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Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society

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Table of contents

Part I. Energy and Environment

1. Long-Range Radio for Underground Sensors in Geothermal Energy Systems
Davide Brunelli, Emanuele Bedeschi, Marco Ferrari, Francesco Tinti, Alberto Barbaresi, Luca Benini

2. Embedding Monitoring Systems for Cured-In-Place Pipes
Leonardo Mistretta, G. Costantino Giaconia, Antonino Valenza, Enrico Napoli, Chiara Gianguzzi, Marco Lo Presti, Francesco Puma

3. Delay Tolerant Wireless Sensor Network for Animal Monitoring: The Pink Iguana Case
L. Bracciale, A. Catini, G. Gentile, P. Loreti

4. Low Dose-Rate, High Total Dose Set-Up for Rad-Hard CMOS I/O Circuits Testing
Calogero Pace, Letizia Fragomeni, Aldo Parlato, Andrea Solano, Nicolò Marchese, Daniela Fiore

5. Engaging Self-powered Environmental Sensors via Serious Gaming
Michele Pozzi, Pavlos Sgardelis

6. Flora Monitoring with a Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell
Davide Brunelli, Pietro Tosato, Maurizio Rossi

Part II. Automotive

7. Developing ICT Solutions for Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicles
Oussama Smiai, Francesco Bellotti, Riccardo Berta, Alessandro Gloria, Andrew Winder, Theodoros Theodoropoulos, Yannis Damousis, Ramon S. Schwartz, Nadim Sayed, Stèphane Laporte, Marc Revilloud

8. Maximizing Power Transfer for Dynamic Wireless Charging Electric Vehicles
Vincenzo Cirimele, Oussama Smiai, Paolo Guglielmi, Francesco Bellotti, Riccardo Berta, Alessandro Gloria

9. A Serious Game Architecture for Green Mobility
Pratheep K. Paranthaman, Gautam R. Dange, Francesco Bellotti, Riccardo Berta, Alessandro Gloria, Ermanno Zitti, Stefano Massucco, Giuseppe Sciutto

10. Design and Implementation of an Electronic Control Unit for a CFR Bi-Fuel Spark Ignition Engine
Carmelo Maniscalco, Vincenzo Majo, Emiliano Pipitone, G. Costantino Giaconia

11. Testing of DC/DC Converters for




V Electric Vehicles
Arcangelo Sisto, Sergio Saponara, Gabriele Ciarpi, Fabrizio Iacopetti, Luca Fanucci

Part III. Miscellaneous

12. Wake up for Power Line Communication in Street Lighting Networks
Parian Golchin, Pietro Tosato, Davide Brunelli

13. High Resolution Time Domain Reflectometry for Dielectric State Monitoring in High Voltage Cables
Gaetano Randazzo, Antonio Stefano, G. Costantino Giaconia

14. A Calorimetry Based System for Measuring the Power Losses of Switching Power Devices
Demetrio Iero, Francesco Della Corte, Massimo Merenda

15. ZnO-rGO Composite Thin Film Resistive Switching Device: Emulating Biological Synapse Behavior
Gauravmani Khanal, Simone Acciarito, Gian Carlo Cardarilli, Abhishek Chakraborty, Luca Nunzio, Rocco Fazzolari, Alessandro Cristini, Gianluca Susi, Marco Re

16. Embedded System for Prosthetic Interface Mapping of Lower Limbs Amputees
Maurizio Rossi, Leandro Lorenzelli, Davide Brunelli

17. Wideband mmWave Antenna for Wireless Network-On-Chip/Network-On-Board Communications
Sergio Saponara, Bruno Neri

18. Failure Effect Analysis of Patch-Clamp Electronic Instrumentation in Electrophysiology Experiments
Sergio Saponara, Fabio Fusi, Simona Saponara, Massimo Macucci

Part IV. ICs and Memories

19. Performance Evaluation of Non Volatile Memories with a Low Cost and Portable Automatic Test Equipment
Gineuve Alieri, G. Costantino Giaconia, Leonardo Mistretta, Francesco Rosa, A. Angelo Cimino

20. An Emulator for Approximate Memory Platforms Based on QEmu
Francesco Menichelli, Giulia Stazi, Antonio Mastrandrea, Mauro Olivieri

21. Failure Analysis of Plastic Packages for Low-Power ICs
Sergio Saponara, Gabriele Ciarpi, Luca Fanucci

Part V. Smart Cities

22. Towards a Virtual Reality Interactive Application for Truck Traffic Access Management
Alberto Cavallo, Alessio Robaldo, Francesco Bellotti, Riccardo Berta, Ivan Carmosino, Alessandro Gloria

23. A Contactless, Energy-Neutral Power Meter for Smart City Applications
Clemente Villani, Simone Benatti, Davide Brunelli, Luca Benini

Part VI. Signal Processing and Communications

24. Emerging Applications of Whispering Gallery Mode Photonic Resonators
C. Ciminelli, G. Brunetti, F. Dell’Olio, F. Innone, D. Conteduca, M. N. Armenise

25. Compressive Sensing Reconstruction for Complex System: A Hardware/Software Approach
S. Acciarito, G. C. Cardarilli, L. Nunzio, R. Fazzolari, G. M. Khanal, M. Re

26. Experimental Evaluation of 3D Ultrasound Palmprint Recognition Techniques Based on Curvature Methods and Under Skin Principal Lines
Antonio Iula, Donatella Nardiello

27. RFID Eavesdropping Using SDR Platforms
F. Le Roy, T. Quiniou, A. Mansour, R. Lababidi, D. Le Jeune

28. Non Destructive Ultrasound Equipment to Evaluate the Concrete Compressive Strength
Valentino Meacci, Stefano Ricci, Armin Bruehwiler, Didier Lootens

29. Pulse Compression: From Radar to Real-Time Ultrasound Systems
Alessandro Ramalli, Alessandro Dallai, Enrico Boni

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Robotics and Automation, Biomedical Engineering, Energy Harvesting

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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10 pages
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