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Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

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Table of contents

Part I. Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization

1. A Method for the Energy Optimization of a Multisource Elevator
Chloé Desdouits, Mazen Alamir, Rodolphe Giroudeau, Claude Le Pape

2. Visual Servoing Path-Planning with Elliptical Projections
Tiantian Shen, Graziano Chesi

3. Fractional Models of Lithium-Ion Batteries with Application to State of Charge and Ageing Estimation
Jocelyn Sabatier, Franck Guillemard, Loic Lavigne, Agnieszka Noury, Mathieu Merveillaut, Junior Mbala Francico

4. Co-operation of Biology Related Algorithms for Solving Opinion Mining Problems by Using Different Term Weighting Schemes
Shakhnaz Akhmedova, Eugene Semenkin, Vladimir Stanovov

5. Bifurcation Analysis and Active Control of Surge and Rotating Stall in Axial Flow Compressors via Passivity
Gholam-Reza Sari, Ouassima Akhrif, Lahcen Saydy

6. Task Controller for Performing Remote Centre of Motion
Bassem Dahroug, Brahim Tamadazte, Nicolas Andreff

7. Toward an Automatic Fongbe Speech Recognition System: Hierarchical Mixtures of Algorithms for Phoneme Recognition
Fréjus A. A. Laleye, Eugène C. Ezin, Cina Motamed

Part II. Robotics and Automation

8. Spatial Fusion of Different Imaging Technologies Using a Virtual Multimodal Camera
Sebastian P. Kleinschmidt, Bernardo Wagner

9. Fusing LiDAR and Radar Data to Perform SLAM in Harsh Environments
Paul Fritsche, Simon Kueppers, Gunnar Briese, Bernardo Wagner

10. On Redundancy Resolution in Minimum-Time Trajectory Planning of Robotic Manipulators Along Predefined End-Effector Paths
Alexander Reiter, Hubert Gattringer, Andreas Müller

11. Parameter Identification and Model-Based Control of Redundantly Actuated, Non-holonomic, Omnidirectional Vehicles
Christoph Stöger, Andreas Müller, Hubert Gattringer

12. Passivity-Based Control Design and Experiments for a Rolling-Balancing System
Alejandro Donaire, Martin Crespo, Fabio Ruggiero, Vincenzo Lippiello, Bruno Siciliano

13. Time-Optimal Paths for a Robotic Batting Task
Diana Serra, Fabio Ruggiero, Aykut C. Satici, Vincenzo Lippiello, Bruno Siciliano

14. An Adaptive Terminal Sliding Mode Guidance Law for Head Pursuit Interception with Impact Angle Considered
Cheng Zhang, Ke Zhang, Jingyu Wang

15. Kinematic and Dynamic Approaches in Gait Optimization for Humanoid Robot Locomotion
Ramil Khusainov, Alexandr Klimchik, Evgeni Magid

Part III. Signal Processing, Sensors, Systems Modelling and Control

16. Identification and Control of the Waelz Process Using Infrared Image Processing
Jörg Matthes, Patrick Waibel, Hubert B. Keller, Lutz Gröll

17. Modeling and Calibrating Triangulation Lidars for Indoor Applications
Anas Alhashimi, Giovanni Pierobon, Damiano Varagnolo, Thomas Gustafsson

18. A Comparison of Discretization Methods for Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems Using Extended Kalman Filter: Symplectic versus Classical Approaches
Daniel Beckmann, Matthias Dagen, Tobias Ortmaier

19. Dynamics Calibration and Real-Time State Estimation of a Redundant Flexible Joint Robot Based on Encoders and Gyroscopes
Dennis Schüthe, Felix Wenk, Udo Frese

20. Mathematical Model for the Output Signal’s Energy of an Ideal DAC in the Presence of Clock Jitter
Paola Loreti, Sima Sarv Ahrabi, Pierluigi Vellucci

21. Stochastic Integration Filter with Improved State Estimate Mean-Square Error Computation
Jindřich Havlík, Ondřej Straka, Jindřich Duník, Jiří Ajgl

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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