Fernández, Roberto Álvarez

Carbon Footprint and the Industrial Life Cycle

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Table of contents

Part I. Sustainability and Urban Planning

1. Urban Planning in Developing World: Which Alternative for Poor Cities?
Jean-Claude Bolay

2. Social and Economic Management of Sustainable Neighborhoods Regeneration Projects
Alejandro Bosqued, Francisco Javier Gonzalez, Susana Moreno

3. Urban Planning Research in the Climate Change Era: Transdisciplinary Approach Toward Sustainable Cities
Masanobu Kii, Kenji Doi, Kazuki Nakamura

4. Edge Open Spaces in Madrid and Its Metropolitan Area (Spain), Sustainable Urban Planning and Environmental Values
Fernando Allende, Elia Canosa, Nieves López, Gillian Gómez

5. Controlled Landscapes or Building Sustainability in Public Spaces. Case of Studies of Padova and Moscow
Elena Merino Gómez, Fernando Moral Andrés

6. Occupation of the Territory and Sustainability in Transport in Madrid
Alberto Leboreiro Amaro

7. Private Vehicle and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Spain: A War Without Winner
Francesc Clar, Roberto Álvarez

Part II. Urban Planning Policy Implications

8. Implementing COP 21
Jan-Erik Lane

9. Do Municipalities Have the Right Tools to Become Zero Carbon Emissions Cities? ACCENT, a Pan-European Decision-Support Tool to Take Refurbishment Decisions at City Scale Based on Buildings Energy Performance
Carolina Mateo-Cecilia, Vera Valero-Escribano, Miriam Navarro-Escudero

10. Towards a Climate-Resilient City: Collaborative Innovation for a ‘Green Shift’ in Oslo
Hege Hofstad, Jacob Torfing

11. Energy Innovation in the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC): A Theoretical Approach
Daniel Balsalobre-Lorente, Muhammad Shahbaz, José Luis Ponz-Tienda, José María Cantos-Cantos

12. Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC): Unsolved Issues, Anomalies, and Alternative Proposals
José Luis Ponz-Tienda, Andrea Victoria Prada-Hernández, Alejandro Salcedo-Bernal, Daniel Balsalobre-Lorente

13. Global and Local: Climate Change Policies as a Paradigm of Multilevel Governance
Susana Galera

Part III. Metrics for the Sustainability of Infrastructure Projects

14. Carbon Footprint of Human Settlements in Spain
Guadalupe Arce, Jorge Enrique Zafrilla, Luis-Antonio López, María Ángeles Tobarra

15. Theoretical Analysis of the Metrics for Measuring the Sustainability of Infrastructure Projects
Olalekan Oshodi, Clinton Aigbavboa

16. Impact of Urban Policy on Public Transportation in Gauteng, South Africa: Smart or Dumb City Systems Is the Question
Walter Musakwa, Trynos Gumbo

Part IV. Methodology for Calculating Industrial Carbon Footprints

17. Technologies for the Bio-conversion of GHGs into High Added Value Products: Current State and Future Prospects
Sara Cantera, Osvaldo D. Frutos, Juan Carlos López, Raquel Lebrero, Raúl Muñoz Torre

Part V. Modelling a Low-Carbon City: Eco-city and Eco-planning

18. The Architecture and the Value of the Waste
Sara Marini

19. Modeling a Low-Carbon City: Eco-city and Eco-planning
Wynand Lambrechts, Saurabh Sinha

Part VI. Characterization of Industrial GHG Emission Sources in Urban Planning

20. Characterization of Industrial GHG Emission Sources in Urban Planning
Wynand Lambrechts, Saurabh Sinha

21. From Grey Towards Green. About the Urban Energy Fold at Symbiont City
Nieves Mestre, Lucelia Rodrigues, Eva Hurtado, Eduardo Roig

22. Does Urban Living Reduce Energy Use?
Arjan Harbers

23. The Challenge of Urbanization in the Context of the New Urban Agenda: Towards a Sustainable Optimization of the Urban Standards
Alexandra Delgado-Jiménez, Jesús Arcediano

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Energy Technology, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Industrial Pollution Prevention

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Green Energy and Technology
Natural Sciences
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