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Coastal Wetlands: Alteration and Remediation

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Table of contents

Part I. Impacts of Urbanization, Agricultural Occupation, Pollution, Climate Change, and Coastal Marine Influences

1. The Florida Everglades: An Overview of Alteration and Restoration
Charles W. Finkl, Christopher Makowski

2. Recent Agricultural Occupation and Environmental Regeneration of Salt Marshes in Northern Spain
Ane García-Artola, Alejandro Cearreta, María Jesús Irabien

3. Impact of Urbanization on the Evolution of Mangrove Ecosystems in the Wouri River Estuary (Douala Cameroon)
Ndongo Din, Vanessa Maxemilie Ngo-Massou, Guillaume Léopold Essomè-Koum, Eugene Ndema-Nsombo, Ernest Kottè-Mapoko, Laurant Nyamsi-Moussian

4. Impacts of Coastal Land Use Changes on Mangrove Wetlands at Sungai Mangsalut Basin in Brunei Darussalam
Shafi Noor Islam, Umar Abdul Aziz Bin Yahya

5. Land Use and Occupation of Coastal Tropical Wetlands: Whale Coast, Bahia, Brazil
Sirius O. Souza, Camara C. Vale, Regina C. Oliveira

6. Degraded Coastal Wetland Ecosystems in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Rivers Delta Region of Bangladesh
Shafi Noor Islam, Sandra Reinstädtler, Albrecht Gnauck

7. Handling High Soil Trace Elements Pollution: Case Study of the Odiel and Tinto Rivers Estuary and the Accompanying Salt Marshes (Southwest Iberian Peninsula)
Sara Muñoz Vallés, Jesús Cambrollé, Jesús M. Castillo, Guillermo Curado, Juan Manuel Mancilla-Leytón, M. Enrique Figueroa-Clemente

8. El Yali National Reserve: A System of Coastal Wetlands in the Southern Hemisphere Affected by Contemporary Climate Change and Tsunamis
Manuel Contreras-López, Julio Salcedo-Castro, Fernanda Cortés-Molina, Pablo Figueroa-Nagel, Hernán Vergara-Cortés, Rodrigo Figueroa-Sterquel, Cyntia E. Mizobe

Part II. Impacts of Coastal Engineering and Environmental Degradation

9. Physical and Morphological Changes to Wetlands Induced by Coastal Structures
Germán Daniel Rivillas-Ospina, Gabriel Ruiz-Martinez, Rodolfo Silva, Edgar Mendoza, Carlos Pacheco, Guillermo Acuña, Juan Rueda, Angélica Felix, Jesús Pérez, Carlos Pinilla

10. Long Term Impacts of Jetties and Training Walls on Estuarine Hydraulics and Ecologies
Alexander F. Nielsen, Angus D. Gordon

11. Mangrove Degradation in the Sundarbans
Ashis Kr. Paul, Ratnadip Ray, Amrit Kamila, Subrata Jana

12. Assessment of Anthropogenic Threats to the Biological Resources of Kaliveli Lake, India: A Coastal Wetland
Krishnan Silambarasan, Arumugam Sundaramanickam

13. Egyptian Nile Delta Coastal Lagoons: Alteration and Subsequent Restoration
Ayman A. El-Gamal

Part III. Restoration Techniques, Ecological Aesthetics, and Ecosystem Conservation (Sustainability and Biodiversity)

14. Coastal Wetland Restoration: Concepts, Methodology, and Application Areas Along the Indian Coast
Ramasamy Manivanan

15. Ecological Aesthetics Perspective for Coastal Wetland Conservation
LeeHsueh Lee

16. Estuarine Ecoclines and the Associated Fauna: Ecological Information as the Basis for Ecosystem Conservation
Mário Barletta, André R. A. Lima, Monica F. Costa, David V. Dantas

17. Alteration and Remediation of Coastal Wetland Ecosystems in the Danube Delta: A Remote-Sensing Approach
Simona Niculescu, Cédric Lardeux, Jenica Hanganu

18. Implementation of a Wildlife Management Unit as a Sustainable Support Measure Within the Palo Verde Estuary, Mexico: Example of the American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus)
Omar Cervantes, Aramis Olivos-Ortiz, Refugio Anguiano-Cuevas, Concepción Contreras, Juan Carlos Chávez-Comparan

19. Mangrove Inventory, Monitoring, and Health Assessment
Ajai, H. B. Chauhan

20. How Can Accurate Landing Stats Help in Designing Better Fisheries and Environmental Management for Western Atlantic Estuaries?
Mário Barletta, André R. A. Lima, David V. Dantas, Igor M. Oliveira, Jurandyr Reis Neto, Cezar A. F. Fernandes, Eduardo G. G. Farias, Jorge L. R. Filho, Monica F. Costa

21. Returning the Tide to Dikelands in a Macrotidal and Ice-Influenced Environment: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Laura K. Boone, Jeff Ollerhead, Myriam A. Barbeau, Allen D. Beck, Brian G. Sanderson, Nic R. McLellan

22. Macrobenthic Assemblage in the Rupsha-Pasur River System of the Sundarbans Ecosystem (Bangladesh) for the Sustainable Management of Coastal Wetlands
Salma Begum

23. Ecological Services of Intertidal Benthic Fauna and the Sustenance of Coastal Wetlands Along the Midnapore (East) Coast, West Bengal, India
Susanta Kumar Chakraborty

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Coastal Sciences, Biogeosciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Hydrogeology, Conservation Biology/Ecology

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