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Classification, (Big) Data Analysis and Statistical Learning

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Table of contents

Part I. Big Data

1. From Big Data to Information: Statistical Issues Through a Case Study
Serena Signorelli, Silvia Biffignandi

2. Enhancing Big Data Exploration with Faceted Browsing
Sonia Bergamaschi, Giovanni Simonini, Song Zhu

3. Big Data Meet Pharmaceutical Industry: AnApplication on Social Media Data
Caterina Liberati, Paolo Mariani

4. Electre Tri Machine Learning Approach tothe Record Linkage
Valentina Minnetti, Renato Leone

Part II. Social Networks

5. Finite Sample Behavior of MLE in Network Autocorrelation Models
Michele Rocca, Giovanni C. Porzio, Maria Prosperina Vitale, Patrick Doreian

6. Network Analysis Methods for Classification of Roles
Simona Gozzo, Venera Tomaselli

7. MCA-Based Community Detection
Carlo Drago

8. Rank Properties for Centred Three-Way Arrays
Casper J. Albers, John C. Gower, Henk A. L. Kiers

9. Principal Component Analysis of Complex Data and Application to Climatology
Sergio Camiz, Silvia Creta

10. Motivations and Expectations of Students’ Mobility Abroad: A Mapping Technique
Valeria Caviezel, Anna Maria Falzoni, Sebastiano Vitali

11. Testing Circular Antipodal Symmetry Through Data Depths
Giuseppe Pandolfo, Giovanni Casale, Giovanni C. Porzio

12. Multivariate Stochastic Downscaling for Semicontinuous Data
Lucia Paci, Carlo Trivisano, Daniela Cocchi

13. Exploring Italian Students’ Performances in the SNV Test: A Quantile Regression Perspective
Antonella Costanzo, Domenico Vistocco

14. Estimating the Effect of Prenatal Care on Birth Outcomes
Emiliano Sironi, Massimo Cannas, Francesco Mola

15. Clustering Upper Level Units in Multilevel Models for Ordinal Data
Leonardo Grilli, Agnese Panzera, Carla Rampichini

16. Clustering Macroseismic Fields by Statistical Data Depth Functions
Claudio Agostinelli, Renata Rotondi, Elisa Varini

17. Comparison of Cluster Analysis Approaches for Binary Data
Giulia Contu, Luca Frigau

18. Classification Models as Tools of Bankruptcy Prediction—Polish Experience
Józef Pociecha, Barbara Pawełek, Mateusz Baryła, Sabina Augustyn

19. Quality of Classification Approaches forthe Quantitative Analysis ofInternational Conflict
Adalbert F. X. Wilhelm

20. P-Splines Based Clustering as a General Framework: Some Applications Using Different Clustering Algorithms
Carmela Iorio, Gianluca Frasso, Antonio D’Ambrosio, Roberta Siciliano

21. Comparing Multistep Ahead Forecasting Functions for Time Series Clustering
Marcella Corduas, Giancarlo Ragozini

22. Comparing Spatial and Spatio-temporal FPCA to Impute Large Continuous Gaps in Space
Mariantonietta Ruggieri, Antonella Plaia, Francesca Di Salvo

23. A Graphical Tool for Copula Selection Based on Tail Dependence
Roberta Pappadà, Fabrizio Durante, Nicola Torelli

24. Bayesian Networks for Financial Market Signals Detection
Alessandro Greppi, Maria E. De Giuli, Claudia Tarantola, Dennis M. Montagna

25. A Multilevel Heckman Model to Investigate Financial Assets Among Older People inEurope
Omar Paccagnella, Chiara Dal Bianco

26. Bifurcation and Sunspots in Continuous Time Optimal Model with Externalities
Beatrice Venturi, Alessandro Pirisinu

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Big Data

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Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization
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17 pages
Natural Sciences
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