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Digital Technology and Journalism

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Digital Technology and Journalism: An International Comparative Perspective
Jingrong Tong

Part I. The Impact of Digital Technology on the Practices, Professionalism and Cultures Of Professional Journalism

2. The Invisible Hand of the Unaccountable Algorithm: How Google, Facebook and Other Tech Companies Are Changing Journalism
David R. Brake

3. News Photography and the Digital (R)evolution: Continuity and Change in the Practices, Styles, Norms and Values of Photojournalism
Marco Solaroli

4. UGC Creators and Use of Their Content by Mainstream Media
Glenda Cooper

5. Uncertainty, Tabloidisation, and the Loss of Prestige: “New Media Innovations” and Journalism Cultures in Two Newspapers in Mainland China and Taiwan
Jingrong Tong, Shih-hung Lo

Part II. The Interaction Between Digital Technology and Professional Journalism in Periods of Social Change

6. Journalism Culture and Professional Identity in Transit: Technology, Crisis and Opportunity in the Greek Media
Maria Touri, Ioanna Kostarella, Sofia Theodosiadou

7. Evaluating the Role of the Internet and Mainstream News Journalism in the Development of the Northern Ireland Peace Process
Paddy Hoey

8. Digital Technology, Journalism and Politics in Sri Lanka’s Ethnic Conflict
Thusiyan Nandakumar

Part III. The Rise of Citizen Journalism and Alternative Media

9. The Importance of Citizenship: Theoretical Issues in Studying Citizen Journalism in International Context
Vincent Campbell

10. Independent Media, Social Movements, and the Traditional News Media in Taiwan
Yuan-Hui Hu

11. The Roles of Online Alternative Media in Facilitating Civil Cociety Development in Macau: The Case Study of Macau Concealers and All About Macau Media

Chang Su

Part IV. Journalists on Twitter

12. Indian TV Anchors on Twitter: Technological Practice and Textual Form
Vibodh Parthasarathi, Ananda Mitra

13. Practising Journalism on Twitter? A Computational Analysis of British Journalists’ Use of Twitter Before the 2016 EU Referendum in the UK
Jingrong Tong, Landong Zuo

Part V. Methodologies and Methods

14. Researching the Fluid and Multisited Appropriations of Digital Technologies in African Newsrooms
Hayes Mawindi Mabweazara, Admire Mare

15. Explaining Outcomes in Comparative Digital Journalism Research: Challenges and Analytic Choices
James Stanyer

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Media and Communication, Journalism, Social Media

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