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Dynamics of Coupled Structures, Volume 4

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Table of contents

1. Techniques for Verification of Structural Acoustic Models
Hasan G. Pasha, Rajendra Gunda

2. Substructuring of Viscoelastic Subcomponents with Interface Reduction
Robert J. Kuether, Kevin L. Troyer

3. Parameter Estimation of Joint Models Using Global Optimization
Robert J. Kuether, David A. Najera

4. Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Markus J. Hochrainer, Peter Schattovich

5. An Integration of Mixed Contact Formulation with Model-Reduction Techniques
Blaž Starc, Gregor Čepon, Miha Boltežar

6. Identification Reassembly Uncertainties for a Basic Lap Joint
C. W. Schwingshackl

7. Effect of Far-Field Structure on Joint Properties
S. B. Cooper, M. Rosatello, A. T. Mathis, K. Johnson, M. R. W. Brake, Matthew S. Allen, A. A. Ferri, D. R. Roettgen, B. R. Pacini, Randall L. Mayes

8. Real-Time Hybrid Model Testing of Moored Floating Structures Using Nonlinear Finite Element Simulations
Stefan A. Vilsen, Thomas Sauder, Asgeir J. Sørensen

9. DIC Measurement of the Kinematics of a Friction Damper for Turbine Applications
L. Pesaresi, M. Stender, V. Ruffini, C. W. Schwingshackl

10. A Simultaneous Iterative Scheme for the Craig-Bampton Reduction Based Substructuring
Jie Cui, Jianwei Xing, Xing Wang, Yunjie Wang, Shijie Zhu, Gangtie Zheng

11. Using Blocked Force Data for Vibro-Acoustic Prediction and Simulation
A. T. Moorhouse, A. S. Elliott, J. W. R. Meggitt

12. CMS with Large Contact Patches
P. Coffin, A. R. Brink, M. T. Merewether, N. K. Crane

13. In Situ Measurements of Contact Pressure for Jointed Interfaces During Dynamic Loading Experiments
M. R. W. Brake, J. G. Stark, S. A. Smith, D. P. T. Lancereau, T. W. Jerome, T. Dossogne

14. Dual Craig-Bampton Method with Reduction of Interface Coordinates
Fabian M. Gruber, Tim L. Bürchner, Daniel Jean Rixen

15. Substructuring of a Nonlinear Beam Using a Modal Iwan Framework, Part I: Nonlinear Modal Model Identification
Daniel Roettgen, Matthew S. Allen, Daniel Kammer, Randall L. Mayes

16. Substructuring of a Nonlinear Beam Using a Modal Iwan Framework, Part II: Nonlinear Modal Substructuring
Daniel Roettgen, Matthew S. Allen, Daniel Kammer, Randall L. Mayes

17. Dynamic Decoupling of Nonlinear Systems
Taner Kalaycıoğlu, H. Nevzat Özgüven

18. Nonlinear Substructuring Using Fixed Interface Nonlinear Normal Modes
Marco Falco, Morteza Karamooz Mahdiabadi, Daniel Jean Rixen

19. Dynamic Substructuring of Geometrically Nonlinear Finite Element Models Using Residual Flexibility Modes
Morteza Karamooz Mahdiabadi, Erhard Buchmann, Duo Xu, Andreas Bartl, Daniel Jean Rixen

20. Optimal Transformation of Frequency Response Functions on Interface Deformation Modes
M. Häußler, Daniel Jean Rixen

21. A Recursive Coupling-Decoupling Approach to Improve Experimental Frequency Based Substructuring Results
R. Cumbo, S. Manzato, G. Coppotelli, A. Fregolent, W. D’Ambrogio

22. Experimental Assessment of the Influence of Interface Geometries on Structural Dynamic Response
T. Dossogne, T. W. Jerome, D. P. T. Lancereau, S. A. Smith, M. R. W. Brake, B. R. Pacini, P. Reuß, C. W. Schwingshackl

23. Nonlinear Finite Element Model Updating, Part I: Experimental Techniques and Nonlinear Modal Model Parameter Extraction
Benjamin R. Pacini, Randall L. Mayes, Brian C. Owens, Ryan A. Schultz

24. A Simpler Formulation for Effective Mass Calculated from Experimental Free Mode Shapes of a Test Article on a Fixture
Randall L. Mayes, Patrick S. Hunter

25. Nonlinear Finite Element Model Updating, Part II: Implementation and Simulation
Brian C. Owens, Ryan A. Schultz, Benjamin R. Pacini, Randall L. Mayes

26. A Benchmark Structure for Validation of Experimental Substructuring, Transfer Path Analysis and Source Characterisation Techniques
M. V. Seijs, E. A. Pasma, D. D. Bosch, M. W. F. Wernsen

27. Nonlinear Modal Substructuring of Panel and Stiffener Assemblies via Characteristic Constraint Modes
Joseph D. Schoneman, Matthew S. Allen, Robert J. Kuether

28. Experimental Evaluation of Multi-functional Nonlinear Floor Isolation Systems
P. Scott Harvey, Nisal Halaba Arachchige Senarathna, Corey D. Casey

29. Variability of Dynamic Response in Jointed Structures
D. Di Maio, Z. Mitha, J. V. Paul, X. Chi

30. Predicting the Dynamics of Flexible Space Payloads Under Different Boundary Conditions Through Substructure Decoupling
Walter D’Ambrogio, Annalisa Fregolent

31. Evolutionary Identification of Block-Structured Systems
M. Schoukens, K. Worden

32. Modal Analysis of Transmission Line Cables
Nilson Barbieri, Marcos José Mannala, Renato Barbieri, Mayara Kelly Tenório Calado, Gabriel Sant’Anna Vitor Barbieri

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Building Construction and Design, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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