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Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, Volume 3

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Table of contents

1. Lateral Vibration Attenuation of a Beam with Piezo-Elastic Supports Subject to Varying Axial Tensile and Compressive Loads
Benedict Götz, Roland Platz, Tobias Melz

2. Correlation of Non-contact Full-Field Dynamic Strain Measurements with Finite Element Predictions
Ibrahim A. Sever, Martyn Maguire, Jose V. Garcia

3. Nonlinear Prediction Surfaces for Estimating the Structural Response of Naval Vessels
Alysson Mondoro, Mohamed Soliman, Dan M. Frangopol

4. A Case Study in Predictive Modeling Beyond the Calibration Domain
Philip Graybill, Eyob Tarekegn, Ian Tomkinson, Kendra Buren, François Hemez, Scott Cogan

5. A Brief Overview of Code and Solution Verification in Numerical Simulation
François Hemez

6. Robust Optimization of Shunted Piezoelectric Transducers for Vibration Attenuation Considering Different Values of Electromechanical Coupling
Anja Kuttich, Benedict Götz, Stefan Ulbrich

7. Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification of a Subframe with Mass Loaded Bushings
Mladen Gibanica, Thomas J. S. Abrahamsson

8. Vibroacoutsic Modelling of Piano Soundboards through Analytical Approaches in Frequency and Time Domains
B. Trévisan, K. Ege, B. Laulagnet

9. Combined Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Vibro-Mechanical Properties of Varnished Wood for Stringed Instruments
Sarah Louise Lämmlein, David Mannes, Francis Willis Mathew Schwarze, Ingo Burgert, Marjan Sedighi Gilani

10. Towards Robust Sustainable System Design: An Engineering Inspired Approach
Mario Holl, Peter F. Pelz

11. Linear Parameter-Varying (LPV) Buckling Control of an Imperfect Beam-Column Subject to Time-Varying Axial Loads
Maximilian Schaeffner, Roland Platz

12. Quantification and Evaluation of Uncertainty in the Mathematical Modelling of a Suspension Strut Using Bayesian Model Validation Approach
Shashidhar Mallapur, Roland Platz

13. Unsupervised Novelty Detection Techniques for Structural Damage Localization: A Comparative Study
Zilong Wang, Young-Jin Cha

14. Global Load Path Adaption in a Simple Kinematic Load-Bearing Structure to Compensate Uncertainty of Misalignment Due to Changing Stiffness Conditions of the Structure’s Supports
Christopher M. Gehb, Roland Platz, Tobias Melz

15. Assessment of Uncertainty Quantification of Bolted Joint Performance
Nedzad Imamovic, Mohammed Hanafi

16. Sensitivity Analysis and Bayesian Calibration for 2014 Sandia Verification and Validation Challenge Problem
Ming Zhan, Qin-tao Guo, Lin Yue, Bao-qiang Zhang

17. Non-probabilistic Uncertainty Evaluation in the Concept Phase for Airplane Landing Gear Design
Roland Platz, Benedict Götz

18. Modular Analysis of Complex Systems with Numerically Described Multidimensional Probability Distributions
J. Stefan Bald

19. Methods for Component Mode Synthesis Model Generation for Uncertainty Quantification
A. R. Brink, D. G. Tipton, J. E. Freymiller, B. L. Stevens

20. Parameterization of Large Variability Using the Hyper-Dual Meta-model
Matthew S. Bonney, Daniel C. Kammer

21. Similitude Analysis of the Frequency Response Function for Scaled Structures
Mohamad Eydani Asl, Christopher Niezrecki, James Sherwood, Peter Avitabile

22. MPUQ-b: Bootstrapping Based Modal Parameter Uncertainty Quantification—Fundamental Principles
S. Chauhan, S. I. Ahmed

23. MPUQ-b: Bootstrapping Based Modal Parameter Uncertainty Quantification—Methodology and Application
S. Chauhan

24. Evaluation of Truck-Induced Vibrations for a Multi-Beam Highway Bridge
Kirk A. Grimmelsman, John B. Prader

25. Innovations and Info-Gaps: An Overview
Yakov Ben-Haim, Scott Cogan

26. Bayesian Optimal Experimental Design Using Asymptotic Approximations
Costas Argyris, Costas Papadimitriou

27. Surrogate-Based Approach to Calculate the Bayes Factor
Ramin Madarshahian, Juan M. Caicedo

28. Vibrational Model Updating of Electric Motor Stator for Vibration and Noise Prediction
M. Aguirre, I. Urresti, F. Martinez, G. Fernandez, S. Cogan

29. A Comparison of Computer-Vision-Based Structural Dynamics Characterizations
Aral Sarrafi, Peyman Poozesh, Zhu Mao

30. Sequential Gauss-Newton MCMC Algorithm for High-Dimensional Bayesian Model Updating
Majid K. Vakilzadeh, Anders Sjögren, Anders T. Johansson, Thomas J. S. Abrahamsson

31. Model Calibration with Big Data
Guowei Cai, Sankaran Mahadevan

32. Towards Reducing Prediction Uncertainties in Human Spine Finite Element Response: In-Vivo Characterization of Growth and Spine Morphology
E. S. Doughty, N. Sarigul-Klijn

33. Structural Damage Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Nur Sila Gulgec, Martin Takáč, Shamim N. Pakzad

34. Experimental Model Validation of an Aero-Engine Casing Assembly
D. Di Maio, G. Ramakrishnan, Y. Rajasagaran

35. Damage Detection in Railway Bridges Under Moving Train Load
Riya C. George, Johanna Posey, Aakash Gupta, Suparno Mukhopadhyay, Sudib K. Mishra

36. Multi-Fidelity Calibration of Input-Dependent Model Parameters
G. N. Absi, S. Mahadevan

37. Empirically Improving Model Adequacy in Scientific Computing
Sez Atamturktur, Garrison N. Stevens, D. Andrew Brown

38. Mixed Geometrical-Material Sensitivity Analysis for the Study of Complex Phenomena in Musical Acoustics
R. Viala, V. Placet, S. Cogan

39. Experimental Examples for Identification of Structural Systems Using Degree of Freedom-Based Reduction Method
Heejun Sung, Seongmin Chang, Maenghyo Cho

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Engineering Acoustics

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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