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Table of contents

Part I. Dissertation Prizes

1. An Optimal Expansion Strategy for the German Railway Network Until 2030
Andreas Bärmann

2. On- and Offline Scheduling of Bidirectional Traffic
Elisabeth Lübbecke

3. Integrated Segmentation of Supply and Demand with Service Differentiation
Benedikt Schulte

Part II. Master’s Thesis Prizes

4. Improved Compact Models for the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
Alexander Tesch

5. A Precious Mess: On the Scattered Storage Assignment Problem
Felix Weidinger

6. Integrated Location-Inventory Optimization in Spare Parts Networks
Patrick Zech

Part III. Business Analytics and Forecasting

7. Towards Mathematical Programming Methods for Predicting User Mobility in Mobile Networks
Alberto Ceselli, Marco Premoli

8. Statistics Instead of Stopover—Range Predictions for Electric Vehicles
Christian Kluge, Stefan Schuster, Diana Sellner

9. Improving the Forecasting Accuracy of 2-Step Segmentation Models
Friederike Paetz

10. Field Service Technician Management 4.0
Michael Vössing, Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen

Part IV. Decision Theory and Multiple Criteria Decision Making

11. Optimal Placement of Weather Radars Network as a Multi-objectives Problem
Redouane Boudjemaa

12. Building Decision Making Models Through Conceptual Constraints: Multi-scale Process Model Implementations
Canan Dombayci, Antonio Espuña

13. Methods of Tropical Optimization in Rating Alternatives Based on Pairwise Comparisons
Nikolai Krivulin

Part V. Discrete and Integer Optimization

14. New Constraints and Features for the University Course Timetabling Problem
M. Aschinger, S. Applebee, A. Bucur, H. Edmonds, P. Hungerländer, K. Maier

15. Creating Worst-Case Instances for Lower Bounds of the 2D Strip Packing Problem
Torsten Buchwald, Guntram Scheithauer

16. Low-Rank/Sparse-Inverse Decomposition via Woodbury
Victor K. Fuentes, Jon Lee

17. On-Line Algorithms for Controlling Palletizers
Frank Gurski, Jochen Rethmann, Egon Wanke

18. Solving an On-Line Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Structured Time Windows
Philipp Hungerländer, Kerstin Maier, Jörg Pöcher, Andrea Rendl, Christian Truden

19. On the Solution of Generalized Spectrum Allocation Problems
John Martinovic, Eduard Jorswieck, Guntram Scheithauer

20. Two-Stage Cutting Stock Problem with Due Dates
Zeynep Sezer, İbrahim Muter

Part VI. Energy and Environment

21. A Two-Stage Heuristic Procedure for Solving the Long-Term Unit Commitment Problem with Pumped Storages and Its Application to the German Electricity Market
Alexander Franz, Jürgen Zimmermann

22. Flexibility Options for Lignite-Fired Power Plants: A Real Options Approach
Barbara Glensk, Reinhard Madlener

23. Needmining: Evaluating a Whitelist-Based Assignment Method to Quantify Customer Needs from Micro Blog Data
Niklas Kuehl, Marc Goutier

24. Optimising the Natural Gas Supply Portfolio of a Gas-Fired Power Producer
Nadine Kumbartzky

25. Benders Decomposition on Large-Scale Unit Commitment Problems for Medium-Term Power Systems Simulation
Andrea Taverna

26. Deployment and Relocation of Semi-mobile Facilities in a Thermal Power Plant Supply Chain
Tobias Zimmer, Patrick Breun, Frank Schultmann

Part VII. Finance

27. Applying a Novel Investment Evaluation Method with Focus on Risk—A Wind Energy Case Study
Jan-Hendrik Piel, Felix J. Humpert, Michael H. Breitner

Part VIII. Game Theory and Experimental Economics

28. Impact of Non-truthful Bidding on Transport Coalition Profits
Jonathan Jacob, Tobias Buer

29. Equilibrium Selection in Coordination Games: An Experimental Study of the Role of Higher Order Beliefs in Strategic Decisions
Thomas Neumann, Bodo Vogt

30. Designing Inspector Rosters with Optimal Strategies
Stephan Schwartz, Thomas Schlechte, Elmar Swarat

Part IX. Graphs and Networks

31. A Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Program for the Design of Gearboxes
Lena C. Altherr, Bastian Dörig, Thorsten Ederer, Peter F. Pelz, Marc E. Pfetsch, Jan Wolf

32. Line Planning on Path Networks with Application to the Istanbul Metrobüs
Ralf Borndörfer, Oytun Arslan, Ziena Elijazyfer, Hakan Güler, Malte Renken, Güvenç Şahin, Thomas Schlechte

33. Particle-Image Velocimetry and the Assignment Problem
Franz-Friedrich Butz, Armin Fügenschuh, Jens Nikolas Wood, Michael Breuer

34. Analysis of Operating Modes of Complex Compressor Stations
Benjamin Hiller, René Saitenmacher, Tom Walther

35. Maximum Covering Formulation for Open Locating Dominating Sets
Blair Sweigart, Rex Kincaid

Part X. Health Care Management

36. Optimal Allocation of Operating Hours in Surgical Departments
Lisa Koppka, Matthias Schacht, Lara Wiesche, Khairun Bapumia, Brigitte Werners

Part XI. Logistics, Routing and Location Planning

37. A Periodic Traveling Politician Problem with Time-Dependent Rewards
Deniz Aksen, Masoud Shahmanzari

38. An Emission-Minimizing Vehicle Routing Problem with Heterogeneous Vehicles and Pathway Selection
Martin Behnke, Thomas Kirschstein, Christian Bierwirth

39. Window Fill Rate in a Two-Echelon Exchangeable-Item Repair-System
Michael Dreyfuss, Yahel Giat

40. Redistricting in Mexico
Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez-Andrade, Eric Alfredo Rincón-García, Sergio Gerardo de-los-Cobos-Silva, Antonin Ponsich, Roman Anselmo Mora-Gutiérrez, Pedro Lara-Velázquez

41. Min-Max Fair Emergency System with Randomly Occupied Centers
Jaroslav Janáček, Marek Kvet

42. Solving a Rich Intra-facility Steel Slab Routing Problem
Biljana Roljic, Fabien Tricoire, Karl F. Doerner

43. Splitting Procedure of Genetic Algorithm for Column Generation to Solve a Vehicle Routing Problem
Martin Scheffler, Christina Hermann, Mathias Kasper

44. Request-Allocation in Dynamic Collaborative Transportation Planning Problems
Kristian Schopka, Herbert Kopfer

45. Comparing Two Optimization Approaches for Ship Weather Routing
Laura Walther, Srikanth Shetty, Anisa Rizvanolli, Carlos Jahn

46. Optimal Dynamic Assignment of Internal Vehicle Fleet at a Maritime Rail Terminal with Uncertain Processing Times
Ying Xie, Dong-Ping Song

47. The Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Three-Dimensional Loading Constraints and Split Delivery—A Case Study
Junmin Yi, Andreas Bortfeldt

48. A Model to Locate and Supply Bio-refineries in Large-Scale Multi-biomass Supply Chains
Nasim Zandi Atashbar, Nacima Labadie, Christian Prins

49. Transportation Planning with Different Forwarding Limitations
Mario Ziebuhr, Herbert Kopfer

Part XII. Metaheuristics

50. Alternative Fitness Functions in the Development of Models for Prediction of Patient Recruitment in Multicentre Clinical Trials
Gilyana Borlikova, Michael Phillips, Louis Smith, Miguel Nicolau, Michael O’Neill

51. Long-Term Consequences of Depot Decisions for the Inventory Routing Problem
Sandra Huber, Martin Josef Geiger

52. The Generalized Steiner Cable-Trench Problem with Application to Error Correction in Vascular Image Analysis
Eric Landquist, Francis J. Vasko, Gregory Kresge, Adam Tal, Yifeng Jiang, Xenophon Papademetris

53. Ensemble Techniques for Scheduling in Heterogeneous Wireless Communications Networks
David Lynch, Michael Fenton, Stepan Kucera, Holger Claussen, Michael O’Neill

54. A Heuristic for Solving the Maximum Dispersion Problem
Mahdi Moeini, Oliver Wendt

Part XIII. Optimization Under Uncertainty

55. Optimization of Modular Production Networks Considering Demand Uncertainties
Tristan Becker, Pascal Lutter, Stefan Lier, Brigitte Werners

Part XIV. Pricing and Revenue Management

56. Revenue Management Meets Carsharing: Optimizing the Daily Business
Justine Broihan, Max Möller, Kathrin Kühne, Marc Sonneberg, Michael H. Breitner

57. Exogenous Capacity Changes in Airline Revenue Management: Quantifying the Value of Information
Daniel Kadatz, Natalia Kliewer, Catherine Cleophas

58. Integrated Planning of Order Capture and Delivery for Attended Deliveries in Metropolitan Areas
Charlotte Köhler, Magdalena A. K. Lang, Catherine Cleophas, Jan Fabian Ehmke

59. Cruise Line Revenue Management: Overview and Research Opportunities
Daniel Sturm, Kathrin Fischer

Part XV. Production and Operations Management

60. Regionalized Assortment Planning for Multiple Chain Stores
Hans Corsten, Michael Hopf, Benedikt Kasper, Clemens Thielen

61. Optimizing Machine Spare Parts Inventory Using Condition Monitoring Data
Sonja Dreyer, Jens Passlick, Daniel Olivotti, Benedikt Lebek, Michael H. Breitner

62. Scheduling on Uniform Nonsimultaneous Parallel Machines
Liliana Grigoriu, Donald K. Friesen

63. Markov Models for System Throughput Analysis in Warehouse Design
Anja Heßler, Christoph Schwindt

64. Lot Sizing and Scheduling for Companies with Tooling Machines
Florian Isenberg, Leena Suhl

65. Flexible Production Scheduling with Volatile Energy Rates
Christoph Johannes, Matthias G. Wichmann, Thomas S. Spengler

Part XVI. Project Management and Scheduling

66. Audit Scheduling in Banking Sector
Ethem Çanakoğlu, İbrahim Muter, Onur Adanur

67. Machine Scheduling for Multi-product Disassembly
Franz Ehm

68. A Hybrid Metaheuristic for the Multi-mode Resource Investment Problem with Tardiness Penalty
Patrick Gerhards, Christian Stürck

69. A Decomposition Method for the Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Multi-Project Scheduling Problem (MRCMPSP)
Mathias Kühn, Sebastian Dirkmann, Michael Völker, Thorsten Schmidt

70. Lower Bounds for the Two-Machine Flow Shop Problem with Time Delays
Mohamed Amine Mkadem, Aziz Moukrim, Mehdi Serairi

71. Efficient Ship Crew Scheduling Complying with Resting Hours Regulations
Anisa Rizvanolli, Carl Georg Heise

72. A Multi-criteria MILP Formulation for Energy Aware Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling
Sven Schulz

73. Providing Lower Bounds for the Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
Christian Stürck, Patrick Gerhards

Part XVII. Security and Disaster Management

74. A Macroscopic System Dynamics Model for a Generic Airport
G. Barbeito, M. Moll, S. Pickl, M. Zsifkovits

Part XVIII. Simulation and Stochastic Modeling

75. Simulating the Diffusion of Competing Multi-generation Technologies: An Agent-Based Model and Its Application to the Consumer Computer Market in Germany
Markus Günther, Christian Stummer

76. Decomposition of Open Queueing Networks with Batch Service
Wiebke Klünder

77. Decision Support for Power Plant Shift Configuration Using Stochastic Simulation
Pia Mareike Steenweg, Matthias Schacht, Brigitte Werners

Part XIX. Software and Modeling Systems

78. Planarization of CityGML Models Using a Linear Program
Steffen Goebbels, Regina Pohle-Fröhlich, Jochen Rethmann

79. Distributed Solving of Mixed-Integer Programs with GLPK and Thrift
Frank Gurski, Jochen Rethmann

80. Extension of Mittelmann’s Benchmarks: Comparing the Solvers of SAS and Gurobi
Werner E. Helm, Jan-Erik Justkowiak

Part XX. Supply Chain Management

81. 3D Printing as an Alternative Supply Option in Spare Parts Inventory Management
Marko Jakšič, Peter Trkman

82. Drivers and Resistors for Supply Chain Collaboration
Verena Jung, Marianne Peeters, Tjark Vredeveld

83. Balancing Effort and Plan Quality: Tactical Supply Chain Planning in the Chemical Industry
Annika Vernbro, Iris Heckmann, Stefan Nickel

Part XXI. Traffic and Passenger Transportation

84. The Modulo Network Simplex with Integrated Passenger Routing
Ralf Borndörfer, Heide Hoppmann, Marika Karbstein, Fabian Löbel

85. A Re-optimization Approach for Train Dispatching
Frank Fischer, Boris Grimm, Torsten Klug, Thomas Schlechte

86. Electric Vehicle Scheduling—A Study on Charging Modeling for Electric Vehicles
Nils Olsen, Natalia Kliewer

Keywords: Business and Management, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Operations Research, Management Science, Operations Management, Big Data/Analytics, Simulation and Modeling, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing

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