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Sustainable Nutrition in a Changing World

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Table of contents

Part I. Food and Nutrition Security (Johanna Dwyer/Adam Drewnowski)

1. Overview: Food and Nutrition Security
Johanna T. Dwyer, Adam Drewnowski

2. Sustainable, Healthy Diets: Models and Measures
Adam Drewnowski

3. Measuring Food Insecurity
Katia Castetbon

4. Modeling Sustainable Nutrition Security
David I. Gustafson

Part II. Social Disparities in Food and Nutrition Security (Jana Rückert-John)

5. Nutrition Security in Older Adults: Status Quo and Future Development
Christine A. F. Arnim

6. Rationale for a Combination of Selected Micronutrients to Improve Cognition and Prevent or Slow Down Age-Related Cognitive Impairment
Hans Konrad Biesalski

7. Food Insecurity and Poverty in Germany
Sabine Pfeiffer, Tobias Ritter, Elke Oestreicher

8. Meat Consumption and Sustainability: How Might It Be Possible to Change the Behavior of Consumers?
Jana Rückert-John

9. Food Insecurity: Determinants and Impacts
Nicole Darmon, France Caillavet

Part III. Consequences of Nutrition Insecurity (Hans Konrad Biesalski/JJ Strain)

10. Sustainable Micronutrients in Europe: Is There Cause for Concern?
Hans Konrad Biesalski

11. Micronutrient Status in Affluent Societies
Barbara Troesch

12. The B-Vitamins
JJ Strain, Catherine Hughes, Kristina Pentieva, Mary Ward, Leane Hoey, Helene McNulty

13. Iron and Zinc: Two Principal Trace Element Nutrients in the Context of Food Security Transitions
Noel W. Solomons, Klaus Schümann

14. Iodine Deficiency: Achievements and Challenges for the 21st Century
Alida Melse-Boonstra

15. Adequate Protein in Nutrition: Arguments for More or Less?
Andreas F. H. Pfeiffer

16. Malnutrition: Consequences for Clinical Outcomes in the Context of German Hospitals
Carl Meißner

Part IV. Solutions and Future Challenges (Manfred Eggersdorfer/Peter Weber)

17. Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security in Affluent Societies
Peter Weber

18. The Food Industry as a Partner for Public Health?
Jörg Spieldenner, Janet H. Matope

19. Improving Food and Nutrition Security in Affluent Societies: The View of a Food Ingredients Manufacturer
Marcel Wubbolts

20. Food and Nutrition Security: A Consumer Perspective
Klaus G. Grunert

21. Food Chain Processes and Food Quality
M. A. J. S. (Tiny) Boekel

22. The Bioavailability of Carotenoid Forms
Loni Schweikert

23. The Stability of Vitamins A and E in Edible Oils
Marc Pignitter, Veronika Somoza

24. The Search for Optimal Macronutrient Recommendations
Wim H. M. Saris

25. Producing Sufficient Animal-Source Protein for the Growing World Population
Gilbert M. Weber, Wilhelm Windisch

26. Nutrient Density: An Important Concept to Ensure Food and Nutrition Security in Modern Societies
Barbara Troesch, Peter Weber, Adam Drewnowski

27. Does It Work? Is It Worth It? Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Nutritional Interventions
Simon Wieser, Christina Tzogiou

28. Approaches to Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security in the Elderly
M. H. Mohajeri, P. Weber, M. Eggersdorfer

29. The Role of Food Fortification: The Example of Folic Acid
Helene McNulty

30. The Role of Fortification and Dietary Supplements in Affluent Countries: Challenges and Opportunities
Johanna T. Dwyer, Regan L. Bailey

Keywords: Chemistry, Nutrition, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Health Economics, Quality of Life Research

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