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Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 2

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Table of contents

1. Semi-Active Base Isolation of Civil Engineering Structures Based on Optimal Viscous Damping and Zero Dynamic Stiffness
Felix Weber, Hans Distl, Christian Braun

2. Long-Term Performance of Specialized Fluid Dampers Under Continuous Vibration on a Pedestrian Bridge
Alan R. Klembczyk

3. Analysis of Variation Rate of Displacement to Temperature of Service Stage Cable-Stayed Bridge Using Temperatures and Displacement Data
Hyun-Joong Kim

4. Triple Friction Pendulum: Does It Improve the Isolation Performance?
Felix Weber, Peter Huber, Hans Distl, Christian Braun

5. Experimental Investigation of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Glass-FRP Suspension Footbridge
Xiaojun Wei, Justin Russell, Stana Živanović, J. Toby Mottram

6. Vibration-Based Occupant Detection Using a Multiple-Model Approach
Yves Reuland, Sai G. S. Pai, Slah Drira, Ian F. C. Smith

7. Vibration Assessment and Control in Technical Facilities Using an Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach
Nicholas Christie, James Hargreaves, Rob Harrison, Francois Lancelot

8. Iterative Pole-Zero Model Updating Using Multiple Frequency Response Functions
M. Dorosti, R. H. B. Fey, M. F. Heertjes, M. M. J. Wal, H. Nijmeijer

9. Vision-Based Concrete Crack Detection Using a Convolutional Neural Network
Young-Jin Cha, Wooram Choi

10. Analytical and Experimental Analysis of Rocking Columns Subject to Seismic Excitation
Ryan Kent Giles, Thomas John Kennedy

11. Extending the Fixed-Points Technique for Optimum Design of Rotational Inertial Tuned Mass Dampers
Abdollah Javidialesaadi, Nicholas Wierschem

12. Temperature Effects on the Modal Properties of a Suspension Bridge
Etienne Cheynet, Jonas Snæbjörnsson, Jasna Bogunović Jakobsen

13. Mass Scaling of Mode Shapes Based on the Effect of Traffic on Bridges: A Numerical Study
M. Sheibani, A. H. Hadjian-Shahri, A. K. Ghorbani-Tanha

14. Covariance-Driven Stochastic Subspace Identification of an End-Supported Pontoon Bridge Under Varying Environmental Conditions
Knut Andreas Kvåle, Ole Øiseth, Anders Rönnquist

15. Probabilistic Analysis of Human-Structure Interaction in the Vertical Direction for Pedestrian Bridges
Federica Tubino

16. Effects of Seismic Retrofit on the Dynamic Properties of a 4-Storey Parking Garage
Ilaria Capraro, Carlos E. Ventura

17. Analytical and Experimental Study of Eddy Current Damper for Vibration Suppression in a Footbridge Structure
Wai Kei Ao, Paul Reynolds

18. Nonlinear Damping in Floor Vibrations Serviceability: Verification on a Laboratory Structure
Onur Avci

19. Addressing Parking Garage Vibrations for the Design of Research and Healthcare Facilities
Brad Pridham, Nick Walters, Luke Nelson, Brian Roeder

20. Modeling and Measurement of a Pedestrian’s Center-of-Mass Trajectory
Albert R. Ortiz, Bartlomiej Blachowski, Pawel Holobut, Jean M. Franco, Johannio Marulanda, Peter Thomson

21. Evaluation of Mass-Spring-Damper Models for Dynamic Interaction Between Walking Humans and Civil Structures
Ahmed S. Mohammed, Aleksandar Pavic

22. Numerical Model for Human Induced Vibrations
Marcello Vanali, Marta Berardengo, Stefano Manzoni

23. Dynamic Testing on the New Ticino Bridge of the A4 Highway
Elena Mola, Franco Mola, Alfredo Cigada, Giorgio Busca

24. Predicting Footbridge Vibrations Using a Probability-Based Approach
Lars Pedersen, Christian Frier

25. Flooring-Systems and Their Interaction with Usage of the Floor
Lars Pedersen, Christian Frier, Lars Andersen

26. Benchmark Problem for Assessing Effects of Human-Structure Interaction in Footbridges
S. Gómez, J. Marulanda, P. Thomson, J. J. García, D. Gómez, Albert R. Ortiz, S. J. Dyke, J. Caicedo, S. Rietdyk

27. A Discrete-Time Feedforward-Feedback Compensator for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation
Saeid Hayati, Wei Song

28. Sensing and Rating of Vehicle–Railroad Bridge Collision
Shreya Vemuganti, Ali Ozdagli, Bideng Liu, Anela Bajric, Fernando Moreu, Matthew R. W. Brake, Kevin Troyer

29. High-Frequency Impedance Measurements for Microsecond State Detection
Ryan A. Kettle, Jacob C. Dodson, Steven R. Anton

30. Structural Stiffness Identification of Skewed Slab Bridges with Limited Information for Load Rating Purpose
Abdollah Bagheri, Mohamad Alipour, Salman Usmani, Osman E. Ozbulut, Devin K. Harris

31. Online Systems Parameters Identification for Structural Monitoring Using Algebraic Techniques
L. G. Trujillo-Franco, G. Silva-Navarro, F. Beltrán-Carbajal

32. Structural Vibration Control Using High Strength and Damping Capacity Shape Memory Alloys
Soheil Saedi, Farzad S. Dizaji, Osman E. Ozbulut, Haluk E. Karaca

33. Comparative Study on Modal Identification of a 10 Story RC Structure Using Free, Ambient and Forced Vibration Data
Seyedsina Yousefianmoghadam, Andreas Stavridis, Babak Moaveni

34. Kronecker Product Formulation for System Identification of Discrete Convolution Filters
Lee Mazurek, Michael Harris, Richard Christenson

35. Calibration-Free Footstep Frequency Estimation Using Structural Vibration
Mostafa Mirshekari, Pei Zhang, Hae Young Noh

36. Optimal Bridge Displacement Controlled by Train Speed on Real-Time
Piyush Garg, Ali Ozdagli, Fernando Moreu

37. System Identification and Structural Modelling of Italian School Buildings
Gerard O’Reilly, Ricardo Monteiro, Daniele Perrone, Igor Lanese, Matthew Fox, Alberto Pavese, Andre Filiatrault

38. Investigation of Transmission of Pedestrian-Induced Vibration into a Vibration-Sensitive Experimental Facility
Donald Nyawako, Paul Reynolds, Emma J. Hudson

39. An Ambient Vibration Test of an R/C Wall of an 18-Story Wood Building at the UBC Campus
Yavuz Kaya, Carlos E. Ventura, Alireza Taale

40. The Day the Earth Shook: Controlling Construction-Induced Vibrations in Sensitive Occupancies
Michael J. Wesolowsky, Melissa W. Y. Wong, Todd A. Busch, John C. Swallow

41. An Exploratory Study on Removing Environmental and Operational Effects Using a Regime-Switching Cointegration Method
Haichen Shi, Keith Worden, Elizabeth J. Cross

42. Evaluation of Contemporary Guidelines for Floor Vibration Serviceability Assessment
Zandy O. Muhammad, Paul Reynolds, Emma J. Hudson

43. Excitation Energy Distribution of Measured Walking Forces
Atheer F. Hameed, Aleksandar Pavic

44. Identification of Human-Induced Loading Using a Joint Input-State Estimation Algorithm
Katrien Nimmen, Kristof Maes, Peter Broeck, Geert Lombaert

Keywords: Engineering, Building Construction and Design, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Structural Mechanics

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Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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