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Leadership in Extreme Situations

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Table of contents

Part I. General Part

1. Introduction
Michael Holenweger

2. Facing Death: The Dynamics of Leadership and Group Behavior in Extreme Situations When Death Strikes Without Warning
Franz Kernic

3. Crisis, Leadership, and Extreme Contexts
Eric K. Stern

4. Team Leadership in Extremis: Enschede, Uruzgan, Kathmandu and Beyond
Joseph Soeters, Tom Bijlsma

5. Leadership, Morale and Cohesion: What Should Be Changed?
Eraldo Olivetta

6. Leadership in Extreme Conditions and Under Severe Stress: Case Study Analysis
António Palma Rosinha, Luís José Sameiro Matias, Marcos Aguiar Souza

Part II. Leadership in Extreme Situations and Military Settings

7. The Role of Short Term Volunteers in Responding to Humanitarian Crises: Lessons from the 2010 Haiti Earthquake
Emily Welty, Matthew Bolton

8. Leadership Norms as a Form of Internal (Self-)Control of the Armed Forces
Nadja Douglas

9. Cultural Dimensions of Violence in the Military
Maren Tomforde

10. Fighting for Strangers? Military Duty in Contemporary War
Lisa Ekman

11. Social Navigation and the Emergence of Leadership: Tactical Command in the IDF Ground Forces in the Second Lebanon War
Ophir Weinshall Shachar, Henrietta Cons Ponte, Eyal Ben-Ari

12. Leadership in Extreme Situations: Case Study of an Indonesian Special Forces Soldier During the Boxing Day Tsunami
Eri Radityawara Hidayat, Rachmad Puji Susetyo

13. Constructing ‘Crisis Events’ in Military Contexts—An Israeli Perspective
Carmit Padan

Part III. Leadership in Extreme Situations and Lessons Learned/Education

14. Leading in Extremis Situations: How Can Leaders Improve?
Deirdre P. Dixon, Michael R. Weeks

15. How Leaders Learn from Experience in Extreme Situations: The Case of the U.S. Military in Takur Ghar, Afghanistan
Christopher Kayes, Nate Allen, Nate Self

16. What Difference Does a Difference Make? Considerations About Lessons Learned from Difficult Operational Situations
Therese Heltberg, Thomas Jellesmark

17. Officer Socialization as Prelude to in Extremis Leadership
Sander Dalenberg

18. Combat Leadership on Guadalcanal: In Extremis Leadership of the Japanese and American Soldiers in World War II
Hitoshi Kawano

19. Magnanimous Valor in Arturo Prat (1848–1879): A Necessary Quality for Leadership in Extreme Situations
Alfredo Gorrochotegui

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Strategy/Leadership, Military and Defence Studies, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Sociology, general, Political Science, Human Resource Management

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