciplinary Pedagogy in Higher Education: Transdisciplinary Learning, Learning Cycles and Habits of Minds
Sue L. T. McGregor

2. Seeing What Is Questionable: Transformative Pedagogies and the Hermeneutic Subject
Jon Nixon

3. Interdisciplinarity, Transdisciplinarity and the Higher Education Curriculum
David Scott

4. Transdisciplinary Thinking: Pedagogy for Complexity
Paul Gibbs

Part II. Contexts for Transdisciplinary Practice

5. A Transdisciplinary Approach to Postgraduate Research Education: Challenges and Strategies
Barbara Hawkins

6. Transdisciplinary Content Pedagogy in Undergraduate Engineering Education: Being Pulled Up Short
H. Greenhalgh-Spencer, K. Frias, A. Ertas

7. Integrating Architecture and Crime Science: A Transdisciplinary Challenge
Hervé Borrion, Daniel Koch

8. Lessons Learned in Transdisciplinary Graduate Education: Claremont Graduate University’s Decade-Long Experiment
Patricia Easton

9. A New Kind of Learning: Somatics, Dance Improvisation and Transdisciplinarity
Vida L. Midgelow

10. Working in Corners, Spaces, Bends and Turns: How Transdisciplinary Approaches and Attitudes Might Challenge and Shape the Practices of Educational Developers and Early Career Academics
Carole L. Davis

Part III. Issues Relating to Transdisciplinarity

11. Technological Singularity: The Dark Side
Basarab Nicolescu

12. Transdisciplinarity as a Global Anthropology of Learning
Kate Maguire

13. ArtScience and the Metaphors of Embodied Realism
Brett Wilson

14. We Have a Choice: Transdisciplinary Research or Action Research for a Professional Doctorate Research Programme?
Ifan D. H. Shepherd

Part IV. How to Build Bridges: Career Stories That Connect the Humanities and the Sciences

15. How to Build Bridges: Career Stories that Connect the Humanities and the Sciences
Kenneth L. Campbell, Arthur Eisenkraft, Margaret Hart, Conevery Bolton Valencius, S. Maria Sonin, Jungah Kim

Keywords: Education, Higher Education, Professional & Vocational Education, Educational Philosophy

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