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Extended Abstracts Spring 2016

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Table of contents

1. On Degenerate Cycles in Planar Filippov Systems
Kamila S. Andrade, R. M. Martins, Marco Antonio Teixeira

2. Sliding Dynamics on Codimension-2 Discontinuity Surfaces
Mate Antali, Gabor Stepan

3. Asynchronous Networks
Christian Bick, Mike J. Field

4. Regularization by External Variables
E. Bossolini, R. Edwards, P. A. Glendinning, M. R. Jeffrey, S. Webber

5. Characterizing Tipping in a Stochastic Reduced Stommel-Type Model inHigher-Dimensions
Chris Budd, Paul Glendinning, Kaitlin Hill, Rachel Kuske

6. Global Bifurcations in a Class of Discontinuous Piecewise Linear Systems
Juan Castillo, Fernando Verduzco

7. Single-Impact Orbits Near Grazing Periodic Orbits for an Impact Oscillator
D. R. J. Chillingworth

8. A Choice Between Smooth and Nonsmooth Models
Alessandro Colombo

9. Sliding Mode Control of Heterogeneous Systems
Manuel Domínguez-Pumar, Sergi Gorreta, Teresa Atienza, Elena Blokhina, Joan Pons-Nin

10. Limit Cycle Bifurcation from a Persistent Center at Infinity in 3D Piecewise Linear Systems with Two Zones
Emilio Freire, Manuel Ordóñez, Enrique Ponce

11. Alternating Smooth and Nonsmooth Bifurcations in a Discontinuous Linear-Power Map
Laura Gardini, Roya Makrooni, Iryna Sushko

12. Extending Slow Manifolds Near a Degenerate Transcritical Intersection in Three Dimensions
Christine Gavin, Philip J. Aston, Gianne Derks

13. Less Is More I: A Pessimistic View of Piecewise Smooth Bifurcation Theory
Paul Glendinning

14. Less Is More II: An Optimistic View of Piecewise Smooth Bifurcation Theory
Paul Glendinning

15. On Semi-local Structural Stability of Filippov Systems
Otávio M. L. Gomide, Marco A. Teixeira, Ricardo M. Martins

16. Nonlinear Estimation of Synaptic Conductances via Piecewise Linear Systems
Antoni Guillamon, Rafel Prohens, Antonio E. Teruel, Catalina Vich

17. Integral Curves of a Vector Field with a Fractal Discontinuity
Jonathan Hahn, Mike R. Jeffrey

18. Why Nonsmooth?
Mike R. Jeffrey

19. An Update on that Singularity
Mike R. Jeffrey

20. Sensor Effects in Sliding Mode Control of Power Conversion Cells
Georgios Kafanas

21. Variational Time Stepping for Nonsmooth Analytical System Dynamics
Claude Lacoursière, Tomas Sjöström

22. The Chaotic Behavior of Piecewise Smooth Dynamical Systems on Torus and Sphere
Ricardo M. Martins, Durval J. Tonon

23. Non-smooth Hopf-Type and Grazing Bifurcations Arising from Impact/Friction Contact Events
Karin Mora, Chris Budd

24. Number of Limit Cycles for Some Non-generic Classes of Piecewise Linear Differential Systems
Douglas D. Novaes

25. An Equivalent Formulation of the Averaged Functions via Bell Polynomials
Douglas D. Novaes

26. Smoothing a Piecewise-Smooth: An Example from Plankton Population Dynamics
Sofia H. Piltz

27. A Note on Frictional Slip Patterns
Thibaut Putelat

28. Climate in Barcelona Is Wonderful
Andrew Roberts

29. Open Problems on Border-Collision Bifurcations
David J. W. Simpson

30. Nonsmooth Maps and the Fast-Slow Dynamics of Sleep-Wake Regulation: Part I
Anne C. Skeldon, Gianne Derks

31. Nonsmooth Maps and the Fast-Slow Dynamics of Sleep-Wake Regulation: Part II
Anne C. Skeldon, Gianne Derks, Victoria Booth

32. Comments for the Continuation Method by A.F. Filippov for Discontinuous Systems, Part I
Vadim I. Utkin

33. Comments for the Continuation Method by A.F. Filippov for Discontinuous Systems, Part II
Vadim I. Utkin

34. Challenges from System Dynamics to Complexity and Piecewise-Deterministic Markov Processes: Market Modeling
Johnny Valencia, Gerard Olivar

Keywords: Mathematics, Systems Theory, Control, Ordinary Differential Equations, Difference and Functional Equations

Publication year
Trends in Mathematics
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9 pages
Natural Sciences
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