Hubley, Anita M.

Understanding and Investigating Response Processes in Validation Research

Hubley, Anita M. - Understanding and Investigating Response Processes in Validation Research, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Response Processes in the Context of Validity: Setting the Stage
Anita M. Hubley, Bruno D. Zumbo

2. Response Processes and Measurement Validity in Health Psychology
Mark R. Beauchamp, Desmond McEwan

3. Contributions of Response Processes Analysis to the Validation of an Assessment of Higher Education Students’ Competence in Business and Economics
Sebastian Brückner, James W. Pellegrino

4. Ecological Framework of Item Responding as Validity Evidence: An Application of Multilevel DIF Modeling Using PISA Data
Michelle Y. Chen, Bruno D. Zumbo

5. Putting Flesh on the Psychometric Bone: Making Sense of IRT Parameters in Non-cognitive Measures by Investigating the Social-Cognitive Aspects of the Items
Anita M. Hubley, Amery D. Wu, Yan Liu, Bruno D. Zumbo

6. Some Observations on Response Processes Research and Its Future Theoretical and Methodological Directions
Mihaela Launeanu, Anita M. Hubley

7. A Model Building Approach to Examining Response Processes as a Source of Validity Evidence for Self-Report Items and Measures
Mihaela Launeanu, Anita M. Hubley

8. Response Processes and Validity Evidence: Controlling for Emotions in Think Aloud Interviews
Jacqueline P. Leighton, Wei Tang, Qi Guo

9. Response Time Data as Validity Evidence: Has It Lived Up To Its Promise and, If Not, What Would It Take to Do So
Zhi Li, Jayanti Banerjee, Bruno D. Zumbo

10. Observing Testing Situations: Validation as Jazz
Bryan Maddox, Bruno D. Zumbo

11. A Rationale for and Demonstration of the Use of DIF and Mixed Methods
José-Luis Padilla, Isabel Benítez

12. Cognitive Interviewing and Think Aloud Methods
José-Luis Padilla, Jacqueline P. Leighton

13. Some Thoughts on Gathering Response Processes Validity Evidence in the Context of Online Measurement and the Digital Revolution
Lara B. Russell, Anita M. Hubley

14. Longitudinal Change in Response Processes: A Response Shift Perspective
Richard Sawatzky, Tolulope T. Sajobi, Ronak Brahmbhatt, Eric K. H. Chan, Lisa M. Lix, Bruno D. Zumbo

15. Validating a Distractor-Driven Geometry Test Using a Generalized Diagnostic Classification Model
Benjamin R. Shear, Louis A. Roussos

16. Understanding Test-Taking Strategies for a Reading Comprehension Test via Latent Variable Regression with Pratt’s Importance Measures
Amery D. Wu, Bruno D. Zumbo

17. An Investigation of Writing Processes Employed in Scenario-Based Assessment
Mo Zhang, Danjie Zou, Amery D. Wu, Paul Deane, Chen Li

18. National and International Educational Achievement Testing: A Case of Multi-level Validation Framed by the Ecological Model of Item Responding
Bruno D. Zumbo, Yan Liu, Amery D. Wu, Barry Forer, Benjamin R. Shear

19. On Models and Modeling in Measurement and Validation Studies
Bruno D. Zumbo

Keywords: Social Sciences, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Psychological Methods/Evaluation, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Quality of Life Research

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Social Indicators Research Series
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13 pages
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