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Table of contents

Part I. Networking and Wireless Communications

1. Performance Enhancement of OMP Algorithm for Compressed Sensing Based Sparse Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems
Vahid Vahidi, Ebrahim Saberinia

2. CARduino: A Semi-automated Vehicle Prototype to Stimulate Cognitive Development in a Learning-Teaching Methodology
Everton Rafael Silva, Breno Lisi Romano

3. ICI Mitigation for High-Speed OFDM Communications in High-Mobility Vehicular Channels
Vahid Vahidi, Ebrahim Saberinia

4. Mobile Payment Protocol 3D (MPP 3D) by Using Cloud Messaging
Mohammad Vahidalizadehdizaj, Avery Leider

5. Event-Based Anomalies in Big Data
Yenumula B. Reddy

6. ACO-Discreet: An Efficient Node Deployment Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks
Tehreem Qasim, Qurrat ul Ain Minhas, Alam Mujahid, Naeem Ali Bhatti, Mubashar Mushtaq, Khalid Saleem, Hasan Mahmood, M. Shujah Islam Sameem

7. Golden Linear Group Key Agreement Protocol
Mohammad Vahidalizadehdizaj, Avery Leider

8. Implementing an In-Home Sensor Agent in Conjunction with an Elderly Monitoring Network
Katsumi Wasaki, Masaaki Niimura, Nobuhiro Shimoi

9. How Risk Tolerance Constrains Perceived Risk on Smartphone Users’ Risk Behavior
Shwu-Min Horng, Chia-Ling Chao

10. When Asteroids Attack the Moon: Design and Implementation of an STK-Based Satellite Communication Simulation for the NASA-Led Simulation Exploration Experience
Bingyang Wei, Amy Knowles, Chris Silva, Christine Mounce, Anthony Enem

11. Wireless Body Sensor Network for Monitoring and Evaluating Physical Activity
Leonardo Schick, Wanderley Lopes Souza, Antonio Francisco Prado

12. Techniques for Secure Data Transfer
Jeffery Gardner

13. Rate Adjustment Mechanism for Controlling Incast Congestion in Data Center Networks
Prasanthi Sreekumari

14. Performance Analysis of Transport Protocols for Multimedia Traffic Over Mobile Wi-Max Network Under Nakagami Fading
Fazlullah Khan, Faisal Rahman, Shahzad Khan, Syed Asif Kamal

Part II. Cybersecurity

15. CyberSecurity Education and Training in a Corporate Environment in South Africa Using Gamified Treasure Hunts
Laurie Butgereit

16. Router Security Penetration Testing in a Virtual Environment
Christian Scully, Ping Wang

17. Advanced Machine Language Approach to Detect DDoS Attack Using DBSCAN Clustering Technology with Entropy
Anteneh Girma, Mosses Garuba, Rajini Goel

18. A Novel Regular Format for X.509 Digital Certificates
Alessandro Barenghi, Nicholas Mainardi, Gerardo Pelosi

19. A Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Approach to Mitigating DDoS Attacks
Hubert D’Cruze, Ping Wang, Raed Omar Sbeit, Andrew Ray

20. Integrated Methodology for Information Security Risk Assessment
Ping Wang, Melva Ratchford

21. Techniques for Detecting and Preventing Denial of Service Attacks (a Systematic Review Approach)
Hossein Zare, Mojgan Azadi, Peter Olsen

22. Open Source Intelligence: Performing Data Mining and Link Analysis to Track Terrorist Activities
Maurice Dawson, Max Lieble, Adewale Adeboje

23. A Description of External Penetration Testing in Networks
Timothy Brown

24. SCORS: Smart Cloud Optimal Resource Selection
Fahad Alsolami, Yaqoob Sayid, Nawal Zaied, Isaac Sayid, Iman Ismail

25. Towards the Memory Forensics of MS Word Documents
Ziad A. Al-Sharif, Hasan Bagci, Toqa’ Abu Zaitoun, Aseel Asad

26. Two Are Better than One: Software Optimizations for AES-GCM over Short Messages
Shay Gueron, Regev Shemy

27. BYOD Security Risks and Mitigations
Melva Ratchford, Ping Wang, Raed Omar Sbeit

28. Evaluation of Cybersecurity Threats on Smart Metering System
Samuel Tweneboah-Koduah, Anthony K. Tsetse, Julius Azasoo, Barbara Endicott-Popovsky

29. A Layered Model for Understanding and Enforcing Data Privacy
Aftab Ahmad, Ravi Mukkamala

30. BYOD: A Security Policy Evaluation Model
Melva M. Ratchford

31. A Novel Information Privacy Metric
Aftab Ahmad, Ravi Mukkamala

32. An Integrated Framework for Evaluating the Security Solutions to IP-Based IoT Applications
Gayathri Natesan, Jigang Liu, Yanjun Zuo

33. Towards the Security of Big Data: Building a Scalable Hash Scheme for Big Graph
Yu Lu, Fei Hu, Xin Li

34. A Cluster Membership Protocol Based on Termination Detection Algorithm in Distributed Systems
SungHoon Park, SuChang Yoo, BoKyoung Kim

Part III. Information Systems and Internet Technology

35. An Adaptive Sensor Management System
Chyi-Ren Dow, Yaun-Zone Wu, Bonnie Lu, Shiow-Fen Hwang, Fongray Frank Young

36. A Cloud Service for Graphical User Interfaces Generation and Electronic Health Record Storage
André Magno Costa Araújo, Valéria Cesário Times, Marcus Urbano Silva

37. A Petri Net Design and Verification Platform Based on The Scalable and Parallel Architecture: HiPS
Yojiro Harie, Katsumi Wasaki

38. Optimally Compressed Digital Content Delivery Using Short Message Service
Muhammad Fahad Khan, Mubashar Mushtaq, Khalid Saleem

39. The Method of Data Analysis from Social Networks using Apache Hadoop
Askar Boranbayev, Gabit Shuitenov, Seilkhan Boranbayev

40. Using Web Crawlers for Feature Extraction of Social Nets for Analysis
Fozia Noor, Asadullah Shah, Waris Gill, Shoab Ahmad Khan

41. Detecting Change from Social Networks using Temporal Analysis of Email Data
Kajal Nusratullah, Asadullah Shah, Muhammad Usman Akram, Shoab Ahmad Khan

42. The Organisational Constraints of Blending E-Learning Tools in Education: Lecturers’ Perceptions
Sibusisiwe Dube, Elsje Scott

43. A Rule-Based Relational XML Access Control Model in the Presence of Authorization Conflicts
Ali Alwehaibi, Mustafa Atay

Part IV. Entertainment Technology and Education

44. A Practical Approach to Analyze Logical Thinking Development with Computer Aid
Breno Lisi Romano, Adilson Marques Cunha

45. A Transversal Sustainability Analysis of the Teaching-Learning Process in Computer Students and Groups
Fernanda Carla Oliveira Prado, Luciel Henrique Oliveira

46. Cloud Computing: A Paradigm Shift for Central University of Technology
Dina Moloja, Tlale Moretlo

47. Peer Music Education for Social Sounds in a CLIL Classroom
Della Ventura Michele

48. Teaching Distributed Systems Using Hadoop
Ronaldo C. M. Correia, Gabriel Spadon, Danilo M. Eler, Celso Olivete, Rogério E. Garcia

49. MUSE: A Music Conducting Recognition System
Chase D. Carthen, Richard Kelley, Cris Ruggieri, Sergiu M. Dascalu, Justice Colby, Frederick C. Harris

Part V. Agile Software Testing and Development

50. Using Big Data, Internet of Things, and Agile for Crises Management
James Castro Martins, Adriano Fonseca Mancilha Pinto, Edizon Eduardo Basseto Junior, Gildarcio Sousa Goncalves, Henrique Duarte Borges Louro, Jose Marcos Gomes, Lineu Alves Lima Filho, Luiz Henrique Ribeiro Coura Silva, Romulo Alceu Rodrigues, Wilson Cristoni Neto, Adilson Marques Cunha, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias

51. An Agile and Collaborative Model-Driven Development Framework for Web Applications
Breno Lisi Romano, Adilson Marques Cunha

52. Generating Control Flow Graphs from NATURAL
Strauss Cunha Carvalho, Renê Esteves Maria, Leonardo Schmitt, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias

53. Requirements Prioritization in Agile: Use of Planning Poker for Maximizing Return on Investment
Vaibhav Sachdeva

54. EasyTest: An Approach for Automatic Test Cases Generation from UML Activity Diagrams
Fernando Augusto Diniz Teixeira, Glaucia Braga e Silva

55. An Integrated Academic System Prototype Using Accidents and Crises Management as PBL
Lais S. Siles, Mayara V. M. Santos, Romulo A. Rodrigues, Lineu A. L. Filho, João P. T. Siles, Renê Esteves Maria, Johnny C. Marques, Luiz A. V. Dias, Adilson M. da Cunha

56. Agile Testing Quadrants on Problem-Based Learning Involving Agile Development, Big Data, and Cloud Computing
James Castro Martins, Adriano Fonseca Mancilha Pinto, Gildarcio Sousa Goncalves, Rafael Augusto Lopes Shigemura, Wilson Cristoni Neto, Adilson Marques Cunha, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias

57. Integrating NoSQL, Relational Database, and the Hadoop Ecosystem in an Interdisciplinary Project involving Big Data and Credit Card Transactions
Romulo Alceu Rodrigues, Lineu Alves Lima Filho, Gildarcio Sousa Gonçalves, Lineu F. S. Mialaret, Adilson Marques Cunha, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias

58. Enhancing Range Analysis in Software Design Models by Detecting Floating-Point Absorption and Cancellation
Marcus Kimura Lopes, Ricardo Bedin França, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias, Adilson Marques da Cunha

59. Requirements Prioritization Using Hierarchical Dependencies
Luay Alawneh

Part VI. Data Mining

60. An Optimized Data Mining Method to Support Solar Flare Forecast
Sérgio Luisir Díscola Junior, José Roberto Cecatto, Márcio Merino Fernandes, Marcela Xavier Ribeiro

61. A New Approach to Classify Sugarcane Fields Based on Association Rules
Rafael S. João, Steve T. A. Mpinda, Ana P. B. Vieira, Renato S. João, Luciana A. S. Romani, Marcela X. Ribeiro

62. Visualizing the Document Pre-processing Effects in Text Mining Process
Danilo Medeiros Eler, Ives Renê Venturini Pola, Rogério Eduardo Garcia, Jaqueline Batista Martins Teixeira

63. Complex-Network Tools to Understand the Behavior of Criminality in Urban Areas
Gabriel Spadon, Lucas C. Scabora, Marcus V. S. Araujo, Paulo H. Oliveir, Bruno B. Machado, Elaine P. M. Sousa, Caetano Traina, Jose F. Rodrigues

64. Big Data: A Systematic Review
Antonio Fernando Cruz Santos, Ítalo Pereira Teles, Otávio Manoel Pereira Siqueira, Adicinéia Aparecida Oliveira

65. Evidences from the Literature on Database Migration to the Cloud
Antonio Carlos Marcelino Paula, Glauco Figueiredo Carneiro, Antonio Cesar Brandao Gomes Silva

66. Improving Data Quality Through Deep Learning and Statistical Models
Wei Dai, Kenji Yoshigoe, William Parsley

67. A Framework for Auditing XBRL Documents Based on the GRI Sustainability Guidelines
Daniela Costa Souza, Paulo Caetano Silva

Part VII. Software Engineering

68. Mining Historical Information to Study Bug Fixes
Eduardo C. Campos, Marcelo A. Maia

69. An Empirical Study of Control Flow Graphs for Unit Testing
Weifeng Xu, Omar Ariss, Yunkai Liu

70. A New Approach to Evaluate the Complexity Function of Algorithms Based on Simulations of Hierarchical Colored Petri Net Models
Clarimundo M. Moraes Júnior, Rita Maria S. Julia, Stéphane Julia, Luciane F. Silva

71. Detection Strategies for Modularity Anomalies: An Evaluation with Software Product Lines
Eduardo Fernandes, Priscila Souza, Kecia Ferreira, Mariza Bigonha, Eduardo Figueiredo

72. Randomized Event Sequence Generation Strategies for Automated Testing of Android Apps
David Adamo, Renée Bryce, Tariq M. King

73. Requirement Verification in SOA Models Based on Interorganizational WorkFlow Nets and Linear Logic
Kênia Santos Oliveira, Stéphane Julia, Vinícius Ferreira de Oliveira

74. Cambuci: A Service-Oriented Reference Architecture for Software Asset Repositories
Márcio Osshiro, Elisa Y. Nakagawa, Débora M. B. Paiva, Geraldo Landre, Edilson Palma, Maria Istela Cagnin

75. Extending Automotive Legacy Systems with Existing End-to-End Timing Constraints
Matthias Becker, Saad Mubeen, Moris Behnam, Thomas Nolte

76. Modeling of Vehicular Distributed Embedded Systems: Transition from Single-Core to Multi-core
Saad Mubeen, Alessio Bucaioni

77. On the Impact of Product Quality Attributes on Open Source Project Evolution
António César B. Gomes da Silva, Glauco Figueiredo Carneiro, Miguel Pessoa Monteiro, Fernando Brito e Abreu, Kattiana Constantino, Eduardo Figueiredo

78. AD-Reputation: A Reputation-Based Approach to Support Effort Estimation
Cláudio A. S. Lélis, Marcos A. Miguel, Marco Antônio P. Araújo, José Maria N. David, Regina Braga

79. Pmbench: A Micro-Benchmark for Profiling Paging Performance on a System with Low-Latency SSDs
Jisoo Yang, Julian Seymour

80. Design Observer: A Framework to Monitor Design Evolution
Maen Hammad

81. Generating Sequence Diagram and Call Graph Using Source Code Instrumentation
Mustafa Hammad, Muna Al-Hawawreh

Part VIII. High Performance Computing Architectures

82. Data Retrieval and Parsing of Form 4 from the Edgar System using Multiple CPUs
Raja H. Singh, Nolan Burfield, Frederick Harris

83. A New Approach for STEM Teacher Scholarship Implementation
Fangyang Shen, Janine Roccosalvo, Jun Zhang, Yang Yi, Yanqing Ji

84. Improving the Performance of the CamShift Algorithm Using Dynamic Parallelism on GPU
Yun Tian, Carol Taylor, Yanqing Ji

85. Sumudu Transform for Automatic Mathematical Proof and Identity Generation
Jun Zhang, Fangyang Shen

86. A Multiobjective Optimization Method for the SOC Test Time, TAM, and Power Optimization Using a Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm
Wissam Marrouche, Rana Farah, Haidar M. Harmanani

Part IX. Computer Vision, HCI and Image Processing/Analysis

87. Handwritten Feature Descriptor Methods Applied to Fruit Classification
Priscila Alves Macanhã, Danilo Medeiros Eler, Rogério Eduardo Garcia, Wilson Estécio Marcílio Junior

88. A No-Reference Quality Assessment Method of Color Image Based on Visual Characteristic
Ling Dong, Xianqiao Chen

89. Approaches for Generating Empathy: A Systematic Mapping
Breno Santana Santos, Methanias Colaço Júnior, Maria Augusta S. N. Nunes

90. Multi-camera Occlusion and Sudden-Appearance-Change Detection Using Hidden Markovian Chains
Xudong Ma

91. Store Separation Analysis Using Image Processing Techniques
Luiz Eduardo Guarino Vasconcelos, Nelson Paiva O. Leite, André Yoshimi Kusumoto, Cristina Moniz Araújo Lopes

92. Ballistic Impact Analysis Using Image Processing Techniques
Luiz Eduardo Guarino Vasconcelos, Nelson Paiva O. Leite, Cristina Moniz A. Lopes

93. iHelp HEMOCS Application for Helping Disabled People Communicate by Head Movement Control
Herman Tolle, Kohei Arai

Part X. Signal Processing, UAVs

94. Evaluation of Audio Denoising Algorithms for Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Wildlife Monitoring
Yun Long Lan, Ahmed Sony Kamal, Carlo Lopez-Tello, Ali Pour Yazdanpanah, Emma E. Regentova, Venkatesan Muthukumar

95. Development of a Portable, Low-Cost System for Ground Control Station for Drones
Douglas Aparecido Soares, Alexandre Carlos Brandão Ramos, Roberto Affonso Costa Junior

96. Collision Avoidance Based on Reynolds Rules: A Case Study Using Quadrotors
Rafael G. Braga, Roberto C. Silva, Alexandre C. B. Ramos, Felix Mora-Camino

97. PID Speed Control of a DC Motor Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Benedicta B. Obeng, Marc Karam

98. Use of Intelligent Water Drops (IWD) for Intelligent Autonomous Force Deployment
Jeremy Straub, Eunjin Kim

99. Match-the-Sound CAPTCHA
Noshina Tariq, Farrukh Aslam Khan

Part XI. Health, Bioinformatics, Pattern Detection and Optimization

100. Information Technology – Next Generation: The Impact of 5G on the Evolution of Health and Care Services
Christoph Thuemmler, Alois Paulin, Thomas Jell, Ai Keow Lim

101. Testing Cloud Services Using the TestCast Tool
Stelios Sotiriadis, Andrus Lehmets, Euripides G. M. Petrakis, Nik Bessis

102. Evaluation of High-Fidelity Mannequins in Convulsion Simulation and Pediatric CPR
Paôla de O. Souza, Alexandre C. B. Ramos, Leticia H. Januário, Ana A. L. Dias, Cristina R. Flôr, Heber P. Pena, Helen C. T. C. Ribeiro, Júlio C. Veloso, Milla W. Fiedler

103. wCReF – A Web Server for the CReF Protein Structure Predictor
Vanessa Stangherlin Machado, Michele dos Santos Silva Tanus, Walter Ritzel Paixão-Cortes, Osmar Norberto Souza, Márcia Borba Campos, Milene Selbach Silveira

104. Automating Search Strings for Secondary Studies
Francisco Carlos Souza, Alinne Santos, Stevão Andrade, Rafael Durelli, Vinicius Durelli, Rafael Oliveira

105. Visual Approach to Boundary Detection of Clusters Projected in 2D Space
Lenon Fachiano Silva, Danilo Medeiros Eler

106. Opposition-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Self-adaptive Strategy
Xuehan Qin, Yi Xu

Part XII. Education, Applications and Systems

107. Recruitment Drive Application
Raghavendar Cheruku, Doina Bein, Wolfgang Bein, Vlad Popa

108. Evaluating Assignments Using Grading App
Nikyle Nguyen, Doina Bein

109. A Heuristic for State Power Down Systems with Few States
James Andro-Vasko, Wolfgang Bein, Hiro Ito, Govind Pathak

110. Internet Addiction in Kuwait and Efforts to Control It
Samir N. Hamade

111. Approaches for Clustering Polygonal Obstacles
Laxmi P. Gewali, Sabbir Manandhar

Part XIII. Short Papers

112. Usability in Computer Security Software
Claudio Casado Barragán, Miguel Palma Esquivel, Cristián Barría Huidobre, Cristián Rusu, Cesar Collazo, Clara Burbano

113. Techniques for Detecting, Preventing and Mitigating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
Judith Clarisse Essome Epoh

114. Next-Generation Firewalls: Cisco ASA with FirePower Services
Taylor J. Transue

115. DDoS Attacks: Defending Cloud Environments
Michele Cotton

116. Cyber Security Policies for Hyperconnectivity and Internet of Things: A Process for Managing Connectivity
Maurice Dawson

117. DDoS Countermeasures
Michael Wisthoff

118. Removal of Impulsive Noise From Long Term Evolution Handset
Lina Pawar, D. G. Khairnar, Akhil Sureshrao Kulkarni

119. A Synchronization Rule Based on Linear Logic for Deadlock Prevention in Interorganizational WorkFlow Nets
Vinícius Ferreira Oliveira, Stéphane Julia, Lígia Maria Soares Passos, Kênia Santos Oliveira

120. Summary Report of Experimental Analysis of Stemming Algorithms Applied to Judicial Jurisprudence
Robert A. N. Oliveira, Methanias C. Junior

121. Applying Collective Intelligence in the Evolution of a Project Architecture Using Agile Methods
Ciro Fernandes Matrigrani, Talita Santos, Lineu Fernando Stege Mialaret, Adilson Marques Cunha, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias

122. Development of Human Faces Retrieval in a Big Photo Database with SCRUM: A Case Study
Thoris Angelo Pivetta, Carlos Henrique Quartucci Forster, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias, Eduardo Martins Guerra

123. An Agile Developed Interdisciplinary Approach for Safety-Critical Embedded System
Gildarcio Sousa Goncalves, Rafael Shigemura, Paulo Diego Silva, Rodrigo Santana, Erlon Silva, Alheri Dakwat, Fernando Miguel, Paulo Marcelo Tasinaffo, Adilson Marques Cunha, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias

124. The Implementation of the Document Management System “DocMan” as an Advantage for the Acceleration of Administrative Work in Macedonia
Daut Hajrullahi, Florim Idrizi, Burhan Rahmani

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems and Communication Service, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Communications Engineering, Networks

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