Chang, Chip Hong

Emerging Technology and Architecture for Big-data Analytics

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Table of contents

Part I. State-of-the-Art Architectures and Automation for Data-Analytics

1. Scaling the Java Virtual Machine on a Many-Core System
Karthik Ganesan, Yao-Min Chen, Xiaochen Pan

2. Accelerating Data Analytics Kernels with Heterogeneous Computing
Guanwen Zhong, Alok Prakash, Tulika Mitra

3. Least-squares-solver Based Machine Learning Accelerator for Real-time Data Analytics in Smart Buildings
Hantao Huang, Hao Yu

4. Compute-in-Memory Architecture for Data-Intensive Kernels
Robert Karam, Somnath Paul, Swarup Bhunia

5. New Solutions for Cross-Layer System-Level and High-Level Synthesis
Wei Zuo, Swathi Gurumani, Kyle Rupnow, Deming Chen

Part II. Approaches and Applications for Data Analytics

6. Side Channel Attacks and Their Low Overhead Countermeasures on Residue Number System Multipliers
Gavin Xiaoxu Yao, Marc Stöttinger, Ray C. C. Cheung, Sorin A. Huss

7. Ultra-Low-Power Biomedical Circuit Design and Optimization: Catching the Don’t Cares
Xin Li, Ronald D. (Shawn) Blanton, Pulkit Grover, Donald E. Thomas

8. Acceleration of MapReduce Framework on a Multicore Processor
Lijun Zhou, Zhiyi Yu

9. Adaptive Dynamic Range Compression for Improving Envelope-Based Speech Perception: Implications for Cochlear Implants
Ying-Hui Lai, Fei Chen, Yu Tsao

Part III. Emerging Technology, Circuits and Systems for Data-Analytics

10. Neuromorphic Hardware Acceleration Enabled by Emerging Technologies
Zheng Li, Chenchen Liu, Hai Li, Yiran Chen

11. Energy Efficient Spiking Neural Network Design with RRAM Devices
Yu Wang, Tianqi Tang, Boxun Li, Lixue Xia, Huazhong Yang

12. Efficient Neuromorphic Systems and Emerging Technologies: Prospects and Perspectives
Abhronil Sengupta, Aayush Ankit, Kaushik Roy

13. In-Memory Data Compression Using ReRAMs
Debjyoti Bhattacharjee, Anupam Chattopadhyay

14. Big Data Management in Neural Implants: The Neuromorphic Approach
Arindam Basu, Chen Yi, Yao Enyi

15. Data Analytics in Quantum Paradigm: An Introduction
Arpita Maitra, Subhamoy Maitra, Asim K. Pal

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Processor Architectures, Electronic Circuits and Devices, Big Data/Analytics

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