Jajuga, Krzysztof

Contemporary Trends and Challenges in Finance

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Table of contents

Part I. Econometrics of Financial Markets

1. Chosen Measures for Pricing of Liquidity
Ewa Dziwok

2. Not as Black as Is Painted? Influence of sCDS Market on Domestic Financial Markets Before and After the Ban on Naked sCDS Trade
Agata Kliber

3. Determinants of the Spread Between POLONIA Rate and the Reference Rate: Dynamic Model Averaging Approach
Paweł Kliber

4. World Natural Gas Markets: Characteristics, Basic Properties and Linkages of Natural Gas Prices
Blanka Łęt

5. Are Major Currencies Hedges or Safe Havens for Polish Stocks and Bonds?
Paweł Miłobędzki

6. Copper Price Discovery on COMEX, 2006–2015
Marta Chylińska, Paweł Miłobędzki

7. A Copula Approach to Backward-Looking Factors in Market Based Inflation Expectations
Piotr Płuciennik, Magdalena Szyszko

Part II. Stock Market Investments

8. Risk Parity Portfolios for the Grouped Stocks
Agata Gluzicka

9. Order Imbalance Indicators in Asset Pricing: Evidence from the Warsaw Stock Exchange
Sabina Nowak

10. Interaction Between Market Depth and Market Tightness on the Warsaw Stock Exchange: A Preliminary Study
Joanna Olbryś

11. Investment Opportunities in the WSE: Bull Versus Bear Markets
Paulina Roszkowska, Łukasz K. Langer

Part III. Macrofinance

12. Development of Financial Systems in 1995–2014: A Factor Analysis
Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska, Paweł Smaga

13. Measuring Systemic Risk with CoVaR Using a Stock Market Data Based Approach
Marta Karaś, Witold Szczepaniak

14. The Quality of Financial Information and Stock Market Development: A Panel Data Study for the European Economies
Darko Lazarov, Tanja Lakovic, Emilija Miteva Kacarski

15. Impacts of Urban Environmental Attributes on Residential Housing Prices in Warsaw (Poland): Spatial Hedonic Analysis of City Districts
Magdalena Ligus, Piotr Peternek

16. Macro- and Microprudential Regulations and Their Effects on Procyclicality of Solvency and Liquidity Risk
Małgorzata Olszak, Iwona Kowalska

Part IV. Banks and Other Financial Institutions

17. Balance Sheet Shaping Through Decision Model and the Role of the Funds Transfer Pricing Process
Beata Lubinska

18. Testing VaR Under Basel III with Application to No-Failure Setting
Marta Małecka

19. Factors of Influence on Relationship Banking of Polish Firms
Helmut Pernsteiner, Jerzy Węcławski

20. Bootstrap Mean Squared Error of Prediction in Loss Reserving
Alicja Wolny-Dominiak

21. Mixture Cure Models in Prediction of Time to Default: Comparison with Logit and Cox Models
Ewa Wycinka, Tomasz Jurkiewicz

Part V. Public Finance

22. A New Business Model in Health Care Between Public and Private: Low Cost High Value Healthcare
Elena Querci, Patrizia Gazzola

23. The Heterogeneous Diversity of the Real Estate Transfer Tax in the EU
Petra Jánošíková, Radka MacGregor Pelikánová

24. Impact of Financial Policies of Local Authorities on Entrepreneurship: Comprehensiveness of Policy Matters
Tomasz Skica, Jacek Rodzinka, Rusłan Harasym

Part VI. Corporate Finance

25. Are Capital Structure Determinants Different Depending on Firm Size and Debt Maturity? Evidence from European Panel Data
Julia Koralun-Bereźnicka

26. Value Creation in a Firm Through Coopetition: Real Options Games Approach
Elżbieta Rychłowska-Musiał

Part VII. Household Finance

27. Does a Household’s Wealth Determine the Risk Profile of Its Financial Asset Portfolio?
Katarzyna Kochaniak

28. Supporting Family to Their Utmost—People’s over the Age of 50 Attitudes to Borrowing
Beata Lewicka

Keywords: Finance, Finance, general, Business Finance, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, Quantitative Finance

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