Sulieman, Saad

Legume Nitrogen Fixation in Soils with Low Phosphorus Availability

Sulieman, Saad - Legume Nitrogen Fixation in Soils with Low Phosphorus Availability, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Role of Legume-Rhizobium Symbiosis in Sustainable Agriculture
Takuji Ohyama

2. P Deficiency: A Major Limiting Factor for Rhizobial Symbiosis
Alvaro Sanz-Saez, Fermín Morales, Cesar Arrese-Igor, Iker Aranjuelo

3. The Influence of Phosphate Deficiency on Legume Symbiotic N2 Fixation
Davide Martins, Anca Macovei, Paola Leonetti, Alma Balestrazzi, Susana Araújo

4. Metabolism and Transport of Carbon in Legume Nodules Under Phosphorus Deficiency
Aleysia Kleinert, Rochelle Thuynsma, Anathi Magadlela, Vagner A. Benedito, Alex J. Valentine

5. Oxygen and the Regulation of N2 Fixation in Legume Nodules Under P Scarcity
Aleysia Kleinert, Marcellous Roux, Yun Kang, Alex J. Valentine

6. Transport and Metabolism of Nitrogen in Legume Nodules Under Phosphorus Deficiency
Mustafeez Mujtaba Babar, Najam-us-Sahar Sadaf Zaidi, Zeeshan Ali, Hira Siddiqui, Mariam Fatima, Fatima Abid, Syed Bilal Nizami, Aneeqa Noor, Ayesha Nazir Khan, Sarah Faisal, Alvina Gul

7. Examples of Belowground Mechanisms Enabling Legumes to Mitigate Phosphorus Deficiency
Mohamed Lazali, Adnane Bargaz

8. Role of Plant Hormones and Small Signalling Molecules in Nodulation Under P Stress
Eloise Foo

9. Molecular Communication and Nutrient Transfer of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Symbiotic Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria, and Host Plant in Tripartite Symbiosis
Chunling Chang, Fahad Nasir, Lina Ma, Chunjie Tian

10. Adaptation to Phosphate Stress by N2-Fixing Legumes: Lessons to Learn from the Model Medicago truncatula

Saad Sulieman, Lam-Son Phan Tran

11. Physiological Mechanisms and Adaptation Strategies in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Under P Deficiency
Maria Socorro Sánchez-Correa, Oswaldo Valdés-López

12. Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms and Adaptation Strategies in Soybean (Glycine max) Under Phosphate Deficiency
Prince Zogli, Lise Pingault, Marc Libault

13. White Lupin: A Model System for Understanding Plant Adaptation to Low Phosphorus Availability
Claudia Uhde-Stone

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Oxidative Stress, Soil Science & Conservation

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