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Mechanics for Materials and Technologies

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Table of contents

1. Multi-mode Symmetric and Asymmetric Solutions in the Jeffery–Hamel Problem for a Convergent Channel
Leonid D. Akulenko, Dimitri V. Georgievskii, Sergey A. Kumakshev

2. Riemann’s Method in Plasticity: A Review
Sergei Alexandrov

3. Homogenization of Corrugated Plates Based on the Dimension Reduction for the Periodicity Cell Problem
Boris D. Annin, Alexander G. Kolpakov, Sergei I. Rakin

4. Consideration of Non-uniform and Non-orthogonal Mechanical Loads for Structural Analysis of Photovoltaic Composite Structures
Marcus Aßmus, Stefan Bergmann, Johanna Eisenträger, Konstantin Naumenko, Holm Altenbach

5. Block Element Method for the Stamps of the no Classical Form
Vladimir A. Babeshko, Olga V. Evdokimova, Olga M. Babeshko

6. On the Irreversible Deformations Growth in the Material with Elastic, Viscous, and Plastic Properties and Additional Requirements to Yield Criteria
Alexandra S. Begun, Alexander A. Burenin, Larisa V. Kovtanyuk, Galina L. Panchenko, Alexander N. Prokudin

7. On Nonlocal Surface Elasticity and Propagation of Surface Anti-Plane Waves
Victor A. Eremeyev

8. Deformation of Spherical Inclusion in an Elastic Body with Account for Influence of Interface Considered as Infinitesimal Layer with Abnormal Properties
Robert V. Goldstein, Valentin A. Gorodtsov, Konstantin B. Ustinov

9. Analysis of Internal Stresses in a Viscoelastic Layer in Sliding Contact
Irina G. Goryacheva, Feodor I. Stepanov, Elena V. Torskaya

10. On the Problem of Diffusion in Materials Under Vibrations
Dmitry A. Indeitsev, Yulia A. Mochalova

11. A Study of Objective Time Derivatives in Material and Spatial Description
Elena Ivanova, Elena Vilchevskaya, Wolfgang H. Müller

12. On Electronically Restoring an Imperfect Vibratory Gyroscope to an Ideal State
Stephan V. Joubert, Michael Y. Shatalov, Hiltje Spoelstra

13. Shock Wave Rise Time and the Viscosity of Liquids and Solids
Gennady I. Kanel, Andrey S. Savinykh, Gennady V. Garkushin, Alexander V. Pavlenko, Sergey V. Razorenov

14. Lowest Vibration Modes of Strongly Inhomogeneous Elastic Structures
Julius Kaplunov, Danila A. Prikazchikov, Olga Sergushova

15. Geometrical Inverse Thermoelastic Problem for Multiple Inhomogeneities
Alexander V. Kaptsov, Efim I. Shifrin

16. Indentation of the Regular System of Punches into the Foundation with Routh Coating
Kirill E. Kazakov, Svetlana P. Kurdina

17. Physical Modeling of Rock Deformation and Fracture in the Vicinity of Well for Deep Horizons
Dmitry M. Klimov, Vladimir I. Karev, Yury F. Kovalenko

18. Full Axially Symmetric Contact of a Rigid Punch with a Rough Elastic Half-Space
Ilya I. Kudish

19. Geometric Aspects of the Theory of Incompatible Deformations in Growing Solids
Sergei A. Lychev

20. Free Vibrations of a Transversely Isotropic Plate with Application to a Multilayer Nano-Plate
Nikita F. Morozov, Petr E. Tovstik, Tatyana P. Tovstik

21. On Thermodynamics of Wave Processes of Heat Transport
Evgenii V. Murashkin, Yuri N. Radayev

22. The Technological Stresses in a Vaulted Structure Built Up on a Falsework
Dmitry A. Parshin

23. Reversible Plasticity Shape-Memory Effect in Epoxy Nanocomposites: Experiments, Modeling and Predictions
Abishera Ravichandra Rajkumar, Velmurugan Ramachandran, Kondagunta Veeraraghavan Nagendra Gopal, Narinder Kumar Gupta

24. The Dynamics of an Accreting Vibrating Rod
Michael Y. Shatalov, Stephan V. Joubert, Igor A. Fedotov, Masodi Lesiba Glen Lekalakala, Judith Nomantande Maureen Bidie

25. A New, Direct Approach Toward Modeling Rate-Dependent Fatigue Failure of Metals
Si-Yu Wang, Lin Zhan, Zheng-Nan Yin, Heng Xiao

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Materials Engineering

Publication year
Advanced Structured Materials
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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