Marques, Claudia Lima

Consumer Law and Socioeconomic Development

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Table of contents

Part I. International Protection of Consumers: Trends and Challenges

1. Consumer Protection in the Global Context: The Present Status and Some New Trends
Dan Wei

2. The UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection: Review and Next Steps
Ana Cândida Muniz Cipriano, Héctor Valverde Santana

3. The UNGCP Guidelines: Some Comments
Gail Pearson

4. Common Law and International Consumer Protection in the Global Orbit of Consumption
Fabiana D’Andrea Ramos, Vitor Hugo do Amaral Ferreira

5. International Consumer Protection and Private International Law
Louise Ellen Teitz, David P. Stewart

6. The Supranational Organizations’ Initiatives Aimed at Protection of Tourists. Why International Conventions Are Needed
Maria Goretti Sanches Lima

7. Chinese Approaches to Reform Consumer Protection Law: Substantive Law and Conflict Law
Ying Yu

8. International Consumer Protection in Mercosur
Alberto do Amaral Junior, Luciane Klein Vieira

9. 25 Years to Celebrate: Horizons Reached by the 1990 Brazilian Consumer Protection Code and Horizons to Come, Especially on the International Protection of Consumers
Claudia Lima Marques

10. Regional Integration and Consumer Safety: An Emerging Concern in the Gulf Region
Thierry Bourgoignie

Part II. Financial Crisis and Consumer Protection

11. Consumer Credit Regulation and International Financial Markets: Lessons from the Mortgage Meltdown
James P. Nehf

12. The International Financial Crisis and the Protection of the Brazilian Consumer
Héctor Valverde Santana

13. Free Trade Agreement and Investment Treaty Innovations to Promote More Sustainable Financial Markets for Consumers
Luke Nottage

14. Financial Consumer Protection in China: Country Report
Dan Wei

15. Current Issues for Consumer Protection Law in Australia
Gail Pearson

Part III. National and Regional Consumer Law Issues: Helping the Economic Development

16. Relations Between International Law and Consumer Law in the Globalized World: Challenges and Prospects
Claudia Lima Marques

17. Economic Development, Capitalism, and Consumer Law in Brazil: Rejecting the Argument for “Legal Paternalism”
Amanda Flávio Oliveira

18. The Illegal and Abusive: Proposals for a Systematic Interpretation of Abusive Practices in the 25 Years of the Consumer Defense Code
Bruno Miragem

19. Children, Consumption, and Advertising: Brazil’s Point of View
Adalberto Pasqualotto

20. Further Challenges for Australian Consumer Law
Gail Pearson

21. The Emergence and Development of Chinese 3.15 Anticounterfeiting
Shan He

22. Real Estate Under Construction, Consumer Law and Development
Roberto Augusto Castellanos Pfeiffer

23. Real Estate Consumer Credit: A New Side to Vulnerability
Walter José Faiad Moura, Leonardo Roscoe Bessa

24. Consumer Protection in E-Commerce in Brazil: The Updating of the Consumer’s Protection Code
Antonia Espíndola Longoni Klee

25. The Right to Be Forgotten and the Indirect Control of Consumer Databases
André Carvalho Ramos

26. Regulation and Supervision of Internet Finance and Consumer Protection in China
Yixian Zhao

27. Overindebtedness in Mercosul Countries: An Overview
Káren Rick Danilevicz Bertoncello, Clarissa Costa Lima

28. “Withholding Credit” and Elderly Overindebtedness
Johannes Doll, Rosangela L. Cavallazzi

29. Consuming, Consumption, and Overindebtedness in (Hyper) Contemporaneity
Diogenes Faria Carvalho

Keywords: Law, International Economic Law, Trade Law, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law, Consumer Behavior

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