Green, Ronda J.

Wildlife Tourism, Environmental Learning and Ethical Encounters

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Wildlife Tourism Management and Phenomena: A Web of Complex Conceptual, Theoretical and Practical Issues
Ismar Borges de Lima, Ronda J. Green

Part I. Wildlife Tourism and Conservation: Conceptual and Practical Issues

2. A Political Ecology of the Yellow-eyed Penguin in Southern New Zealand: A Conceptual and Theoretical Approach
Eric J. Shelton, Hazel Tucker, Jundan (Jasmine) Zhang

3. Wildlife Tourism and Conservation: The Hidden Vale Project
Margie Maccoll, Andrew Tribe

4. Birdwatching Tourism Sector in Rwanda: The Need of Self-learning and Self-improving for the Future of Wildlife Tourism Development?
Karel Werdler

5. The Intersections Between Lacustrine Wildlife Tourism and Conservation: Scientific and Educational Opportunities in the Brazilian Southern Lakes
Rosane Maria Lanzer, Rita Gabriela Araujo Carvalho, Aline Correa Mazzoni

6. Wildlife Tourism Safaris, Vehicle Decongestion Routes and Impact Mitigation at Chobe National Park, Botswana
Naomi Moswete, Kenosi Nkape, Mpho Tseme

Part II. Ecological Learning in Wildlife Encounters

7. Let the Oceans Speak: The Synergistic Interaction Between Intensity and Interpretation During Wild Dolphin Experiences
Gayle Mayes

8. Wildlife Resources, Habitats and Ecosystems for Visitors’ Experiential Learning: Educative Wildlife Tourism in the Australian Context
Ismar Borges de Lima

9. Wildlife Tourism for Visitors’ Learning Experiences: Some Evidences on the Royal Bengal Tiger in Bangladesh and India
Azizul Hassan, Anukrati Sharma

10. Tamar Project: Conservation and Education in Ecotourism Activities Related to Turtles in Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, Brazil
Jasmine Cardozo Moreira, Rafael Azevedo Robles

11. Whale and Dolphin Watching, and Visitors’ Experiential Responses: A Qualitative Study on Comments in a Travel Forum
Serhat Harman, S. Emre Dilek

12. Major Wildlife Attractions and Choices in Turkey and the Tourists’ Reports about Their Experiences and Learning in this Tourism Niche
Reyhan Arslan Ayazlar

Part III. Ethical Issues and Wildlife Tourism: Dealing with the Stalemates

13. Ethics and Responsibility in Wildlife Tourism: Lessons from Compassionate Conservation in the Anthropocene
Georgette Leah Burns

14. Disturbing Skippy on Tour: Does It Really Matter? Ecological and Ethical Implications of Disturbing Wildlife
Ronda J. Green

15. Land-Use Conflict and Perspectives for Its Resolution—Wildlife Watching Meets Reindeer Herding in the European North
Pekka Iivari

16. Not Quite Wild, But Not Domesticated Either: Contradicting Management Decisions on Free-Ranging Sika Deer (Cervus nippon) at Two Tourism Sites in Japan
Rie Usui, Carolin Funck

17. Will the Ark Sink? Captive Wildlife, Tourism and the Human Relationship to Nature: Demystifying Zoos
Dirk Reiser

18. Hunting Tourism: The Case of Canadian Prairie Waterfowl Hunters
Farhad Moghimehfar, Howard W. Harshaw, Lee Foote

Part IV. Conclusion

19. Wildlife Tourism, a Multidisciplinary Field of Inquiries and Insights: Final Considerations
Ronda J. Green, Ismar Borges de Lima

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Tourism Management, Nature Conservation, Science Education, Applied Ecology

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